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Top 10 Simple 2-Week Notice Template Word 2024

March 22, 2023

A 2-week notice template is a document that is prepared and submitted to the employer before quitting your job. It is a way to inform the management. This is also called a resignation letter. After submitting a 2-week notice document, you can leave the company after 2 weeks.  You can write a resignation letter by yourself but sometimes, we go short of words while writing a 2-week notice.

To overcome this problem, the Internet provides us the facility to download a 2-week notice template online. You can easily customize and print templates even if you are not a technical person. WPS office software provides us with several versatile 2-week notice templates. Scroll down to hold your favorite 2-week notice template:

1. Business Resignation Application Word Template:

This is a free 2-week notice template with a high-resolution background image. You can present this formal resignation letter 2 weeks before quitting the job.

2. Resignation Application Form Word Template:

Make sure to download this office week notice template in tabular form. It covers all the relevant points in a simple & concise way. So Everyone can understand it.

3. Resignation Certificate Word Template:

This is a file 2-week notice template that is perfect to download if you are looking for a concise resignation template. Moreover, it is easy to edit and one can understand it with a single view.

4. Red color Resignation Form Word Template:

This red-colored sample 2-week notice template conveys the best purpose. The tabular form enhances its understanding. Never miss this online 2-week notice template from this website.

5. Resignation Certificate Form Word Template:

Free download this sample 2-week notice template that is good to grab because of its high-resolution effect. By editing these templates, you will look professional.

6. Warm Color Resignation Letter Word Template:

Why not grab this free 2-week notice template designed in warm color? Its written text makes your resignation letter look well-organized. It follows a graphical design.

7. Black & White Resign Words Word Template:

These black & white resignation words look formal. You can edit the text accordingly if you want to do so. Free download this 2-week notice template.

8. Simple Resign Words Word Template:

These simple resign words are fully editable and can be printed quickly. You can customize this free 2-week notice template that is easy to understand.

9. Minimalist White Resignation Form Word Template:

How sophisticated is this file 2-week notice template? The simple but easy-to-understand template looks super tempting and reflects a good impression.

10.Fresh Blue Letter Paper Word Template:

If you want to design a 2 week notice template by yourself you can free download this sample blank paper to make your notice presentable. This is a dark-themed template.

Design Your 2 Week Notice Document Efficiently with WPS Office

The 2 weeks notice template is a document that is used by every office. Every employee before quitting their job must submit a well-written 2-week notice template. WPS office software is the best website that is a hub for producing high-quality templates. You can visit the WPS office software to catch the best templates. Download WPS office software.

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