How to Add Foxit Extension to Chrome

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Foxit is an exceptional PDF tool with a comprehensive set of features, and it goes the extra mile by providing a Chrome extension. This extension seamlessly integrates as a plugin into Chrome, offering users direct accessibility. If you haven't explored the tool thoroughly, this article is dedicated to enlightening you about the Foxit extension. Looking into its features and advantages to determine if it aligns with your needs. Furthermore, we've prepared a step-by-step guide within the article on How to add Foxit extension to Chrome.

How to Add Foxit Extension to Chrome

What is the Foxit extension?

The Foxit Reader extension is a Chrome browser plugin, contrary to opening PDFs directly within the Chrome browser, offers users an alternative approach. Rather than opening PDFs in the browser, the extension facilitates the process of downloading and subsequently opening PDFs in the Foxit PDF Editor desktop application. While this extension is not designed for in-browser viewing, it serves as a bridge to seamlessly transfer PDFs to the desktop application, providing users with advanced features and functionalities for managing and editing their PDF documents.

Foxit PDF Extension

Additionally, the Foxit Chrome extension enables users to convert web pages into PDF format, offering a convenient way to save webpage content as a PDF using the Foxit PDF Convert feature. It's important to note that certain features or services associated with the Foxit extension may come with a price.

Furthermore, for those in search of the best PDF viewer for use in Google Chrome, we provide a curated list of recommendations in a dedicated article. These selected PDF viewers are designed to guarantee an outstanding reading experience, perfectly suited for the Google Chrome browser. Click the hyperlink to delve into the full article.


  • PDF Management: The extension facilitates the downloading and opening of PDFs in the Foxit PDF Editor desktop application.

  • Desktop Application Integration: Rather than opening PDFs directly in the Chrome browser, the extension seamlessly integrates with the Foxit PDF Editor desktop application, providing users with advanced features for PDF management and editing.

  • Webpage to PDF Conversion: Users can convert web pages into PDF format using the extension, offering a convenient way to save webpage content as a PDF through the Foxit PDF Convert feature.


  • Robust tools for seamless collaboration and modification of PDF documents.

  • User-friendly interface for easy implementation of design and style changes in PDFs.

  • Supports digital wet signatures, providing a convenient solution for electronic signatures.


  • May lack intuitiveness in basic functions, requiring extensive familiarity.

  • Some editing categories may overlap, potentially causing confusion for users.

  • Abundance of functionalities might be overwhelming for users seeking simplicity.


Foxit Extension is available for Free but is accessible only for users with a subscription to the Foxit PDF Editor or Foxit PDF Editor Pro.

How to Add Foxit Extension to Chrome

Installing the Foxit Reader extension can be confusing with additional steps. Follow these clear steps to effortlessly add the Foxit browser plugin to your system.

Step 1: Ensure that you have Foxit PDF Editor version 11.0 or later installed on your computer.

Foxit PDF Editor Installation wizard

Step 2: Open a new tab in Google Chrome and type "chrome://extensions" to access the Extensions page.

Step 3: Look for Foxit PDF Creator in the list of extensions. If found, use the toggle to enable it.

Enable Foxit PDF Creator extension in Chrome

Step 4: If Foxit PDF Creator is not listed, follow these options, then click on "Load unpacked".

Chrome Browser Extension settings Load unpacked

Step 5:  Browse to the installation directory of Foxit PDF Editor, typically located at "C:\Program Files (x86)\Foxit Software\Foxit PDF Editor\plugins\Creator\ChromeAddin", to load the file ChromeAddin.crx.

Alternatively, you can drag the "ChromeAddin.crx" file directly into the Extensions page

Chrome Addon file

Step 6: Once the ChromeAddin.crx is uploaded, Chrome will prompt you, asking whether you want to add the extension. Simply click on "Add Extension" to complete the process.

Add Foxit PDF Creator extension in Chrome

Troubles You might Meet when Adding

Trouble with Foxit Reader Downloader

You have downloaded a Foxit Reader downloader instead of the full installer, and your computer is not connected to the internet or there's an issue with your internet settings.

Step 1: Ensure a stable internet connection. The downloader requires an active connection to download the Foxit Reader.

Step 2: Confirm your internet settings by trying to download a file from another website.

Step 3: If the issue persists, contact your network administrator or internet service provider for assistance.

Step 4: After establishing a stable connection, attempt to install Foxit Reader using the downloader again.

Step 5: If the problem persists, consider downloading the full package of Foxit Reader installer here.

Corrupted Installer Package

The installer package you downloaded is unintentionally corrupted.

Step 1: Check the MD5 value of the setup file to ensure it matches the expected MD5 value.

Step 2: If the MD5 values don't match, delete the existing package.

Step 3: Re-download a new Foxit Reader installer package from the Foxit download center.

Antivirus and Firewall Issues

Your antivirus and firewall software incorrectly identify Foxit Reader installer as malware or untrusted software.

Step 1: Ensure your antivirus and firewall software are up to date.

Step 2: Update your antivirus and firewall software to the latest versions.

Step 3: Confirm that Foxit Reader is recognized as legitimate software by your security programs.

Operating System Compatibility Issue

The operating system is not suitable for Foxit Reader (requires Windows 7 or greater).

Step 1: Upgrade your operating system to at least Windows 7 before installing Foxit Reader.

Step 2: If unsure about your Windows version, you can check your windows version by visiting Microsoft Support.

Microsoft Support

WPS PDF Extension: Read and Comment PDF Files

WPS Office has built a strong reputation on the success of tools like Writer, Spreadsheet, and Presentation. Known for its compatibility, user-friendly interface, and affordability, the brand's commitment to improvement shines through AI integration in Writer and the PDF tool, enhancing user experience. The extension tool adds another layer of convenience, allowing for seamless annotation, commenting, sharing, and collaboration. WPS PDF, already superior in affordability and ease of use, takes a step further with the extension, intensifying competition and emerging as a formidable contender.

WPS PDF Extension

Here's a simple guide on how to use the WPS PDF extension in Chrome for free:

Step 1: We first need to add the WPS PDF extension to our Chrome browser. We can easily do this by installing it from the Chrome Web Store.

WPS PDF Extension in Chrome Webstore

Step 2: Check out the Chrome toolbar where you'll find the installed extension. Click on the Extension icon for quick access.

WPS PDF Extension

Tip: To make things even more convenient, think about pinning the WPS PDF extension to the toolbar for faster and simpler access.

Step 3: To make PDFs open in the WPS PDF extension while browsing in Chrome, click on the WPS PDF extension and then hit the Settings icon.

WPS PDF Extension settings

Step 4: Turn on "Open PDFs in WPS PDF extension" by toggling the switch.

Open PDFs in WPS PDF extension

Step 5: Open Google Chrome and go to the webpage with the PDF file you want to access.

Step 6: The WPS PDF Extension will kick in and automatically load the PDF file. This allows you to view and navigate through the document seamlessly, just like any other PDF reader.

WPS PDF Extension interface

Step 7: Navigate to the Hover menu on the left, where you'll find four distinct icons: Select Text, Add Comment, Add Highlight, and Draw Freehand.

WPS PDF Extension features

Step 8: After completing your PDF edits in Chrome, simply click on the “Save” icon located at the top left to preserve a copy of your edited PDF.

WPS PDF Extension save PDF

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FAQs about How to add Foxit extension to Chrome

Q1. How can I open PDF files in a Web Browser?

Step 1: Launch the Foxit PDF Reader application and navigate to the "File" option in the menu bar.

Step 2: Choose "Preferences" from the drop-down menu. Click on "File Associations."

Step 3: Opt for "Advanced" and select the checkbox adjacent to "Include browser when setting default PDF viewer."

Step 4: Click "OK" to save the changes and close the dialog box.

Step 5: Click on "Make default PDF viewer” to make Foxit PDF Reader your default PDF viewer.

Step 6: Close and reopen your web browser, then attempt to open an online PDF file.

Q2. Is it safe to use Foxit?

Foxit is acknowledged as a secure and dependable software for both viewing and editing PDFs. Despite the persistent threats posed by hackers and potential cybersecurity risks, Foxit Reader has demonstrated resilience against attacks. The software, equipped with a dedicated security team, proactively identifies and resolves vulnerabilities, offering regular updates to enhance user protection. However, users should obtain and utilize authentic Foxit software exclusively from its official website or reputable sources to ensure maximum safety.

Q3. What are the benefits of using the Foxit extension for Chrome?

The Foxit extension for Chrome offers numerous advantages, including:

  1. Efficient PDF Opening: Quickly open PDF links and files using Foxit Reader, known for its speed and lightweight design.

  2. Web Page to PDF Conversion: Utilize the Foxit PDF Creator plugin to convert web pages into PDFs, providing extensive customization options.

  3. Seamless PDF Experience: Enjoy a seamless and user-friendly PDF experience directly within your Chrome browser.

Create Ease With WPS PDF

Foxit's PDF extension is a powerful tool, adding significant ease to your life. As you explored the process of How to add Foxit extension to Chrome in this article, you likely discovered various benefits that can enhance your experience. While WPS Office has claimed its throne in the office suite realm, it doesn't lag in the PDF domain. Its extension meets expectations, and if it doesn't suit your needs, delve into WPS PDF to discover its limitless editing capabilities. Download WPS PDF now for a comprehensive PDF solution.

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