How to Add a Link to a PDF Using Different Methods?

July 31, 2023 1.9K views

Links are essential to a web page, allowing us to connect to other web pages or sites. Nowadays, many companies add a link to their PDF to let their customers or employees view the company's website and quickly navigate from a PDF area. Adding links to PDFs enables the content to be clickable so audiences can guide to the related resources for reading more content not described in one document. Additionally, hyperlinks can provide easy access to external resources like online forms, surveys, or other web-based tools. But if you don’t know how to add a link to a pdf,  don’t worry. In this article, we'll share three tools to learn how to add a link to a pdf with a few clicks.

How to Add a Link to a PDF in Adobe Acrobat

  • Choose Tools › Edit PDF › Link › Add or Edit to learn how to add a link to a pdf.

  • Create a link where you want to be dragging a rectangle. Whether it's a graphic or text box, this is the area in which the Link is active.

  • In the Create Link dialogue box that appears, choose your link appearance. Make it invisible, or select the link type and highlight the style, line type, style, thickness, and colour.

  • In the last step, click "File"> "Save" to save the PDF to add a hyperlink to your document.

Quickly delete or edit links after you add them by selecting Tools › Edit PDF › Link › Add or Edit. Look how to add a link to a pdf is simple enough if you use Adobe Acrobat.

How to Add a Link to a PDF Using Google Docs

Creating PDF documents on Google Docs and learningHow To Add A Link To A PDF is effortless.

  • Create the content of your PDF by opening a google doc.

  • Next, choose the word you want to be hyperlinked to learn how to add a link to a pdf.

  • Tap the "insert" link button, enter the destination URL, and tap "OK".

  • To convert the doc to PDF, click "File", then "Download as", and select "PDF Document".

How to Add a Link to a PDF with WPS

In WPS Office, following these steps can help you learn how to add a link to a pdf.

  • Open your file in WPS PDF.

  • By Heading to the Edit tab, click Link> Add/Edit Link. With a small cross appearing, you can select the area where you want to insert the hyperlink.

  • After choosing the site, a Create Link window will pop up, where you can set the Line Style, Link Type, Line Width, Line Color at Facade, and the references at Link Action.

  • In this case, we want the line colour to be red and link to a website related to our content. Choose red at Line colour and check Open URL, then enter the website address in the edit box. Finally, click OK.

  •  In the Edit tab, Change the Select Tool to Hand Tool.

  • A security warning will appear when you place your cursor in the selected area and click the Link. Tap Allow to jump to that website.

  • You can remove links too.

Using Tips for WPS Office to Learn How to Add a Link to a PDF

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Yes, WPS Office is fully compatible with the mainstream 64-bit and 32-bit versions of Windows, including Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows 11.

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