How to Compress PDF in Best Online and Offline Ways

July 31, 2023 1.7K views

Are you trying to upload a PDF file and get a file size restriction? If yes, we've got a solution that'll bail you out of the file size limit. Fortunately, we’ve complete guidelines on how to compress PDFs to smaller sizes and make your file-sharing process easy. Keep reading to resolve your problems.

Best online method to Assist you in How to compress PDF: WPS PDF

You can use online methods to efficiently deal with your files anywhere without any device limit.WPS PDF is the best way to assist you in compressing your PDF file. Follow the steps outlined below:

1-Visit the Official WPS PDF website and from all available options, hit the Compress PDF.


2-Click the Choose files button and browse for the file you want to compress.

3-After file selection, it'll undergo some processing, and a new pop-up will appear.

4-Press the Compress button.


5-Now the file with a small size is in a tray. Click the Download button to save it on your device.


How to Compress PDF using a Professional Online Method :Adobe Acrobat

Adobe acrobat is a handy tool when we talk about PDF Files as it helps deal with PDFs professionally. Its online compressor tools help reduce PDF file sizes and make sharing of files easy. To work with an online version, follow the below steps:

1-Visit the webpage for Adobe acrobat PDF compressor for free.

2-Click Select a file and browse the file you want to compress and open it.


3-Select the one from 3 different Compression levels (high, medium, low) according to your needs and click compress.


4-Please wait for the tool to complete the compression process; press the Download button to download the final file to your device once it's done.

How to compress PDF Offline on Mac using the PDF Filter tool

OSX has a cool feature to shrink PDF files, but most users are unaware of it as they don't update their Mac's operating system regularly.You don't need to install any other app, as you can compress your PDF files for free in Mac preview.

Go with the below guide and compress your file:

1-Open the PDF file you want to compress in your MAC's preview app.

2-Go to the file tab and click export.

3-In the dropdown box of the Quarts filter, you will see many options .here you need to Choose the Reduce file size from all available options.


4-Now the file size is much smaller than the original one.

Wrap Up

PDF filter is the best option for Mac users to compress the PDF files offline, but it only works well for files of a larger size. For relatively more minor size files, you can use online tools. You can also Download WPS Office Software as an alternative for this function. It can easily convert, compress, compose, and merge your files offline. So don't waste your time on other tools, and download the WPS office for free today!

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