How to Convert PDF to Word in Google Chrome? (3 Common Ways)

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As we've shifted from DOC to PDF for the sake of improved shareability and readability, there are instances where the need for comprehensive editing or text copying prompts a return to the DOC format. This switch is often prompted by concerns about maintaining the original formatting. In this guide, we will explore three methods How to Use Google Chrome to Convert PDF to Word with minimal to no loss of formatting, ensuring a smooth transition between the two formats.

How to Convert PDF to Word in Google Chrome?

How to Convert PDF to Word in Google Chrome?

If you were wondering how to use Google Chrome to convert PDF to Word, then you won't be disappointed because we have brought three different methods for you, so that you can easily convert your PDFs to Word without the need for downloading and installing a separate application for it.

Method 1: Using Third-party Extension in Google Chrome

A Chrome PDF extension not only enables PDF viewing and editing but also provides the flexibility to convert PDFs to other file formats. The WPS PDF extension for Word is one such method, acting as a Chrome PDF converter. Here's how to convert PDF to Word using this free extension:

Step 1: Ensure the WPS PDF extension is installed from the Chrome Web Store.

WPS PDF Extension

Step 2: With the extension installed, locate the WPS PDF extension in Chrome extensions and click to view available tools.

Step 3: In the tools list, select "PDF to Word", redirecting you to the WPS online PDF tools page.

WPS PDF to Word converter extension

Tip: Beyond just viewing and annotating PDFs online, users can effortlessly explore additional functionalities, such as merging PDF files and converting formats with ease.

Step 4: Upload the PDF you wish to convert to Word by clicking "Select PDF file" or dragging and dropping the PDF.

WPS PDF select PDF for conversion

Step 5: Once the document is uploaded, the WPS PDF to Word converter will automatically begin the conversion process. You can download your Word file by clicking on the "Download" button.

WPS PDF download Word file

The WPS PDF extension goes beyond conversion. It provides access to various PDF tools and allows PDF editing in Chrome. It's not just a typical Chrome PDF converter extension; it offers much more. Give it a try for abundant PDF features with a single click. The WPS PDF extension is the right choice for you.

Method 2: Using Google Drive

To convert a PDF to Word using Google Drive, please note that this method is a workaround and is recommended primarily if you intend to save a copy of your Word document on Google Drive, as the process can be somewhat lengthy:

Step 1: Begin by accessing Google Drive. If your PDF is not already in Google Drive, you can upload it by clicking on the "New" button at the top left side of the page.

Google Drive New files

Step 2: To complete the PDF upload, click on "File Upload" and select the PDF file from your system.

Google Drive file upload

Step 3: Subsequently, double-click on the PDF file. Google Drive will preview the PDF using its built-in PDF viewer. Please note that this viewer is quite basic and does not support editing.

Step 4: At the top of the page, locate the "Open with Google Docs" option. This feature enables users to utilize the native Google Docs application to open the PDF in Word format.

Google Drive open PDF with Google Docs

Step 5: Once the PDF is open in Google Docs, you can download it in Word format by navigating to the File menu at the top left and selecting the “Download” option.

Step 6: Various file formats will be available for download; choose .DOCX format to download the PDF as Word.

Google Docs download Word Document

While this method may not be as convenient as common PDF to Word converter Chrome extensions, it serves as a practical solution for users seeking to safeguard a copy of their PDF on the cloud.

Method 3: Using PDF to Word Converter Online

The final method involves utilizing traditional online converters, offering users a straightforward process to upload their PDF file and swiftly download their Word document. Let's explore the WPS PDF Converter, a free and convenient online tool that simplifies the PDF to Word conversion in a few easy steps:

Step 1: Open your Chrome browser and visit the WPS PDF tool.

Step 2: Select the desired conversion file format. If you need to convert PDF to Word, choose "PDF to Word".

WPS PDF to Word converter

Step 3: Now, it's time to upload your PDF file. You can either click on "Select PDF file" or effortlessly drag and drop the PDF file for upload.

WPS PDF upload PDF

Step 4: Upon uploading the PDF, the conversion will commence automatically. Once completed, users can download their Word Document by clicking on the "Download" button.

WPS PDF download Word Document

The WPS free online PDF converter is an incredibly simple tool, eliminating the need to download any additional applications. Moreover, it ensures the preservation of the source formatting of your PDF file even after it has been converted into a Word document.

Best Chrome PDF to Word Converter - WPS PDF Extension

As we navigate the shift from DOC to PDF and back, the rise of the WPS extension is becoming increasingly evident. The Office Suite's capabilities are spreading rapidly, introducing the WPS extension that is quickly establishing itself as a formidable contender among the top extensions in the market.

Notably, the WPS PDF extension is already emerging as a frontrunner, offering a suite of features that competes favorably with the best PDF tools available. Its extension mirrors the qualities of its PDF counterpart, boasting a lightweight nature, user-friendly interface, and ease of use. Supporting functions such as viewing, commenting, drawing, and annotating, the WPS extension aligns itself seamlessly with user needs.

WPS PDF Extension

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Q1. Are there file size limitations for conversion?

The capacity to convert file sizes varies among different tools. It is advisable to keep an eye on the file size to avoid using very large files for a smoother conversion process. Check the tool's specifications and adjust file sizes within the recommended limitations for a more efficient conversion experience.

Q2. Can I annotate PDF files before converting them to Word in Chrome?

Utilize the WPS PDF extension in Chrome to smoothly incorporate notes and highlights into your PDFs before transforming them into Word documents. This handy feature empowers you to personalize and enhance your documents, ensuring they meet your specific preferences before initiating the conversion process.

If you want to delve deeper into how to highlight a PDF files directly in Google Chrome, click on the article link below to learn more information.

How to Highlight PDF Files on Chrome? (2 Simple Ways)

Q3. Can I edit the converted Word document after the conversion in Chrome?

Converted Word documents in Chrome are crafted to be editable, granting users the flexibility to make necessary modifications. This feature ensures a smooth customization experience for your documents within the Chrome browser. This design highlights user convenience and efficient document management.

Combat Conversion Challenges with WPS PDF

Chrome is a godsend, simplifying everything from searching to documentation with its plethora of plugins and sites. In this article, we've learned How to Use Google Chrome to Convert PDF to Word, proving to be a potential lifesaver when a dedicated app isn't readily available. However, a precautionary measure everyone should consider is having the WPS PDF app. With this app, you eliminate formatting fears, and you can annotate, highlight, draw, and perform various tasks on the go with PDFs. The WPS extension further enhances this solution, making it a great choice. Download WPS PDF now for a seamless experience.

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