How to Black Out Text in PDF without Redacting

July 31, 2023 5.7K views

When sharing confidential information, it is often necessary to black out certain sections of a PDF file to protect sensitive data. However, redaction can be irreversible and may lead to unintended consequences. Hence, knowing how to black out text in PDF without redacting is essential to prevent any potential legal or ethical issues.

How to Black out Text in PDF without Redacting

Step # 1: Open the PDF file you want to edit in the WPS Office.

Step # 2: Click on the "Edit" button in the top toolbar, then select "Edit Content" from the dropdown menu.

Step # 3: Highlight the text you want to black out.

Step # 4: Right-click on the highlighted text and select "Properties" from the dropdown menu.

Step # 5: In the Properties window, click on the "Fill" tab.

Step # 6: Choose the color you want to use to black out the text. For example, you can select black or any other dark color.

Step # 7: Adjust the opacity of the color to your liking. This will determine how visible the blacked-out text will be.

Step # 8: Click "OK" to apply the changes.

Step # 9: Repeat these steps for any additional text you want to black out.

Step # 10: Save the edited PDF file by clicking on the "Save" button in the top toolbar.

Black out Text in PDF without Redacting Using WPS PDF Tools

WPS Office is a versatile desktop and mobile office suite available on Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android devices, and it can be accessed through popular browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox, and Opera. Its easy-to-use interface and intuitive tools make it convenient for users to black out text in PDF without redaction, ensuring that sensitive information remains private and protected.

WPS Office offers several PDF tools for blacking out text without redaction:

  1. PDF Editor: The PDF Editor in WPS Office allows you to easily black out text by selecting the text you want to conceal and adjusting the color and opacity of the fill.

  2. PDF Converter: The PDF Converter tool can convert PDF files to other formats, which can be useful if you want to edit a PDF in a different application.

  3. PDF Merge/Split: The PDF Merge/Split tool allows you to combine multiple PDF files into one or split a PDF file into multiple files, which can be helpful if you need to manage large amounts of PDF content.

WPS Office offers both online and offline options for blacking out text in PDF without redaction. Users can upload their PDFs to the online platform and use the PDF Editor tool to black out text, or they can download the offline desktop or mobile applications for added convenience. Subscribers can access a wide range of content, including words, texts, links, pictures, images, and pages, to create and edit professional-looking PDFs.

Advantages of Blacking out Text in PDF without Redacting

  1. Simple and intuitive: WPS Office tools are designed to be easy to use, making it simple for users to black out text in PDFs without redacting.

  2. Versatile: WPS Office tools work across multiple devices and platforms, so users can access them on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.

  3. Cost-effective: WPS Office tools offer a range of features at an affordable price, making them accessible to both individuals and businesses.

  4. Time-saving: The WPS Office PDF tools can quickly and efficiently black out text, saving users valuable time and effort.

  5. Secure: By blacking out text instead of redacting it, users can protect sensitive information while still maintaining the integrity of the original PDF document.

Tips to Black out Text in PDF without Redacting

Here are some tips for blacking out text in PDF without redaction using WPS Office tools:

  1. Use the right color and opacity: When blacking out text, choose a dark color that is not easily visible through the fill. Adjust the opacity to your preference to ensure that the blacked-out text is not easily readable.

  2. Save a copy of the original PDF: Before making any edits, always save a copy of the original PDF file in case you need to refer to it later.

  3. Check your work carefully: After blacking out text, double-check your work to ensure that you have concealed all sensitive information. Make sure to save the edited PDF file with a new name to avoid confusion with the original file.

FAQs on How to Black out Text in PDF without Redacting

1. Can I undo blacked-out text in the WPS Office PDF Editor?

No, blacked-out text cannot be undone in the WPS Office PDF Editor. Make sure to double-check before saving the edited PDF file.

2. Can I use WPS Office PDF tools on mobile devices?

Yes, WPS Office PDF tools can be used on both desktop and mobile devices through the WPS Office mobile app.

Download WPS Office for a Free Trial

In conclusion, blacking out text in PDF without redaction is a straightforward process using WPS Office tools. With its intuitive interface, affordable pricing, and versatile features, WPS Office is a recommended solution for users seeking a simple and effective way to protect sensitive information in process. I highly recommend WPS Office for removing password protection from PDF files without requiring the original password. Its user-friendly interface, affordability, and versatility make it an excellent choice.

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