Best 6 Steps on How to Edit Read Only PDF on Windows by using WPS Office

July 31, 2023 4.1K views

Portable record format (PDF) is broadly used to percentage documents on-line, as it ensures the file's format and formatting remains the same no matter the device or working gadget used to view it. Free online PDF converters are also available here.

But, now and again you would possibly stumble upon a examine-handiest PDF that prevents you from making any changes. In such cases, you can use PDF enhancing software to adjust the PDF content material. In this article, we can talk how to edit a read-most effective PDF on home windows the use of WPS office.

6 Steps on How to Edit Read-only PDF on Windows with WPS Office

It is a popular workplace suite that consists of a PDF editor. Follow those simple steps to edit a study-most effective PDF the use of WPS workplace:

  1. Download and install WPS Office on your Windows computer. You can download it from the official website for free.

  2. Open WPS Writer (word processing software) and click on "File" from the top menu.

  3. Click on "Open" and select the read-only PDF you want to edit.

  4. WPS Office will prompt you to convert the PDF to an editable format. Click on "OK" to proceed.

  5. Once the PDF is converted, you can edit the content, change the font, add images, or even insert new pages.

  6. After making the desired changes, click on "File" and then "Save" to save the modified PDF.

Using Tips for Edit Read-only PDF on Windows with WPS Office:

WPS Office has a user-friendly interface and provides a comprehensive set of tools to edit PDF documents. Here are some benefits of using WPS Office to edit read-only PDF on Windows:

  1. Easy to use: WPS workplace is straightforward to use, even for beginners.

  2. Comprehensive editing tools: WPS workplace provides more than a few enhancing gear that permit you to adjust the PDF content material to satisfy your desires.WPS Office offers many templates, you must have to visit the template store of WPS Office.

  3. Preserves document formatting: when you edit a study-handiest PDF the use of WPS workplace, the formatting and format of the document continue to be intact.

  4. Affordable: WPS office offers a premium model that is low cost in comparison to different PDF editors inside the market.

Premium Version of WPS Office:

WPS workplace offers a premium model that offers additional functions and tools, together with:

  1. Potential to transform PDF to other formats inclusive of phrase, Excel, and PowerPoint.

  2. Cloud storage integration.

  3. Superior collaboration tools.

  4. No advertisements.


Can I edit a PDF file without converting it using WPS Office?

Yes, you can edit a PDF record without converting it to the WPS office. WPS office has a built-in PDF editor that permits you to make modifications to the content of the PDF document without delay.

Here are the steps to edit a PDF document in WPS workplace:

Open WPS workplace and click on the "PDF" button on the home display.

Pick out the PDF file you need to edit and click on "Open" to open it in the WPS office.

Click at the "Edit" button on the pinnacle toolbar to permit enhancing mode.

Make the essential changes to the PDF report the use of the to be had tools, consisting of the text tool, image device, and drawing device.

Once you have finished modifying the PDF document, click on the "store" button to save your changes.

It is worth noting that at the same time as WPS office's integrated PDF editor is capable of making primary edits to a PDF report, it may now not be able to handle greater complex enhancing responsibilities that require greater advanced tools. In such cases, you could want to convert the PDF record to every other format, along with Microsoft phrase or a similar report format, to make the important edits.

Can I edit scanned PDF files using WPS Office?

Yes, WPS workplace has an OCR (Optical character reputation) feature that allows you to edit scanned PDF files. However, this feature is best available in the top class version.

Download WPS Office as it can Edit Read-only PDF on Windows:

If you need to edit a read-only PDF on Windows, we recommend downloading WPS Office for a free trial. WPS Office is straightforward to use and offers comprehensive modifying tools to modify the PDF content. The software program is to be had at no cost, and the top class model is lower priced, making it an extraordinary choice for private and business use.

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