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This article aims to discuss the matter of downloading Microsoft Excel for free, even though the Office suite version 2007 has been discontinued. Additionally, we will suggest alternative solutions to this issue. Although MS Excel 2007 is a powerful and popular software, some users may be hesitant to obtain it due to conflicts that may arise from its outdated status. Our goal is to determine if users are still able to acquire the software for free or not.

Can I still Use Microsoft Excel 2007 in 2023?

In 2023, Microsoft Excel will still be accessible. When using Excel, we can access a sizable application packed with mathematical equations that can add, subtract, multiply, and divide hundreds of numbers if the value is changed or added. One alert: Microsoft no longer offers widespread support for Office 2007. As a result, there won't be any new features, improvements, or enhancements to security.

Today, Microsoft Excel 2007 is still frequently used. Therefore, regardless of our version, how well the application is used overall matters, not the version. There are several new features in the most recent version of Microsoft Excel. One of the roundup highlights is introducing the program's new Image Function, which enables users to quickly insert photos into cells and the option for their alternative words.

Reinstall Microsoft Excel 2007 with Disc and Product Key

Microsoft Excel debuted with Office 2007. This shows that Microsoft Excel 2007 can be used with a legitimate Microsoft Office 2007 Product Key installation.

Office 2007 is no longer available because Microsoft discontinued offering it in 2012. However, if you already own this application and have the disc and product key, you can keep using it.

Steps to Install Microsoft Excel 2007

You can follow the following steps to install Microsoft Excel 2007.

1. Insert the disc into your computer's CD or DVD drive to install Microsoft Office 2007.

Insert CD

2. Keep an eye out for more professing. If the launch fails, go to the file or double-click the setup.exe Wizard to install it.

File Navigation

3. During the installation process, enter the product key when prompted.

Enter your product key

4. To finish the installation procedure, simply follow the remaining steps.

Accept terms and conditions

5. Click the Install Button to start.

5. After the installation, open the start menu and choose the "all programs" option.

Click Install Button

6. Once installation is completed, go to the start menu and select an option of all programs>Microsoft Office 2007>Microsoft Excel 2007.

Open Microsoft Excel 2007

Download Microsoft Excel 2007 for Free

Numerous websites offer free downloads of Microsoft Office. You can download files from there.

You can follow the steps mentioned in the above portion for the rest of the process.

Downloading Microsoft Excel 2007 free or any other software from an untrusted source is unsafe. The installation package may include malware or come bundled with other programs you don't want. Get programs only from Microsoft's official website or other reliable sources when possible. Users should also take precautions against malware and other security by installing and updating reputable antivirus software.

Four Alternatives of Microsoft Excel 2007

Software is regularly updated in response to user feedback and changes in industry standards to enhance functionality, usability, and security. As a result, all versions of Microsoft Office, including Excel 2007, are affected. While Microsoft Excel 2007 was likely a fantastic choice when it was first released, it has since fallen out of favor and may need to be revised in modern operating systems.

We advise updating to a more recent version of Microsoft Office, such as Microsoft Office 2021 or Microsoft 365, to guarantee optimal performance. Functionality, performance, and the overall user experience are all vastly enhanced in these later versions. They also include enhanced safety measures and greater compatibility with today's hardware and software.

There are alternatives to Microsoft Office that you can use if you're unable or unable to upgrade to the newest version. Many free and open-source alternatives to Microsoft Excel, including WPS Office Spreadsheet, Google Sheets, LibreOffice Calc, Apple Numbers, and Zoho Sheets.

1. WPS Office Spreadsheet (Free)

WPS Spreadsheet, a professional and free software, helps users manage charts through data analysis and visualization. It also provides free WPS templates for budget maintenance and financial evaluation for individuals or businesses.The powerful analytical tool WPS Spreadsheet is another feature of WPS Office.

Useful Features and Capabilities

  • Data Analysis

  • Customization

  • Collaboration

  • Compatibility

WPS Office Spreadsheet Advantages

  • To graphically summarize large data sets, charts might be employed.

  • You can change the chart.

  • Making a template for a chart can help you save time.

  • Use chart labels to make your charts much easier to read.

  • Your data can be created into dual-axis charts if it has been properly prepared.

  • When a timeline of events is depicted by the data in your chart (e.g., monthly or yearly),

  • With the aid of trendline analysis, you can extrapolate future events based on this.

  • historical-related information.

  • Sparklines allow you to fit a lot of data into a little space.

  • Details about the values on your worksheet's background

  • Excel makes it simple to build and modify organizational and financial charts.

  • You can change and add shapes to your workbook to enhance its visual impact.

  • Enhanced equation editing features in WPS Spreadsheet aid users in communicating with their coworkers' perspectives

Other Major Elements of WPS Office Include

WPS Writer

Texts can be edited, typeset, proofread, and saved using the document editing tool. The ability to view, edit, change the type, save, and perform other operations on documents created with any version of Microsoft Office Word is available.The Writer office supplies are commonly used by journalists, teachers, white-collar workers, and other professions.

WPS Presentation

This program is essential for users to design, modify, and adorn slides. The presentation offers stunning typography and rich motion effects. It is significant to mention that the WPS Office client offers a substantial range of slide templates in order to assist users in making presentations more rapidly.

WPS PDF Creating

In response to the growing demand from customers for PDF document editing, WPS Office developed a PDF document editing feature.

Editing and conversion of PDFs.

To make rapid adjustments, you can directly edit the PDF file.

You can modify and reorganize lengthy paragraphs, delete important content, and copy text or images from PDF files using the PDF conversion feature.

WPS Office Cloud

You can instantly create and modify documents in browsers without installing any software. Any modifications will be instantly saved and synchronized across all of your devices.All employees in your company have the flexibility to deploy work however they see fit and easily document business strategies thanks to WPS Office Cloud.


There is a free model as well as a premium one. The commercial version contains additional capabilities, whereas the free one has basic functions that can fulfill your needs .


WPS Office Writer can open and save documents in different file types, such as DOCX, XLSX, and PPTX. This simplifies collaboration between teams using software from different versions of the Office suite.

Steps to Install WPS Office

  1. To download WPS Office, you can start by logging into a search engine on your device. From there, you can navigate to the WPS Academy.

  2. You will now be directed to a website where you can explore various options for downloading the Office 2007 version that is compatible with your device. You can also listen to the available options.

  3. After clicking on this option, a download will begin. Depending on the speed of your internet, it will take two to three minutes for the WPS Office 2007 version to be downloaded successfully onto your device.

2. Microsoft 365 Excel

Comparison of Microsoft 365 Excel and Microsoft Excel 2007

The widely-used spreadsheet program is free in two versions: Microsoft 365 Excel and Microsoft Excel 2007. Unlike Microsoft Excel 2007, which may be purchased only once, the more recent Microsoft Excel 365 is a subscription service.

One key distinction is cloud storage's absence from the former. For example, spreadsheets created with Microsoft Office 365 can be stored in the cloud and accessed from any device with an internet connection. Microsoft Excel 2007 users, on the other hand, can only save their work locally.

One major distinction is the emphasis on teamwork. Microsoft Excel 2007 lacks the ability for many users to work in real-time on a single spreadsheet, although this is available in Microsoft Excel 365.

Microsoft Excel 365 has more advanced features than Microsoft Excel 2007. Excel in Microsoft Office 365 gains Power Query, Power Pivot, and the capacity to make dynamic arrays, among other enhancements.


  • Collaboration

  • Improved Charts

  • Advanced-Data Analysis

  • AI Features


Microsoft 365 Personal- Available at $6.99 per month or $69.99 per year.

Microsoft 365 Family-Available at 9.99$ per month or 99.99$ per month.

Microsoft 365 Business- Costs 5.00$ per month to 12.50$ per month.

Steps to download Microsoft 365 Excel

Step 1:
Launch your web browser and navigate to If you're already logged into Office, this will take you to the page where you can manage your subscription.

Open Microsoft Office official

Step 2

Click the Install Office button and get MS Office downloaded.

download it

Step 3

Every Office 365 includes Microsoft Excel, so after the installation is complete, you can launch it and begin using it immediately.

Excel App downloaded

However, if you don't want to pay for it or your computer doesn't support Microsoft 365 Word. Here are some free software packages to check out.

3. Zoho Sheet

The Indian software firm Zoho Corporation has released a web-based spreadsheet application called Zoho Sheet. As a result, online spreadsheet creation, editing, and collaboration are made possible.


  • Real-Time Collaboration

  • Pivot Table Support

  • Conditional Formatting

  • Version Control


  • Standard Plan: $5/user/month billed annually, or $6/user/month billed monthly

  • Professional Plan: $10/user/month billed annually, or $12/user/month billed monthly

  • Premium Plan: $15/user/month billed annually, or $18/user/month billed monthly

System Requirement

Due to its web-based nature, Zoho Sheet requires no special hardware or software. Any computer or mobile device with an internet connection and a web browser can use it.

4. Google Sheet

Google Sheets is a spreadsheet app accessed from any web browser. You can access many useful tools for making and managing spreadsheets for free.


  • Accessibility

  • Add-ons

  • Customization


  • Free to use

  • Collaborative

  • Accessible from anywhere with an internet connection

  • Integration with other Google products


  • Comparatively few features to desktop spreadsheet programs

  • Large data collection could potentially cause performance concerns.

  • The offline experience is restrictive.

Download Office Suites on Official Websites

To ensure the safety of the software you download, we advise downloading only from the official websites of the respective software suites in question. Alternatively, you might run into these issues:

  1. An unlicensed program with no access to official technical support.

  2. Illegal software copies are unsafe because of the risk of malware.

  3. The authorities may ban the software altogether if they discover it is illegal.

  4. The software's performance may be impaired since it needs the most recent fixes and features.

  5. If you're downloading from a non-official source, there's a chance the download will take longer or the link will no longer work.


Q: Is it legal to download Microsoft Excel 2007 for free?

Unless you have a valid license or authorization from Microsoft, downloading Microsoft Excel 2007 for free is illegal.

Q: Can I download Excel 2007 for free from Microsoft's website?

Unfortunately, Microsoft's website no longer hosts Excel 2007 downloads. However, you can find downloads on unofficial sites.

Q: What is the difference between Excel 2007 and newer versions of Excel?

New functions and enhancements were added to Excel 2007, such as the Ribbon user interface and support for more extensive data sets. In addition, Excel has evolved over the years to include increasingly sophisticated capabilities for analyzing data and working together.

Q: How can I learn more about using Microsoft Excel 2007?

Excel 2007 tutorials, movies, and courses can all be found online and used as learning tools. For more information about Excel 2007's features and functions, view their respective help topics.


There may be compatibility difficulties between Excel 2007 and newer versions of Microsoft Office, which are discussed in this article. Options like Google Sheets, Zoho Sheets, and WPS Office are also provided. In addition, this page describes Microsoft Office 365's features, functionalities, pricing, and system requirements. Last, it stresses the significance of only getting software packages from their official websites.

The article explains why you should use WPS Office and its many useful features. It boasts free and premium editions, an easy-to-use interface, and is compatible with Microsoft Office formats.

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