Detailed Methods for Adding Pages to a PDF

July 31, 2023 2.0K views

In our daily work, we often need to add pages to a PDF, whether it is a blank page or a page from another PDF. Adding pages to PDF files can enable us to creat more contents in one PDF or make use of pages from other PDF files. You may not know how to add pages to a PDF. Don't be frustrated, because this article is suitable foryou if you are having trouble adding pages to a PDF.

How to Add Pages to a PDF Offline

Add Pages to a PDF by Adding Blank Pages 

Step-1: Open the WPS Office and your PDF file.

Step-2: Click the Insert tab in the upper toolbar.

Step-3: Click the Insert Pages button.


Click the Blank Page or the Select From PDF button according to the contents you want to insert.

Step-5: Click the Blank Page button, enter the exact page size, page width, page height, insert direction and insert count. Then choose your inclined insert position and click the OK button. Congratulations! You now have a blank page added to your PDF file. How to Add Pages to a PDF Offline

* Premium users can enjoy unlimited functions.

Add Pages from Another PDF to a PDF

Step-1 to step-4 are the same with the previous section.

Step-5: Click the Select From PDF button, select your preferred PDF file. Choose the exact page range and insert position and click the OK button. Congratulations! You now have pages from another PDF added to the current PDF file.

How to Add pages to a PDF Online

Step-1: Use our online website WPS PDF Organizer for PDF editing and pages adding. Choose the Organizing PDF module for pages adding.

Step-2: Click Select PDF File and select the PDF you want to edit or directly drag the PDF file to the dark blue area.

Step-3: Click the plus signal between pages to insert a blank page.

Q&A on How to Add Pages to a PDF

Q: How to add only one page of a PDF to another file?

A: Step-1 to step-4 are the same with the previous section. While you are on step-5 of the second section, enter the only page number you want to add into the Page Range-Some Pages part. Then click OK.

Q: How to delete the page I have added?

A:This is the same with deleting pages from common PDF files. You can select the pages you want  to delete and click the delete icon.

Learn More about How to Add Pages to a PDF

I've covered the simple and effective way to add pages to a PDF on desktop in the article above. Please let us know in the comments area if you run into any issues while adding pages. I've attached a free version of WPS Office that you may use to convert and edit any form of document. This software also allows you to open a variety of file formats. We highly recommend you to download WPS Office and enjoy those fantastic functions for free. Thanks!

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