How to Save a Document as a PDF Online Using Different Methods?

July 31, 2023 1.7K views

Because a PDF file might undergo a variety of edits, it is essential to maintain multiple copies of the file at all times, including the original, the version that has been changed, and the version that has been edited. Regularly saving your work can protect you from losing any changes you've made and allow you to make side-by-side comparisons of multiple document versions using parallel viewing choices. When you save a PDF document, it will keep all of your modifications (such as mark-up, annotations, form field data, and typed text) as editable elements. This means that you can adjust each of these elements individually later. That’s why it is necessary for you to know how to save a document as a pdf and this blog will share 3 ways for you to learn how to save a document as a pdf. So, with no further ado, let’s dive in!

How to Save a Document as a PDF Online Using Microsoft Edge

To save a document as a pdf file, you will need to follow these instructions if you are using Microsoft Edge as your browser:

  • Open the file that you want to save a document as a pdf

  • In the document view, locate the "Print Page" button in the upper-right corner. The Print window will now open.

  • Choose the Save as PDF option from the printers within the Print box.

  • Click the Save button once the Print button has transformed into it.

  • After choosing a location and naming the file, click the Save button. In this way you can save a document as a pdf using Edge.

  • Now, launch the PDF file in your browser.

How to Save a Document as a PDF Online Using Google Chrome

To save a document as a pdf file, you will need to do the following steps if you are using Google Chrome as your browser:

  • Launch the file you wish to save a document as a pdf and open it.

  • Select the PRINT PAGE button in the upper right corner of the document window to print the current page. To print, click the Print button.

  • Select Save as PDF from the Printer list in the Print box.

  • You should save your work by clicking the Print button once it has changed to the Save button. The "Save PDF As" dialogue box appears.

  • Click the Save button after you have entered the desired file name and location. In this way you can save a document as a pdf using Google Chrome to the specified location.

  • Access the PDF file you just saved.

How to Save a Document as a PDF Online Using WPS Office

When you want to save a document as a pdf WPS Office is a great option that should be considered, as this will protect the text and the layout from being accidentally altered.

  • Start up WPS Office and load up your file.

  • Select Export to PDF from the Menu

  • Please review the file that has to be converted to PDF format.

  • Open the File Export in the dialogue box.

  • Adjust the Save settings to meet your requirements.

  • Choose Pdf format

  • For PDF export, please use the Export to PDF button. In this way you can save a document as a pdf using WPS Office Suite.

Using Tips for WPS Office

WPS Office is one of the world's most widely used office suites because it is compatible with a wide variety of platforms, offers excellent performance, is organized in an all-in-one fashion, and costs far less than its competitors. It is fully compatible with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Adobe PDF format, and it combines all of the office word processing functions into one tool. Undoubtedly, WPS Office is the great option to save a document as a pdf.

These functions include Word, PDF, Presentation, and Spreadsheet. In addition, the format is analogous to the PDF file type utilized by Google Docs. Even though it has a very modest footprint and a broad feature set, WPS Office is one of the best free complete office suites currently available. Downloadable versions are available on computers operating under Windows, MAC OS, Linux, Android, and iOS.

FAQs about WPS Office

The modification of PDF files is typically not free and needs membership; given this, one would wonder why so many people continue to use PDFs.

1. What are the primary benefits of WPS Office?

The following is a list of the four primary benefits of the WPS PDF format: vector graphics, unchanged painting layout, excellent compatibility, and minimal file size are some of the benefits of using vector graphics.

2. In most cases, we will print the document and then convert it to PDF format. Why?

Because PDF files can ensure that the format will not be altered, there is no need to worry about using them. When retransmitting our Word files, the sender and receiver may use different software or versions to access the file. If this occurs, the receiver may receive a file full of untidy code. So, what are you waiting for then? Its your sign to get WPS office and enjoy a 7 days free trial now!

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