Use the shortcut Alt+= to quickly sum

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Use the shortcut Alt+= to quickly sum

Use the shortcut Alt+= to quickly sum

In tables, we often have to perform summation operations. Using the function to sum and then filling the cells with the fill handle is too troublesome. However, the sum shortcut Alt+= can help us quickly sum.

Take this table as an example. We need to sum the column data of the table, just select the sum range B16:F16, then press the shortcut Alt+= to quickly complete the summation.

Similarly, if we want to sum the row data, we can simply select the range G2:G15 that needs to be summed and press Alt+=.

We can also quickly sum the rows and columns of the table at the same time, select the range B2:G16, press Alt+= to get the results of the calculation.

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