PDF Xchange Extension for Chrome 2022: How to Install & Use

January 19, 2024 3.8K views

Are you facing problems adding the PDF Xchange extension to Chrome, your favourite browser? The successor of PDF Xchange Viewer, PDF Xchange editor, is an all-in-one, feature-rich editing software that can read, view, and annotate PDFs. With its plethora of configurations, the PDF Xchange extension for Chrome is now available to assist in opening files directly in search engines. Tracker Software now put forward an extension for browsers that appear as an optional plugin after installation of PDF Xchange. It'll show up as a browser pop-up notification after some time of Software installation. It's capable of opening online links and remote PDFs.

This extension comes in handy when you want to view a PDF on a website without downloading it. You need to copy the URL of the destination file and put it in the browser, and see it's been open without downloading any reader. You can also download the file later if needed, as this exception also provides this option.

PDF Xchange extension for Chrome also reinforces too many other formats along with PDF. Now you can view XLS, DOCS, PPT, and JPG files without the need for auxiliary applications with the help of this plugin. The extension can also open files from OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive when uploaded. This handy plugin is convenient for opening online files.

Adding this extension to Chrome

When you download and install the PDF Xchachnge, an add-on pop-up will appear. It's an additional plugin that can be added to Chrome as an extension. When you receive the pop-up notice, you can Wisley select "Add to Chrome" and see that the PDF Xchange icon has now been added to the chrome toolbar.

How to Reinstall This Extention if Uninstalled Mistakenly

After uninstalling the PDF Xchange chrome extension, this external extension has now been blocked by Chrome. It can no longer be installed as it's impossible to have the installer or updates after each startup. The only solution is to get this plugin directly via chrome UI or chrome Webstore by clicking on the following link.

PDF XChange Chrome Extension

Use Of PDF Xchange extension for Chrome

You can use this additional plugin of PDF Xchange editor to convert webpages or remote links directly to PDFs.For this purpose, hit the PDF-Xchange icon in the browser toolbar and select "Convert to PDF".

Using this chrome extension ball is in your hands whether you want only to view the file online or download the document in an offline editor. It depends on extension-specific browser settings.

Key Features

  • This extension significantly increases the ability to locate any text in PDFs accurately.

  • You can easily search text in PDF files.

  • Effortlessly integrate with the existing Windows operating system.

  • Freely available and easy to use.

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