Use text tools to format paragraphs layout quickly

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Use text tools to format paragraphs layout quickly

Use text tools to format paragraphs layout quickly

When you use WPS Document, have you ever encountered thesituation that you need to reformat after copying text into a document? TheText Tools in WPS Document can help us to format paragraph layout more efficiently. Now we are going to show you how we can use text tools to quickly format paragraphs.

Take this press release as an example. We can see that the layout of the text is really messy. So how can we use Text Tools to quickly format the paragraphs?

When encountering this kind of text with many blank paragraphs:

1. Click Home first.

2. Click Text Tooland then click Delete Blank Paragraph.

3. Now we can find there are many spaces in the text, so we should click Delete Spaces.

4. Finally, just click Indent Paragraph by 2 Characters.Then we have finished reformatting the text.

In addition, when we copy and paste the contents of PDF files into WPS Document, the text will be divided into different paragraphs.For this situation, we only need to do is to click Text Tool and Rearrange Paragraphs.

Finally, click Indent Paragraph by 2 Characters. By using text tool, we can copy and paste the text from a PDF file really quickly. 

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