How To Add Image To a PDF Documents Usings 3 Best PDF Editors

July 31, 2023 2.2K views

Have you ever wished to add an image into an existing PDF? Possibly you are completing an online form and need to upload a photo as further documentation. There is a much easier way to avoid the effort of printing the form and scanning it again with the photo included. All you need is a good PDF Editor to insert a picture into a PDF. The benefit of using a PDF Editor is that you don't have to go back and change the original source file. You can easily insert any image into your PDF document.

You can choose from different kinds of tools online and offline offering multiple PDF editing features. Most of them provide the option to import photos, documents and even insert text into a PDF document. This guide will teach you how to add images into a PDF using the best PDF tools available. All these tools are free and simple to use:

Using a professional PDF editor like WPS Office’s editor, you can try multiple methods to add images (of formats: JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP) to PDF. Further, you can move, flip, rotate, resize, and crop the image after adding it. WPS makes it easy for you to add watermark, logo, or other photos to PDF to prevent it from being copied. Each of these steps is described below so you can replicate it.

1. Using WPS Office PDF Editor

  • Click on the insert tab and from the toolbar choose the “add picture” option.

  • Then locate the image file you want to insert OR click on the image to drag and drop it to its correct position. 

  • To adjust the size, click left and drag the corners of the image. 

  • Now press Ctrl+S OR File> Save to save the changes.

To make some elements visible behind this image, you can adjust the transparency accordingly. Simply select the image, adjust its transparency from the right toolbar and choose the percentage that suits best. Looking for other options to settle your picture? You can crop your picture, adjust it by flipping and rotating. You can also clip this image in your PDF.

2. Using Preview App on Mac

  • Open Preview app, go to “File” > “Open” to open your PDF file first. 

  •  From the “Edit'” tab choose the “Insert” > '”Page from File” and then choose the image you want to add to the PDF file. 

  •  Now locate and insert the image to the PDF on Preview Mac by simply Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V.

3. Using Adobe Acrobat Pro

Launch Adobe Acrobat Pro and open your PDF file. On your system, locate and double-click the PDF file you want to house an image. Adding pictures to PDFs with Acrobat requires a paid software subscription. If you haven't previously installed and registered Acrobat Pro, you can utilize its free 7-day trial.

  • Navigate to the Tools menu. It's located in the upper-left corner of Acrobat Pro. This brings up the toolbar.

  • From the toolbar, choose Edit PDF. You may use this option to add additional text and images to your PDF file.

  • Select Add Image  located on the right side of the toolbar. This will create a new dialogue box where you can pick the image to insert.

  • Choose the image you want and press the Open button. This adds the picture to the file. 

  • Click where you want the image to go. The image is now in the file. If you need to relocate the image, simply click and drag it to the new spot.

To resize the picture, drag its corner handles. To make your image larger or smaller, click and drag the image corners in or out. You may also utilize the picture editing tools on the right-hand panel, which are labeled  under Objects. This gives you the ability to flip, rotate, and crop your image.

WPS PDF - Add Images into PDF Easily

This article has shown you the best way possible to add images to PDF. Among these feature-rich tools is WPS Office PDF Editor with better productivity and efficiency. You can handle larger documents, process them faster, and secure them no matter where they are saved on the cloud or on your local desktop. As per the efficiency, it lets you save time on intricate PDF editing, PDF marking and annotating, and other activities by providing a truly intuitive and user friendly interface. This lets you focus on the job without having to worry about where to find the right tool.


How To Add Image in a PDF?

Open your PDF in WPS Office’s PDF Editor. Click on the insert tab and from the toolbar choose the “add picture” option.

How To Insert Image in PDF?

Insert an image in PDF using WPS free PDF Editor. Click Insert> Add Picture.

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