How to Compress A PDF File?

July 31, 2023 1.5K views

In our daily life, we often use PDF format for some office documents due to fixed format and wide compatibility. But sometimes PDF files are too large when they contain images and objects, leading to a lot of inconveniences. For example, some websites have size limits for attachments. Making a PDF document smaller also helps to edit easier and it will occupy less storage, making it easier to upload or download. In these cases, we need to compress a PDF file.

Fortunately, there are many ways for PDF compression. We will introduce the best tools to reduce the size of a PDF document online and offline in the following sections. Read on to learn how to compress a PDF file easily.

How to Compress A PDF File with WPS PDF Compressor (Online)

Step-1: Go to in a web browser. This is the website for WPS PDF compressor, which is a free tool that can reduce the size of your PDF files online.

Step-2: You can see there is a place for you to drop PDF files. Click Select PDF File. Select the PDF file from your computer that needs to be compressed and upload it.

Step-3: WPS PDF Compressor supports 3 compression ratios (HD, Recommended, Smallest). Choose one ratio based on your requirements to compress the PDF file. Then click Compress.

Step-4: Click Download after it finishes processing the PDF file. Wait for a few seconds and you can get your compressed PDF file.

How to Compress A PDF File with WPS Office (Offline)

Step-1: Open WPS Office. This is a powerful software with lots of functions, including WPS PDF tool which can organize and convert PDF documents easily and quickly. Click PDF.

Step-2: There are lots of functions in WPS PDF tool. Here we need to use PDF compressor. Click PDF Compress.

Step-3:  You can see there is a place to choose or drop the file. Click this place and select the PDF file from your computer that needs to be compressed. Here you can compress multiple PDF files at the same time.

Step-4: WPS Office also supports 3 compression ratios (HD, Normal, Common). Choose one ratio based on your requirements. Click Compress. The compressed PDF files will save on your computer.

Using Tips

·You can drag files directly to the editing area.

·You can know the size of a compressed file through the WPS PDF online compression tool and it also shows how much it has reduced.

FAQs for PDF Compression

Q: How do I make a PDF file size smaller?

A: You can use WPS PDF Compressor online or WPS Office for offline use.

Click Select File to upload or drop your PDF file in the editing area.Choose one of the three compression ratios based on your requirements.Click Compress and save your compressed PDF document.

Q: Will compression cause loss of information?

A: The compression process will not cause any damage to your files and your information will becompletely preserved.

Q: Is PDF filecompression free online?

A: Yes. You can enjoy free online compression using WPS PDF Compressor online. If you are looking forward to more advanced compressor options you can also download WPS Office and subscribe to WPS Office Premium. You can sign up for a 7-day free trial.

Learn More about How to Compress A PDF File

If you want to know more about PDF features, you can follow WPS PDF Tools to learn. You can also download WPS Office for more advanced PDF editing options. Download now! Begin an easy and efficient working experience.

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