WPS Extension VS WPS Office: How to Download and Install WPS Office

July 31, 2023 3.9K views

Are you confused between WPS extension and WPS office? Well, you’re not the one; many people around the globe do the same. It’s a misconception that the WPS extension is only used for the files created with WPS office software. In this article, we’ll walk through the differences between these two with a complete guide to downloading and installing the latter. Keep reading to clear your doubts.

What is WPS Extension?

Are you Wondering what a WPS extension is? It’s the format extension used for files created by 3 software named Microsoft Works word processor, Kingsoft writer and Translator’s Workbench. The documents with this add-on are most closely related to text files, just like DOC, but this lack some of the current configurations and macros in standard DOC files. An example of this file is shown in the image below.


Microsoft works processor is one of the leading platforms to create such files. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, people design financial reports, essays, and letters using the Works processor of Microsoft, thus saving them as WPS. Later due to the popularity of Microsoft word and DOC files, WPS was terminated in 2006. We can say that this file format is the predecessor of modern text documents with (*.doc) extension. Nowadays, it’s difficult to deal with this format as Microsoft works have been retired since 2009 and replaced by Word 2010 starter; thus, some special software is needed to open and edit these files.

What is WPS Office?

WPS (Word, Presentation, Spreadsheet) Office is a cross-platform supported software suite released by Kingsoft. It was previously famous as Kingsoft writer and used to create, edit and view word documents, presentations, and spreadsheet.WPS is fully compatible with Microsoft Office with its 4 productivity tools in a single module.

You can use the office suite to:

  • Create PDFs from scratch, edit, view, split, compare and convert PDFs to other forms.
  • Work with text documents similar to Microsoft word.
  • Design view and edit presentations just as Microsoft presentations.
  • Like Microsoft Excel, it can create spreadsheets containing data in tabular forms.

File Formats Supported by WPS Office

WPS Office supports 47 file formats and 46 different languages. April 2017 review of WPS 2016 shows that it can open, create and save all the Microsoft Office formats, including the following WPS office supported extensions:

  • Text formates :DOTM, DOTX, DOCX, DOC,DOT ,WPS ,PDF and many more.
  • Spreadsheet : XLSX ,CSV ,XLTM,ET ,ETS
  • Presentation Formats : PPT ,PPTM ,DPT ,DPSS ,POTM and some others.

How to Download and Install WPS Office Software for Free?

This software is freely available to download as an offline desktop application for Windows, Mac and Linux users. It costs affordable monthly subscriptions for the premium version. Here are a few steps to help download this program:

1-Click on the link to securely access the download page of the WPS Office official website.

2-Click on the “Free Download “ button and see downloading Of the .exe file has been started automatically.


3-When Over , click on the downloaded file in the bottom left corner of the screen, a pop-up window will appear, check the privacy settings, select the language and hit the “Install Now” button.


4-After a few minutes, the installation process will complete, and the first interface of the program will appear. Hurrah! You’ve installed the office successfully; we wish you a happy journey with WPS; explore it according to your needs.


We hope this guide has helped you a lot and solved your problems. Putting all information in a nutshell, we can state that the WPS extension is a file format, while the WPS office is an all-in-one software suite that conveniently deals with files of all formats.

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