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Microsoft Office 2016 is an excellent software with exceptional features that help people with office work. However, many people can’t afford to purchase a licensed Microsoft Office 2016. The high cost makes people look for a crack Office 2016 version. This article will guide you thoroughly and help you get an office 2016 crack product keys and cracking softwares. The article has in-depth detail of the office 2016 software and steps which you can follow to enjoy the full and activated version of crack Microsoft Office 2016 in 2023.

Part 1. What is Microsoft Office 2016?

Microsoft Office 2016 is a suite of office applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. These applications are widely used for creating documents, spreadsheets, presentations, managing emails, and organizing data. It has different editions, with Professional Plus Microsoft Office 2016 offering the most tools. Office 2016 is widely used for office work and productivity, but can't be updated constantly, only support available until October 2025.

FeatureMicrosoft Office 2016 64-bitMicrosoft Office 2016 32-bit
System RequirementsRequires 64-bit operating systemCompatible with 32-bit and 64-bit
Memory UsageCan utilize more than 4GB RAMLimited to 4GB RAM
PerformanceImproved performance and stabilityAdequate performance
CompatibilitySome older add-ins may not be compatibleCompatible with most add-ins

To download crack Microsoft Office 2016 64-bit or 32-bit version, it depends on your specific needs and system requirements. In most cases, the 64-bit version provides better performance and can handle larger files and datasets. However, if you have compatibility concerns with older add-ins or plugins, the 32-bit version may be more suitable.

Part 2. Microsoft Office 2016 Products &Features

Microsoft Word 2016: Real-time co-authoring, improved editing tools, OneDrive integration, and quick access to document formatting options with the Design tab.

Microsoft Excel 2016: New chart types, advanced data analysis tools (Power Query and Power Pivot), improved collaboration and sharing options.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016: Enhanced design features, Presenter View, OneDrive integration, and the ability to record and export presentations as videos.

Microsoft Outlook 2016: Clutter feature for prioritizing emails, improved email management, powerful search capabilities, and integration with Exchange Server and Office 365.

Microsoft Access 2016: New templates for custom databases, improved data importing and linking, integration with SharePoint, and enhanced reporting and analysis tools.

Microsoft OneNote 2016: Capture and organize notes in a digital notebook, integration with other Office apps, improved search functionality, and support for handwritten notes and sketches.

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Part 3. Microsoft Office 2016  Public Product Keys

Ready to install and run Office 2016 crack on your PC? Microsoft Office 2016 requires a unique product key to install on the PC. A product key is a number mixed with letters that ensure that you have purchased the product. However, many people can’t afford to purchase the original product; hence we have brought you the steps you can follow to get the public product keys. Microsoft Office 2016 key can be installed using a secret product key. 

  • Pros of Microsoft Office 2016

1. Simple operation: Registering with a public product key is simple. All you need to do is follow the simple steps mentioned above and activate your Microsoft Office 2016 full version.

2. Less process: Using public product keys is easy and has less process. You can easily activate your Office 2016 suite within minutes and enjoy the full version with exclusive features and support.

  • Free Microsoft Office 2016 Product Keys

(Available for Windows 7/8/10/11)

















  • Step by Step Guide - Use the Product Key in Office 2016

Step 1: Open Microsoft Office 2016 on your PC or computer. The edition of the Office 2016 doesn’t matter; you can register with any edition.

Step 2: Open the registration page.

Step 3: Copy any product key from the list of product keys mentioned below.

Step 4: Paste the product key into Microsoft Office 2016.

Step 5: Click on activate button. Restart your computer/PC.

Step 6: It’s done! You can enjoy the full version and advanced features of Microsoft Office 2016.

Sometimes, it may show that your product key is not working. You don’t need to panic; simply try another product key to register. Make sure you restart your PC after activating Office 2016.

Part 4. How to Use Cracking Software to Crack Office 2016

The software world has advanced to the extent that there are cracking softwares that you can use to crack other softwares. One such software is KMSpico, which can crack and activate the Microsoft Office 2016 version. The software supports Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11. 


1. Easy to activate: It’s easy to crack Microsoft Office 2016 using cracking software as it requires fewer steps and processes.

2. Time-saving: Cracking with softwares is simple and can be done within a few minutes, hence saving you time.


1. Threat to PC security: Installing and using cracking software may threaten your PC security as it may corrupt your PC or contain viruses that can harm your PC and data.

Step by Step Guide to Crack Office 2016

Step 1: Download and run the KMSpico software from a website online.

Step 2: Open the KMSpico and choose the utility menu in the tabs

Step 3: Check the Office reactivation checkbox.

Step 4: Click on the official retail and VL button.

Step 5: The software will process and show a message of “completed.”

Step 6: Click on the “Activate Office” button.

Step 7: Allow access if a Windows security alert appears.

Step 8: Done! Microsoft Office 2016 is activated, and you can enjoy the full version now.

Part 5. The Best Alternative to Office 2016 - WPS Office

Using cracking softwares and public product keys to crack and activate Microsoft Office 2016 can be troubling and tiring. To avoid troublesome and unavoidable problems, you can use the best alternative to Office 2016 – WPS Office.

WPS Office is a free all-in-one office software, established in 1989 by Kingsoft Office Software, currently has more than 500M users worldwide, with a score of 4.8 on Trustpilot (from 880 reviews), that anyone can use for previewing, editing, saving, and sharing files. You can use Word, Excel, PPT, and PDF in the same application. Moreover, you can benefit from advanced features such as converting PDF files.


Q1: Can I get Office 2016 for free?

You can get Office 2016 for free; however, you will need a product key or a Microsoft 365 subscription to use Office 2016, and you must pay for the key.

Q2: Is it OK to use a cracked version of MS Office?

Yes. It’s okay to use a cracked version of MS Office, and MS Office would not take any legal action against you. However, you may face a security threat or troubles while cracking the MS Office.

Q3: How to download Microsoft Word 2016 full version for free?

1. Purchase a license for Microsoft Word 2016 from the official Microsoft Office website or authorized resellers. 2. Receive a product key or download link, and select the version (32-bit or 64-bit) before download. 3. Activate the product with the license key. 4. Download the Microsoft Word 2016 full version from the Office website. 5. Install and  sign in with your Microsoft account again to verify your license, then launch Microsoft Word 2016.


MS Office 2016 is an expensive yet effective and essential Office suite software. However, many people can’t afford to purchase the software key to activate it. Hence, they use crack office 2016 version and product keys or crack the original office 2016 with the cracking softwares. Cracked versions have their own benefits and drawback mentioned above.

If you want to stay away from this cracking Office 2016 game, you can simply use its best alternative—WPS Office. WPS Office is a free all-in-one office software and much better than a crack office 2016 version, that allows users to create, preview, save, share, convert, and do more in the same application. Moreover, you can use Word, PDF, Excel, and PPT features in the same application and choose templates from our vast template library. Download now to enjoy advanced features for free!

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