What is a resume for a job

August 9, 2022

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A resume is a one-page document needed to highlight your specifications when applying for a job. A well-designed resume helps you showcase your work history, experience, educational background, and why you should get hired for a particular position. What is a resume for a job is the most commonly asked question by ones who are new in the market. A resume for a job application helps recruiters check your abilities and relevant skills at a glance.

Hiring recruiters say that most candidates don't get hired because they don't have an effectively designed resume. If you're a newbie in the market applying for a job, you need to know about what is a resume for a job to make you a standout applicant. Having a properly formatted and well-written resume before applying for a job is like having your weapons ready before going to war.

When designing a professional resume, you need to answer a few basic questions such as what is a resume letter for a job, what is a job category for a resume, and what is the job objective for a resume. Once you answer these basic questions, you can design an attractive and professional resume for your job.

If you're an experienced person or a newbie trying to find out how to write an effective resume for your job application, what section you need to include, and which resume format you should choose, then look no further. We are here to facilitate you with a detailed guide on what is a resume for a job definition and how you can write an effective resume. More specifically, we will discuss:

1. Which resume sections should you include to build a professional resume?

2. A few practical tips to make your resume more attractive

3. A few resume templates you can use to design a professional resume for a job

Let's go into the heart of the matter to reveal aspects in depth!

How to Write a Professional Resume for a Job- A Detailed Guide?

The main objective of your resume is to highlight your academic achievement, work history, relevant skills, and other honors and awards. If your resume is perfectly written and well-designed, it will give hiring managers a glimpse into why you are an ideal candidate for this particular position.

You can follow the following guidelines to make a resume compatible with the market standards.

1. Choose an Appropriate Resume Format

The first step in designing a professional resume is to choose an appropriate resume format. You can find a lot of professional resume templates at WPS Template Store. You can use both a traditional and creative resume format based on your previous work history and other accomplishments. You can go with the functional resume structure if you're a newbie without experience. However, the chronological resume format is a great option if you're experienced and want to highlight your skills and accomplishments equally.

Whatever the format you choose for your resume, ensure keeping your resume consistent and properly formatted— the hiring managers always advice keeping your resume one page long. Hiring managers have many applications; that's why; it is important to help them understand your abilities at a glance.

2. Use Resume Title

Adding the right resume helps to hire managers and recruiters to check your previous work experience and abilities. Most of us ignore the resume title or don't take enough time to create an eye catchy resume title. Before going into the final section, you need to get an idea about what is a job category for a resume so you can create a professional resume title. Your resume title helps recruiters to determine who you are as a professional and what previous work experience you have.

Also, your resume title is the main keyword that Applicant Tracking System uses to sort out the most relevant resumes. For example, you can use the following resume titles when applying for an entry-level job.

  • Marketing Coordinator

  • Manager Trainee

  • Human Resources Assistant

  • Social Media Specialist

Regardless of the title you choose for your resume, it would help if you made it relevant to the position you're applying for.

3. Add your Contact Information

If your contact information is not properly formatted on your resume, it will affect the overall functionality of your resume. You might be worrying about what to include in your contact information section. Can you add your social media profiles, date of birth and home address in this section? Worry no more; we'll walk you through every aspect of the matter.

Contact information is the most important section of your resume because it helps to hire managers get in touch with you. Most recruiters suggest adding your email address, name, mobile number, and permanent address to this section. While some say you can add the link to your social media profiles, such as LinkedIn or any blog.

4. Write a Professional Summary/Job Objective

What is a job objective for a resume is the most important factor you need to understand when writing a professional resume. A resume summary is a professional paragraph that highlights your accomplishments and objectives. The summary aims to help recruiters understand why you're an ideal candidate for this job and what makes you prominent from other candidates. Your resume summary should be concise yet engaging enough to convince hiring managers to read your whole resume.

You can use the following guidelines to write an effective and professional summary for your resume.

  • Limit your resume summary to 3-5 sentences

  • Use numbers or bullets where possible

  • Highlight your strengths and let recruiters know how you can help them to achieve their company goals

  • Describe your professional work experience in just a couple of words

  • Mention your honors and key achievements to highlight why you're the perfect choice for this position.

Always mention relevant work experience and your current job title in your resume summary to grab the attention of hiring managers.

5. Add your Work Experience

The main component that decides the future of your resume is the work experience section. This resume section highlights your previous work experience, job title, and your position. You can use this section effectively to excel from the other candidates. A personalized job description and relevant work experience can land you an interview. In your work experience section, you can showcase your past jobs, past working experiences, and training. To make your resume more professional and attractive, recruiters suggest highlighting your achievements and awards instead of outlining your responsibilities and duties.

6. Add your Educational History

Highlighting your educational background on a resume is not as easy as it looks. But worry no more; we are here to help you with what to add to your resume's educational section and how to format it properly. You can include the following things in the education section of your resume;

  • Your most recent and relevant degree

  • Name of your institution

  • Location of your institute

  • Academic honors, if any

  • Relevant course work

  • Extracurricular activities

If you don't have any work experience in the relevant field, you can mention your educational achievements at the start of your resume to get the attention of hiring managers.

7. Add Relevant Skills

The skill section of your resume needs special attention and consideration. This section determines your skills to help the company achieve its goals. You must add only skills relevant to the job you're applying for. If you're unsure which skill you need to add to your resume, you can check the job ads to know which skills the hiring managers are looking for. You can add some soft and technical skills to make your resume more unique and attractive. Adding the following soft skills to your resume will help you excel from the other candidates;

  • Critical Thinking

  • Teamwork Skills

  • Interpersonal Skills

  • Problem Solving

If you have enough experience in the relevant skills, you can mention them with individual proficiency levels.

8. Some Additional Sections

Here we have discussed some additional sections you can add to your resume to make it more engaging:

  • Certifications

You can add relevant certifications to the job you're applying for to prove your skills and knowledge of market standards.

  • Language Skills

If you're proficient in more than one language, you can mention them on your resume to open all the doors.

  • Honours and Awards

If you have any accomplishments, honours and awards, you can mention them on your resume to increase your chances of getting hired.

  • Hobbies

Some hiring managers suggest adding interesting information about your hobbies and interests to your resume.

Some Effective Resume Templates

Here we have given some effective resume formats you can use to design an engaging resume. You can use the resume editing tools of the WPS office to edit these resume formats according to your needs. We know it is not easy to design a professional resume from scratch. At WPS Office, you can have an exclusive collection of resume templates to create a professional resume for a job.

1. Resume for Work

It would be best to put your contact information on the right side of your resume and a clear profile picture on the left. You can use this simple resume format if you have enough experience in the relevant field.

This resume sample allows you to highlight your past working experience at the top of the document so the hiring managers can glance into your achievements. This sample has a specific skills section where you can add information about your most relevant skills. At the end of the document, you can add honors and awards to show your credibility.

This resume sample can be great if you want to showcase your working experience more than your educational background.

2. Personal Resume for Jobs

Your resume's main objective is to draw the attention of hiring managers and recruiters immediately. This personal resume format for jobs allows you to focus on both education and previous work experience to add a powerful impact to your resume. It would be great to add your contact information at the top of the document. This resume format allows you to easily add a relevant job title to pass the Applicant Tracking System. The second section of this resume format is devoted to accessing the candidate's educational background with their institution name.

You can include your relevant work experience with duties and responsibilities to show your proficiency in the field. There is also a section of skills where you can highlight all your technical and soft skills to make your resume more powerful. At the end of the document, you can add interesting information about hobbies and interests to stand out from the race.

This simple resume format is great if you make your job application more engaging and unique. You can highlight your work experience and educational background equally to get the attention of hiring managers.

3. Simple Resume for New Job

This amazing resume template allows you to emphasize your relevant skills and work experience. It is a great option to put all your relevant technical and soft skills at the top of the resume to show your expertise in the relevant field. After the skill section, you can add your previous work experience with a detailed description of each position. Here you can also highlight your achievements to grab the attention of hiring managers.

This resume sample allows you to let the recruiters know about your job intention and interest. On the right corner of the document, you can add your detailed contact information with a clear profile picture.


Before applying for a job, you need to understand what is a resume for a job! A resume is a one-page document highlighting your educational background, work history, relevant skills, and other accomplishments. A well-written and properly formatted resume can increase your chances of getting hired.

If you're unsure how to write an effective resume, what to include, and how to format it properly, you can use the effective resume formats available at WPS Template Store. Suppose you want a precise and coherent idea of what is a resume letter for a job, what is a job category for a resume, and how to design a professional resume within no time! In that case, you can watch WPS Office training videos at WPS Academy. WPS Academy offers informative and super-quality free online tutorials about WPS Office.

Download the WPS Office today to design and edit your resume more precisely and professionally!

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