2 Easiest Ways to Convert WPS to Excel [Online and Free]

July 31, 2023 6.8K views

Do you want to know about the WPS file format and how to convert WPS to Excel? Well, the WPS file format represents either Microsoft Works Word Processor or a WPS writer document. These files are indistinguishable from text documents but lack some of the advanced formatting options, including macros that come with the standard word files. In 2009 Microsoft discontinued the works processor with the release of Microsoft word 10, leaving works 9 as the final version.

As the WPS format has become obsolete, if you've got a WPS file containing data in table form, you must be wondering how to convert this data to excel, a supported file format across modern platforms. This article is focused on resolving this problem, so continue reading. WPS PDF, with the advanced PDF tools, which is flexible and user-friendly. 

How to Convert WPS to Excel Using Online Free Resources

Online converter tools are the easiest way to convert WPS to Excel or any other format without any investment. Here we'll resolve the issue using the 2 best methods/tools.

Method1: Convertio

It's one of the best online resources to help with this conversion. So follow the below-outlined steps to get a solution:

1-Visit the official convertio website, and select WPS to excel from the tools section. Click on the "choose files" button to upload the file that you want to convert. You can also drop the file from google drive or dropbox to the tool. Set the input and output file forms as WPS and XLS, respectively.


2-After file uploading, a new window will appear with 2 options; either click on the "Add more files" button in case you want to convert more than 1 file to excel simultaneously, or hit the "Convert" button to start the conversion process.


3-Wait for the tool to complete this complicated job. Once done, click on the "Download'' button to start downloading the final yield to your device.


Method2 : PDF MALL

PDF Mall is a free online file converter not only dedicated to PDFs but also reinforces WPS to Excel conversion. Follow the below steps to undertake that process:

1-First, type "PDF Mall converter "in the browser's search bar and open the first website. Look at the interface and then click on the "select file" to choose the concerned file from computer storage, google drive, or dropbox or drag the file here. This tool also provides the opportunity to paste the URL.


2-Now slowly scroll down and select WPS and Excel as input and output file formats from about 200 supported formats. From the 2 available text recognition modes, check the one according to your needs. When all is done, click on the "Convert Now" button to allow the tool to convert the file format.


3-Wait for a few seconds to complete the process, and then hit the download to save the final file.

Final Thoughts

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