How to Change Background Color in PDF Pages

July 31, 2023 4.5K views

PDF files typically have a white background and are text-friendly. However, users can easily add an image to the PDF file's background or change the color of the background quickly. Do you want to modify the color of the PDF background? We'll demonstrate to you how Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor makes this simple to do. Additionally, you can alter the background color online.

Steps to Change Background Color in PDF

Open a PDF file using PDFelement, choose Edit>Background, and then choose Update Background. The page range, opacity, and background color can all be customized. Once you've done that, save the PDF file by selecting File>Save.

Step 1. Open PDF Files Needed to Change Background Color

Launch PDFelement and click on Open files within the Home tab. Now, select the PDF file that you wish to open.


Step 2. Change PDF Background Color

Click the Edit tab after opening the PDF file, as seen in the screenshot below. There is a Background button here. There are two choices for the background. You have the option of adding a brand-new background or changing the one that currently exists in your PDF document. Please select Edit Background if you need to modify the current background.


Then, in the pop-up window, you need to click the pencil-like icon.


After that, you can choose the page range to apply to and modify the color in the new window. Please click the Save button on the bottom left after configuring. When finished, you must in the Edit Background window click the Apply button.


Step 3. Save the PDF File

Click Save As under the File tab to save the changes you've made.


Professional Tips for Changing Background Colors:

  • Carefully select the background color to ensure the text shows up in the final PDF file.

  • Don't add an overly complicated image as the background.

Free Trial WPS Office for Changing PDF Background Colors

Change the background color of PDF documents using WPS Office products. To meet the need, there are both online and offline solutions. Speaking of online alternatives, WPS Office spares customers from needless downloads and offers a user-friendly interface.

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On the other hand, the diversity of document editing options available offline makes work efficient. We can see that WPS Office's platform enables users to easily change, add, edit, and even remove backdrops. As a result, it stands out among online and offline PDF editors in a big way.

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