How to Create a Calendar Effectively in Excel [2024 Guide]

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Do you want to create a calendar in Excel, but you don’t know where to start? Do you want to save time and effort by using some simple methods to create a calendar in Excel? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this article is for you, as we will teach you how to create a calendar in Excel and also how to customize your calendar. By following our step-by-step guide, you will be able to create a calendar in Excel that meets your requirements and expectations.

Create an Excel Calendar

What is the Calendar in Excel?

A calendar serves as a visual layout that displays the days of a month, arranged across the weeks. When an entire year is arranged in this format, it forms a calendar. Excel offers the capability to design your unique calendar to suit your requirements. This includes the ability to input a range of information such as project deadlines, appointments, work assignments, and more.

You also have the option to emphasize specific items using highlights and color coding, enabling better organization and task management. This personalized approach to calendar creation enhances your ability to maintain a structured schedule and optimize your time effectively.

Excel Calendar

How to Make a Calendar in Excel?

Excel gives you the flexibility to create a personalized calendar through built-in templates or tailor one from the ground up to meet your exact requirements. In this segment, we will teach you how to create a Calendar in Excel that is both functional and visually appealing. Additionally, we'll explore how to fine-tune and personalize it, resulting in a tool that optimizes your daily routine and elevates your time management proficiency.

With Template:

To create a calendar using an Excel calendar template, follow these steps:

Step 1: Launch Excel and select “New”.

Excel New spreadsheet

Step 2: Type “Calendar” in the search box and press “Enter”.

Step 3: Choose a Calendar template that suits your needs.

Excel Calendar templates

Step 4: Click on “Create” to open the template.

Excel Create template

Personalize your Excel Calendar Template

You can also customize the Excel Calendar template according to your preferences.

Step 1: Change the Calendar Theme

To change the look of your Excel calendar, you can apply a different theme from the Page Layout tab. Click on “Themes” and choose one that you like from the options. This will change the style and color of your calendar.

xcel Calendar themes

Step 2: Add Events in your Excel Calendar Template

To mark important dates and events, you can type the description in the corresponding cell. You can also highlight the cell with color by clicking on “Fill” in the Home tab. You can also modify the font style, color, and size of your text to make it stand out.

Excel Calendar add events

Step 3: Add Images for events in your Excel Calendar

To make your calendar more fun and lively, you can insert images for some events. Select the cell where you want to add an image and go to the Insert tab. Click on “Pictures” and browse your computer for the image you want. You can resize and position the image to fit the cell.

Excel Calendar insert images

Step 4: Add Notes to your Calendar

To keep track of important notes, you can merge some cells to create a space for writing them. Select the cells to be merged and then click "Merge & Centre" in the Home tab.  You can then type your notes in the merged cell.

Excel Calendar Notes

You have successfully created your Excel calendar using a template. You can now add more details and features to make it more personal and unique. Save your calendar and enjoy using it!

Without Template:

If you want to create a calendar in Excel without using a template, you can do so with some simple formulas and formatting options. You can create a weekly, monthly, or yearly calendar in Excel depending on your needs. In this guide, we will show you how to make/insert a basic calendar in Excel from scratch, as well as how to customize it with your own style and preferences. Creating a calendar in Excel can help you organize your tasks, events, and deadlines more efficiently. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Launch Excel and create a new blank workbook to start making your calendar from scratch.

Excel new workbook

Step 2: Type the weekdays from Sunday to Saturday in cells A2 to G2.

Excel Calendar weekday

Step 3: Select six rows below the weekday row and apply borders to them. Navigate to the Home tab, then select "Borders", followed by "All Borders". This will create a nice grid for your calendar.

Excel Calendar apply borders

Step 4: Adjust the column width of columns A to G to make them wider. Select all the columns together and drag the right edge of any column header. This will ensure that all the columns have the same width.

Excel row column width

Step 5: Adjust the row height of the six rows. Select all the rows together and drag the bottom edge of any row header. This will ensure that all the rows have the same height.

Excel row height

Step 6: Format the cells where you will enter the dates to align them to the top right corner. Select all the cells in the grid, right-click, and choose “Format Cells”.

Excel format cells

Step 7: In the Format Cells window, go to the Alignment tab and select “Right (Indent)” in the Horizontal field and “Top” in the Vertical field. Click “OK”.

Excel Calendar cell alignment

Step 8: Enter the month name “January” in cell A1.

Step 9: Merge and center the cells from A1 to G1 to create a header for the month. Access the Home tab and then click on "Merge & Center".

Excel Calendar merge and center

Excel Calendar merge and center

Step 10: Add some colors to your calendar to make it more attractive. Go to the Page Layout tab and click on “Themes”. Choose a theme that you like from the options. This will change the style and color of your calendar.

Excel Calendar themes

Excel Calendar themes

Step 11: You have completed one month of your calendar. To create more months, you can copy the sheet and modify it accordingly. Go to the sheet tab at the bottom left, right-click, and choose “Move or Copy”.

Excel sheet tab

Excel sheet tab

Step 12: In the Move or Copy window, select “Move to end” and check the “Create a copy” box. Click “OK”.

 Excel copy sheet

Excel copy sheet

Step 13: Enter the dates for the next month in the copied sheet and change the month name in cell A1. You can also apply a different theme if you want to vary the colors.

 Excel Calendar Themes

Excel Calendar Themes

You have created your personalized calendar in Excel without using a template. You can now use it to plan your activities, events, and deadlines more effectively.


  • Color Coding: Implement color coding to categorize events. Assign unique colors to different event types for quick identification.

  • Event Descriptions and Notes: Reserve space for event descriptions and notes. You can merge cells to create larger spaces for important details.

  • Choose the Right Template: When using a template, you can browse the different categories and styles of calendars available in Excel. You can also search for online templates from the Microsoft website or other sources.

  • Save your Calendar: Print or save your calendar as a PDF or an image file to share with others or use it offline.

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Q1. How to Highlight Holidays in the Calendar?

Here's a simplified guide on how to highlight holidays in a calendar using conditional formatting:

Step 1: Choose all the calendar cells, excluding day names.

Step 2: Click on the "Home" tab at the top of your screen.

Step 3: Within the "Styles" group, find and click "Conditional Formatting."

Step 4: Select "New Rule" from the options.

Step 5: Pick "Use a formula to determine which cells to format"  in the New Formatting Rule dialog box.

Step 6: In the provided field, type in the formula: =ISNUMBER(VLOOKUP(D5,Holidays!$B:$B,1,0))

Step 7: Choose the format for highlighting the cell with the holiday date (hit the Format button to change the color).

Step 8: Click "OK" to apply the formatting.

Q2. How to Autofill Dates in Excel?

Auto-Filling dates in Excel is a handy feature that allows you to quickly populate a range of cells with a sequence of dates. Here's how to autofill dates in Excel:

Step 1: Enter the starting date in the First cell of the range

Step 2: Select the cell with the “Starting Date”.

Step 3: Use the “Autofill” handle and drag it down using the cursor. Excel will automatically fill the cells below with a sequence of dates.

Craft Your Personalized Calendar

This article has provided you with the knowledge on how to create a Calendar in Excel. This newfound skill empowers you to tailor your schedule according to your unique requirements. An equally commendable alternative for this purpose is the WPS Spreadsheet, valued for its user-friendly interface. Feel free to explore WPS Office and enhance your productivity.

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