How to Highlight PDF Files on Chrome? (2 Simple Ways)

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Chrome may be your go-to browser, but for some, it serves as a handy PDF tool. You can easily open your PDF files without downloading any third-party software. However, as great as it is, Chrome often imposes limitations on its full utilization. Luckily, for someone not needing elaborate editing, they are in luck because it is very accessible to do. In this guide, we will walk you through How to highlight a PDF on Chrome without the need for additional software.

How to Highlight PDF Files on Chrome?

How to Highlight PDF Files in Google Chrome?

Preparing for a case and can't figure out how to highlight a PDF on Chrome? Alternatively, if you are faced with a research task involving the need to highlight information across numerous downloadable PDFs, rest assured, there are viable solutions available. We will be exploring options such as the Chrome PDF highlighter and various online PDF tools to address these challenges.

Method 1: Using Third-party Extension in Google Chrome

Chrome does not offer a built-in solution for highlighting PDFs. However, it is possible to achieve this through the use of an extension. We will be exploring the WPS PDF extension, a tool designed to facilitate easy editing and highlighting of PDFs within the Chrome browser.

This extension is remarkably straightforward, featuring easily accessible options that make navigation effortless for all users. Its high compatibility with the Chrome browser and lightweight nature ensure a smooth experience, allowing users to browse and edit PDFs without encountering lags or hang-ups, providing an excellent overall experience.

Let's delve into how to highlight a PDF on Chrome using the WPS PDF highlighter Chrome extension.

Step 1: To utilize the WPS PDF extension for highlighting your PDFs, ensure you download the extension from the Chrome Web Store.

WPS PDF Extension on Chrome Webstore

Step 2: Once the installation is complete, the WPS PDF extension will appear in the toolbar of your Chrome browser as an extension icon.

WPS PDF Extension

Tip: The WPS PDF extension is a convenient tool not only for editing PDFs but also for accessing other WPS PDF merging and conversion tools. Pin the extension for easier access.

Step 3: By default, PDFs open in the Chrome default PDF viewer. To change this setting, open the WPS PDF extension and click on the Settings icon.

WPS PDF Extension settings icon

Step 4: On the WPS PDF extension settings page, enable "Open PDFs using WPS PDF Extension" using the toggle. This will allow Chrome to open PDFs using the WPS PDF extension.

Open PDFs using WPS PDF Extension

Step 5: Now, when you open a PDF file on Chrome, it will be redirected to the WPS PDF extension.

Step 6: All the tools are available in the hover menu on the left side of the screen, while the right side displays general options to facilitate easy viewing of PDFs, such as bookmarks and pages.

Step 7: To highlight your PDF, simply click on the Highlight icon in the hover menu and choose a color of your preference.

WPS PDF Extension highlight tool

Step 8: Using your mouse, select the text you wish to highlight, and to save the highlighted PDF, click on the "Save" icon in the toolbar at the top of the page.

WPS PDF Extension save PDF

The WPS PDF extension is a lifesaver. It means you can browse and highlight without having to download each PDF and edit it in a separate application. Just open it using the WPS PDF highlighter Chrome extension, highlight it, and if you wish to save it, or simply discard it. Plus, it is lightweight and helpful, so why not download it?

Method 2: Using the Online PDF Editor

The second solution on this list involves using online PDF editors, which differ from the PDF highlighter Chrome extension. With online editors, you need to upload the PDF to a separate online tool, and after completing the editing, you can simply download the edited file. One such application is PDFGear, which enables users to highlight their PDFs online in Chrome with an easy-to-use interface.

Step 1: On the Chrome browser, navigate to the PDFGear website to access the online PDFGear editor.

Step 2: In the main menu, hover over the "Products" tab and select the "Edit PDF" option to open the Edit PDF tool.


Step 3: Now, things are straightforward. Click on "Upload PDF files" to upload the PDF files you wish to edit, or drag and drop your PDF into the specified space.

PDFGear upload PDF

Step 4: The PDF will open in PDFGear's built-in PDF editor. Here, select "Add or Edit annotations" on the toolbar.

Step 5: All the annotating tools will appear just below the toolbar. Click on "Highlight" and then simply select text to highlight in your PDF.

PDFGear annotation tools

Step 6: To download a copy of the edited PDF, click on the download option on the toolbar.

PDFGear Download PDF

PDFGear is a reliable online tool if you're looking to highlight your PDF in Chrome. However, uploading PDFs to a third-party website can sometimes raise privacy concerns. Still, PDFGear is considered a trusted platform that allows users to highlight their PDFs with ease on Chrome.

Use an Excellent PDF Editor to Enhance Your PDF - WPS PDF

WPS Office is an excellent office suite catering to all your office needs, including word processing, presentations, and spreadsheets. For a comprehensive office solution, having a reliable PDF tool is essential, ensuring your documents are easily transferable and shareable. While Chrome is a great option with built-in features like highlighting, installing the WPS PDF app on your computer provides additional convenience on the go.


It not only addresses formatting concerns but also offers worry-free editing capabilities. With all the necessary tools at your fingertips, WPS Office ensures a seamless and convenient experience for your office tasks.

Pros of WPS PDF:

  • Rich functions for versatile document management

  • Lightweight design ensures a smooth user experience

  • Emphasis on safety and stability for secure document handling

  • User-friendly design enhances ease of use

  • Multi-platform availability on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS

  • Facilitates document sharing, promoting collaboration and communication

How to Edit Your PDF Files in WPS PDF Tools

WPS PDF is not available as a standalone application; instead, WPS Office offers its entire office suite along with WPS PDF. This means that a single download provides not only a PDF application but also a writer, spreadsheet, and PowerPoint application. Here's how WPS PDF can be utilized:

Step 1: First and foremost, let's visit the official WPS website to download WPS Office on our system.

WPS Office Homepage

Step 2: Once WPS Office is installed, simply open a PDF using WPS Office.

WPS PDF Interface

Step 3: All the tools are separated by tabs in WPS Office. The Edit tab allows users to add text, insert pictures, and make other changes to the PDF.

WPS PDF Edit Tab

Step 4: The next tab is the Comment tab, which enables users to annotate, add comments, and provides additional tools that many online editing tools may lack.

 WPS PDF Comment Tab

WPS PDF Comment Tab

WPS PDF Comment Tab

Step 5: Users can also add their signature to their PDF in the Fill & Sign tab.

WPS PDF Fill and Sign Tab

In summary, the WPS PDF tool is an application that offers users a comprehensive solution. You won't find the need to download a separate application for anything missing from WPS Office. Furthermore, its availability on all systems, including Linux, Windows, Mac, and even on mobile devices, makes WPS Office a more convenient choice for all.

WPS Office- Free All-in-One Office Suite
  • Use Word, Excel, and PPT for FREE, No Ads.

  • Edit PDF files with the powerful PDF toolkit.

  • Microsoft-like interface. Easy to learn. 100% Compatibility.

  • Boost your productivity with WPS's abundant free Word, Excel, PPT, and CV templates.

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Q1. Are there any limitations to the number of colors I can use for highlighting?

While Chrome’s built-in feature allows customization, certain extensions offer a broader range of colors for highlighting, providing users with enhanced flexibility and a more diverse set of options for customizing their highlighting experience.

Q2. Is the WPS PDF extension free, and how does it enhance the highlighting experience in Chrome?

The WPS PDF extension can be accessed and utilized at no cost, offering users a range of features beyond simple highlighting. It includes functionalities like viewing, commenting, drawing, and annotating, providing a comprehensive and versatile solution for managing PDF documents in Chrome.

Q3. What are the advantages of highlighting PDF files?

Highlighting PDF files offers many benefits. Here is a list of advantages:

  • Efficient Focus: Highlighting aids in quickly identifying and focusing on important information, saving time when reviewing or studying documents.

  • Visual Organization: It provides a visual way to organize and categorize important content, improving overall document readability.

  • Enhanced Collaboration: When sharing documents, highlighting makes it easier to convey specific points, facilitating clear communication and collaboration.

Effortless PDF Editing With WPS PDF

Learning How to highlight a PDF on Chrome while viewing a PDF is fairly simple, allowing for quick and easy completion without the need for conversion. However, for added convenience and a more comprehensive set of features, having a reliable PDF tool like WPS PDF on the go can significantly enhance your workflow. WPS PDF provides a multitude of capabilities, making tasks much more accessible and efficient. With all the necessary tools conveniently at your fingertips, downloading WPS PDF ensures a seamless experience for handling your PDF documents. Download WPS PDF now to streamline your PDF-related tasks.

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