How to Convert an Email to a PDF for Free: A Step-by-Step Guide

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In a digital age where communication is predominantly through email, the need to preserve and share important messages in a universal format like PDF has never been greater. This step-by-step guide unveils the secrets to effortlessly converting your emails to PDF for free, offering you a valuable tool for organizing, archiving, and sharing critical information. With this guide in hand, you'll unlock a world of possibilities, making your email correspondence more versatile and accessible than ever before.

How to Convert an Email to a PDF from the Print Dialog Box

Convert Email to PDF

How to convert email to PDF in Outlook

Step 1: Open the email you want to convert to PDF.

Open Email you want to convert


Step 2: Click the File tab.

Select File tab


Step 3: Select Print from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: In the Printer drop-down menu, select Microsoft Print to PDF.

In Print select Microsoft Print to PDF


Step 5: Click the Print button.

Select Print button


Step 6: In the Save Print Output As dialog box, enter a name for your PDF file and select a location to save it.

Step 7: Click the Save button.

Click Save button


Addition tips:

  • Convert multiple emails at once by selecting them and clicking Print, then selecting Microsoft Print to File as the printer.

  • Use Print to File to save an email as a PDF. Click File > Print, then click Change next to Destination and select Print to File.

  • Customize the layout by clicking Page Setup in the Print dialog box.

How to convert email to PDF in Gmail

Step 1: Open the email you want to convert to PDF.

Step 2: Click the Print icon.

Select Print button on the top


Step 3: In the Destination drop-down menu, select Save as PDF.

Click Save as PDF


Step 4: In the Save As dialog box, enter a name for your PDF file and select a location to save it.

Step 5: Click the Save button.

Addition tips:

  • Convert an email with attachments using Print All Pages. Click the Print icon, then select Print All Pages.

  • Convert only part of an email using Print Selection. Select the text, click the Print icon, then select Print Selection.

How to Convert Email to PDF Without Printing (2 Easy Ways)

Using WPS Office

WPS Office Logo


Step 1: Download and install WPS Office for free from the WPS Office website.

Step 2: Open WPS Writer

Select Writer icon


Step 3: Open the email file you want to convert.

Click Open to open mail you want to convert


Step 4: Click File > Export > PDF.

Export mail to PDF


Step 5: Enter a name for your PDF file and select a location to save it.

Step 6: Click Export.

Advantages of WPS Office:

  • Free and open source

  • Compatible with Microsoft Office files

  • Offers a variety of features, including word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, and PDF reading.

  • Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux

Using Google Drive

Google drive logo


Step 1: Upload the email file to Google Drive.

Step 2: Right-click on the file and select Open with > Google Docs.

Select open with Google Docs


Step 3: Click File > Download > PDF Document.

Select PDF Format from File button


Step 4: Enter a name for your PDF file and select a location to save it.

Step 5: Click Save.

Advantages of Using Google Drive:

  • Cloud-based service for access from anywhere with an internet connection

  • Free to use for a limited amount of storage.

  • Easy to use and share files with others.

  • Compatible with a variety of file formats, including PDF, Word, and Excel

How to Edit an Email PDF File Using WPS Office

Step 1: Open the PDF file in WPS PDF

1. Launch WPS PDF and click on the "Open" button located in the top left corner of the software interface.

Open PDF file


2. Navigate to the location where your email PDF file is stored and select it.

3. Click the "Open" button to load the PDF file into WPS PDF.

Step 2: Enable Editing Mode

1. Click on the "Edit" button situated in the top toolbar.

Select Edit tab


2. WPS PDF will switch to the editing mode, allowing you to modify the contents of the PDF file.

Step 3: Edit the PDF content.

1. Use the various editing tools provided in WPS PDF to make the desired changes to the PDF content.

2. You can add or remove text, images, and shapes.

Edit PDF file as you want


3. You can also modify the font, size, and color of the text.

Step 4: Save the edited PDF file.

1. Click on the "File" menu and select the "Save" option.

Select Save icon


2. Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+S to save the file.

3. Enter a name for the edited PDF file and select a location to save it.

4. Click the "Save" button to finalize the changes.


  • If you need to make extensive changes to the PDF content, consider converting the PDF file to a Word document first. This will give you more flexibility in editing the text and layout.

  • WPS Office offers a variety of annotation tools that you can use to add comments, highlights, and other markings to the PDF file.

  • If you need to protect your PDF file from unauthorized editing, you can encrypt it using a password.

Overall, WPS Office provides a user-friendly and comprehensive solution for editing email PDF files. The step-by-step guide is valuable for anyone who needs to modify PDF files without using the traditional printing method.

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How to reduce PDF file size for email attachment in WPS Office?

To reduce PDF file size for email attachment in WPS Office, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the PDF file in WPS PDF by clicking File>Open and selecting the file.

Step 2: Access the Compress PDF tool by clicking Tools>Compress PDF.

Select PDF Compressor in Tools tab


Step 3: Choose the desired compression level (Reduce File Size or Optimize File Size) and click OK.

Select Level then drop down the desired compression level


Step 4: Customize compression settings (optional) by clicking Options and adjusting the desired settings.

Step 5: Save the compressed PDF file by clicking Save and entering a name and location for the file.

Additional Tips:

  • Start with Reduce File Size and adjust settings as needed.

  • Preview the compressed file before saving.

  • Convert the PDF to a different format if needed (may result in quality loss).

Can I convert multiple emails to PDF in one go?

Yes, you can convert multiple emails to PDF in one go, depending on the email client or software you're using. Some email clients and PDF converters offer batch conversion features that allow you to select multiple emails and convert them into individual PDF files.


The article offers a comprehensive guide on how to convert emails to PDF for free, with a focus on using WPS Office. It provides step-by-step instructions with screenshots for Outlook and Gmail, additional tips, and advice on editing and reducing PDF file sizes. The article concludes with FAQs for clarity. It's a valuable resource for efficiently managing email PDFs.

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