How to Convert Kindle To PDF: A Step By Step Tutorial

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One of the most widely used ebook readers today is the Kindle, which uses the MOBI and AZW file formats. However, most devices do not support these file types. Therefore, convert it to an appropriate format, such PDF, if you wish to open it on your computer or smartphone. These days, converting Kindle books to PDF is simple. You may freely convert Kindle to PDF using a variety of programmes. In this article, we'll explain how to obtain the Kindle book, and convert it to PDF using a few straightforward methods.

Calibre - Know about How to convert Kindle to PDF!

Cost: Free

Format: online

One of the simplest ways to convert Kindle content to PDF is via Calibre, which also lets you read and organise ebooks on a variety of devices. There are versions of this tool for all Operating Systems.

How to convert Kindle to PDF is as follows:

  • Install and download Calibre.

  • Select Add books from the menu.

  • To add a Kindle book to Calibre, navigate to it and double-click on it.

  • Choose the additional book.

  • Select Convert Books from the menu.

  • Choose PDF from the Output format drop-down option.

  • Click OK.

Zamzar - Know about How to convert Kindle to PDF!

Cost: Free

Format: online

Zamzar converts documents, movies, audio files, and photos. More than 1100 file formats are supported. There is no need to download it, and it is simple to use.

The steps are as follows:

  • Visit the web page.

  • To add files, click.

  • You can add the link or drag and drop the Kindle file you want to convert.

  • To select the Convert To option, click the drop-down icon.

  • Choose PDF.

  • Select Convert.

  • To download the PDF version to your device, select Download.

Online-Convert - Know about How to convert Kindle to PDF!

Cost: Free

Format: online

You can convert MOBI or AZW files to PDF using the free online tool Online-Convert.

Take the steps detailed below:

  • Visit the web page

  • Choose Ebook converter.

  • Select Target Format by clicking it.

  • Select PDF conversion.

  • select Goselect Choose Files

  • To upload it, find the Kindle book and click on it.

  • Now select Start Conversion from the menu.

WPS PDF Tools - Know about How to convert Kindle to PDF!

WPS Office: Use Word, Excel, and PPT for FREE, No Ads.

In just a few easy steps, you may convert a kindle file to a PDF using WPS PDF editor. You only need to upload your documents to the website to have it converted to a PDF file. Along with text and images, PDFs can also contain shapes and other image types. As soon as all the modifications have been done, the WPS PDF tool enables you to either compress the PDF file or export it as a Word, Excel, or PowerPoint document.

The premium edition is available for purchase if you want to get rid of the WPSOffice watermark and get extra customization choices. On Windows, Android, and iOS devices as well as online, PDF files can be edited.

Epubor Ultimate

Website: Epubor Ultimate

Price: Windows & Mac: $17.99

Type: Software

Supported OS: Windows 7/8/10

Introducing Epubor Ultimate, the ultimate software solution designed to meet all your eBook conversion needs. With Epubor Ultimate, converting your Kindle books to PDF and various other formats becomes a seamless and hassle-free experience, ensuring compatibility across multiple devices.

Step-by-step guide

1. Download and install the Epubor Ultimate software on your computer, ensuring you have access to its comprehensive features.

2. Launch the software, and it will automatically scan and detect all the Kindle books stored on your system, presenting them through its intuitive interface.

Screenshot of Epubor's scanning function

3. Select the specific book you wish to convert, and then navigate to the "Convert To" option within the software.

4. From the dropdown menu, choose "PDF" as the desired output format, providing you with a versatile and widely compatible file format for your converted eBooks.

Screenshot of Epubor's conversion function

5. Initiating the conversion process, Epubor Ultimate will seamlessly convert the selected book to PDF (PDF android also available), downloading and saving it on your computer for easy access.


  • Support for DRM Removal: Epubor Ultimate empowers you to remove DRM protection from Kindle books, granting you the freedom to convert and utilize them in various formats.

  • Metadata Editing Capability: With Epubor Ultimate, you have the flexibility to edit the metadata of your eBooks, including crucial details such as the title, author, cover, and more.


  • Paid Software: Epubor Ultimate is a premium software solution, requiring the purchase of a license to access its full range of features and capabilities.

Tips and Tricks for Successful Conversion

Converting Kindle books to PDF format can sometimes be a complex task, especially when dealing with DRM restrictions, complex formatting, and images. To ensure a smooth and successful conversion process, consider the following tips and tricks:

Handling DRM (Digital Rights Management) Restrictions:

  • Check for DRM: Before attempting to convert a Kindle book, verify if it has DRM protection. DRM restricts the copying and conversion of eBooks. If DRM is present, you may need to explore options for removing it using appropriate tools or software.

  • Use DRM removal tools: There are several tools available, such as Calibre with the dedrm plugin, that can assist in removing DRM from Kindle books. However, it's important to follow legal guidelines and adhere to the terms of service when using such tools.

Dealing with Complex Formatting and Images:

  • Choose compatible conversion methods: Depending on the complexity of the formatting and images in your Kindle book, select a conversion method that supports retaining the original layout. Tools like Calibre or specialized online converters such as Zamzar or Online-Convert are often capable of handling complex formatting and images effectively.

  • Check the converted PDF: After the conversion process, carefully review the resulting PDF file to ensure that the formatting and images have been preserved correctly. Pay close attention to elements like tables, charts, and graphical content to ensure they are accurately rendered in the PDF.

By following these tips and tricks, you can overcome DRM restrictions and effectively handle complex formatting and images, resulting in successful and high-quality PDF conversions of your Kindle books.

Tips for Selecting Perfect Tools!

On your computer, you can convert PDF files with the free PDF converter below. It is a simple procedure. You may get WPS Office for your Windows device by visiting the website or the Play store. To discover the WPS office PDF tool, type its name into the search field. It will be possible to view the website as soon as it appears on your screen. The PDF converter can be downloaded by clicking the icon. Now, upload the word document to the programme for PDF conversion. After your PDF generator was successfully installed, you are now prepared to use it. Now we even have pdf to ai converter.

FAQ for How to Convert Kindle to PDF

Q.Can you read Kindle books as PDFs?

Ans.It is possible to read Kindle books in PDF format, to be precise. Just download the book from your Kindle account and convert it to PDF using the website's or tool's converter function.

Q. Is WPS PDF Tools The Best?

Ans. The greatest free PDF editor online, thanks to its superb user interface and simplicity of usage. This programme offers premium features in addition to straightforward chores. There is no subscription charge required to use any of these premium services.

Find the Best PDF Editor

The Kindle reader is no longer required to read Kindle books. You may read them on all of your devices by converting them to PDF or another readable format. The WPS office has everything you require to carry out your official business. In addition to being able to be modified, opened, printed, and browsed, PDF files can also be. It can handle various file kinds in addition to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. By using the service, you may effortlessly convert your documents between different formats. By downloading all of WPS' converters for Windows, you may improve the quality of your work.

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