What is PrintFriendly Chrome Extension? - A Comprehensive Review

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Many are searching for the best PDF tool to fulfill their printing needs, crucial in academic and professional life. The challenge lies in maintaining formatting and preserving print-friendly features, which not all PDF tools can handle. In this article, we explore print-friendly Chrome extensions and the key aspects to consider when choosing your extension.

PrintFriendly Chrome Extension

About PrintFriendly Chrome Extension

What is PrintFriendly?

PrintFriendly, a Chrome extension, simplifies printing and converting web pages to PDFs. With a million daily users, it removes ads and navigation for a clean print. Trusted since 2009, it offers user-friendly printing, evolving to include document and image-to-PDF conversion, PDF compression, signing, editing, merging, and splitting. PrintFriendly eliminates the need for bulky desktop applications, making complex PDF tasks easy online. Streamline your printing and PDF needs with PrintFriendly.


Features of PrintFriendly

  • Paper and Ink Savings: PrintFriendly efficiently cleans and formats web pages, helping you save paper and ink during printing.

  • Enhanced Readability: The software enhances the readability of printed material by eliminating visual distractions like ads, navigation, and unnecessary webpage elements.

  • Font Size Adjustment: Increase font sizes by up to 130%, ensuring comfortable reading and accessibility.

  • URL Paste or Browser Plugin: Generate an edited version of a webpage by pasting its URL on the PrintFriendly website or conveniently use it as a browser plugin directly on any webpage.

  • Preview and Editing: View a preview of the print layout and make necessary edits to meet your specific requirements before initiating the printing process.

  • PDF Output Option: Instead of printing, users can choose to save the edited output as a PDF, providing a digital alternative.


  • Generates web pages in a printer-friendly format, saving resources.

  • User-friendly and intuitive, making it accessible for various users.

  • Enhances the overall user experience with cleaner, more readable prints.

  • Can handle various content types, including texts, images, and tables.

  • Offers customization before printing, allowing removal of unwanted elements.


  • May not work with all websites, experiencing compatibility issues.

  • Results in a loss of original design elements during the cleaning process.

  • The latest version may require more steps to save a PDF and doesn't remember page size settings.

How to Use PrintFriendly?

Before diving into the PrintFriendly magic, let's first download and install the PrintFriendly extension in Chrome.

Step 1: Head over to the Chrome Web Store and search for Print Friendly extension. Once located, click on "Add to Chrome" to initiate the download and installation process.

PrintFriendly in Chrome Webstore

Step 2: Once the extension is successfully installed, spot the PrintFriendly icon in the Chrome toolbar.

PrintFriendly extension

Tip: A pinned PrintFriendly extension ensures easy access whenever you need it.

Step 3: Now, let's put PrintFriendly to work. Select a blog article online that you want to transform into a more reader-friendly format, eliminating unwanted elements such as ads.

Blog Article

Step 4: Click on the PrintFriendly icon in the Chrome toolbar to activate the extension and begin the customization process.

Activate PrintFriendly

Step 5: To eliminate unwanted parts in the blog post, simply hover over them, and you'll see a "Bin" icon. Click on the Bin icon to swiftly delete the undesired elements from the PDF.

PrintFriendly delete unwanted items

Step 6: After formatting the blog article by removing ads and other unwanted content, hit the "PDF" button located at the top.

PrintFriendly PDF

Step 7: PrintFriendly will process the changes. Once completed, the PDF version of the article will be ready for download. Users can also customize the page size according to their preferences.

PrintFriendly download PDF

With all ads removed, no unnecessary quotes or tables, you now have a personalized PDF of the blog article tailored to your liking. PrintFriendly proves to be an invaluable tool for those wanting to transform blog posts into neatly customized PDFs.

Choose an Excellent Online PDF Viewer Online for Work

WPS Office has earned a stellar reputation, thanks to the success of its tools like Writer, Spreadsheet, and Presentation. The brand is known for its superior compatibility, user-friendly interface, and affordability. What sets it apart is its continuous commitment to improvement, evident in the integration of AI within Writer and the PDF tool. This integration enhances user experience, making tasks more convenient.

WPS PDF Extension

The introduction of the extension tool further adds to the convenience, allowing users to annotate, comment, share, view and collaborate seamlessly making your work experience so much simpler and fun.

How to Use WPS PDF Extension in Google Chrome?

To make the most of the WPS PDF extension's three main features—annotation, adding comments, and drawing—let's get started by downloading and installing the extension from the Chrome Web Store.

Step 1: After successfully installing the WPS PDF extension, click on its icon in the toolbar, then navigate to and click on "Settings".

WPS PDF Extension settings

Step 2: In the WPS PDF Extension settings window, ensure to enable "Open PDFs in WPS PDF Extension" to ensure that all PDFs on Chrome open with the WPS PDF extension.

Open PDFs in WPS PDF Extension

Step 3: Attempt to open a PDF while surfing the browser. You'll notice the PDF opens in an advanced and elegant window—this is the WPS PDF extension in action.

Step 4: Explore the Hover menu on the left, which features four distinct icons: Select Text, Add Comment, Add Highlight, and Draw Freehand.

WPS PDF Extension features

Step 5: Once you've finished editing your PDF on Chrome, click on the save icon at the top left to save a copy of your edited PDF.

WPS PDF Extension save PDF

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Q1. Why is my conversion taking so long?

Your conversion might take time due to several factors. Here are some of the factors which might cause delays in the conversion process:

  • File Size: Larger files take longer to convert.

  • File Complexity: The number of pages and the presence of images can affect conversion time.

  • Internet Speed: A slow internet connection can delay the upload and download process.

  • Server Load: High traffic on the conversion server may slow down the process.

If conversions are consistently slow, consider trying a different conversion tool, reducing the file size, or checking your internet connection. Selecting a reliable tool and following best practices for data security are crucial.

Q2. Can PrintFriendly be used with different browsers, or is it exclusive to Chrome?

PrintFriendly is not limited to Chrome. It is a versatile browser extension designed to enhance web pages for tidy printouts or PDFs. While PrintFriendly originated as a Chrome extension, PrintFriendly has extended its compatibility to browsers such as Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, and Safari. This broad compatibility ensures that users across various modern web browsers can seamlessly experience the advantages offered by PrintFriendly. 

Furthermore, for those in search of the best PDF viewer for use in Google Chrome, we provide a curated list of recommendations in a dedicated article. These selected PDF viewers are designed to guarantee an outstanding reading experience, perfectly suited for the Google Chrome browser. Click the hyperlink to delve into the full article.

Q3. How does PrintFriendly Chrome Extension simplify printing from the web?

PrintFriendly Chrome Extension simplifies web printing by eliminating unnecessary elements such as ads, navigation, web page junk, and sidebars, preventing wastage of paper and ink. It guarantees that only essential content is included in the printout, promoting a more efficient and eco-friendly printing process. Utilizing PrintFriendly Chrome Extension empowers users to produce polished and straightforward printouts.

Effortlessly Print With WPS PDF

When it comes to printing documents, ensuring a print-ready format is crucial. WPS Office offers a reliable print friendly Chrome extension designed to facilitate effortless document printing. Users can trust the extension to handle the formatting seamlessly, providing assurance about the document's output. The guaranteed security and reliability make WPS PDF a top choice. Download WPS PDF now to explore advanced printing options with confidence.

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