How to create an excel calendar in wps office[Step-by-Step]

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There are several compelling reasons to consider using WPS for creating your calendar. Whether you're seeking the flexibility to easily add schedules, the ability to share with others, or the option to design a custom calendar layout that suits your preferences, WPS will do it all. This guide will walk you through the steps on how to create an Excel calendar in WPS Office to achieve all of this effortlessly.

What is WPS Office

WPS Office is a versatile office suite that offers you various productivity tools such as Writer, Spreadsheet, and Presentation. At first glance, it may not appear uniquely special, but it's far more than just another office suite. The standout feature is its cost-free availability, offering a multitude of features without the need for subscriptions. This means you get a full-fledged office suite without compromising on the quality of your work or draining your wallet.

WPS Office also provides an integrated PDF tool, enhancing your PDF experience by enabling editing capabilities and leveraging advanced OCR technology for text recognition. And if that wasn’t all; WPS Office goes a step further by incorporating integrated AI, seamlessly integrating with all the productivity tools within the suite. This integration elevates the efficiency and capabilities of the suite, ensuring a well-rounded and powerful tool for your productivity needs.

Ways to Create an Excel Calendar in WPS Office

Calendars are useful tools for organizing your Excel projects or personalizing your schedule. WPS Office understands the needs of its users and offers you the option to create attractive and functional calendars. But how to create Excel calendars in WPS Office? The answer is twofold, offering you not just one, but two distinct methods to insert Excel calendars in WPS Office: you can either use the drop-down list or the built-in templates to keep track of your activities and manage your work easily.

Create an Excel Calendar Using Templates

You can easily create an Excel calendar in WPS Office by using the free templates available. You don’t need any technical skills to use these templates and customize your calendar. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Launch WPS Office and go to the navigation panel.

Step 2: Click on the "New" option, followed by selecting "Sheets".

Step 3: Type “Calendar” in the Search Bar.

Step 4: Browse the template options and proceed to download your chosen design.

Step 5: Your calendar will appear on the WPS Spreadsheet interface, where you can edit it by clicking on the dates. You can seamlessly add events, schedule meetings, and navigate through different months using the intuitive sheet navigation.

Step 6: Save your calendar on your computer. You can also share your calendar with others using the easy sharing and collaboration features of WPS Office.

Calendar Templates available at WPS

1. 2023 Green Calendar with Timetable

The 2023 Green Calendar with Timetable boasts an elegant royal green color palette, enriched with subtle accents of light green that gracefully highlight each passing month. The calendar's design embraces a clean and minimalistic aesthetic, with a predominantly white backdrop that exudes simplicity and clarity. This composition renders it a versatile choice suitable for a diverse range of users, catering to a wide spectrum of preferences and needs.

2. 2023 Red Calendar with Work Plan

The 2023 Red Calendar with Work Plan features an elegant royal red hue, accented by various shades of red that emphasize tasks and responsibilities. The rest of the calendar maintains a clean, white backdrop, offering a simplicity that appeals to a wide range of users. This calendar is a versatile choice suitable for anyone seeking a functional and aesthetically pleasing way to organize their plans and tasks for the year.

3. 2023 Colorful Cartoon Calendar

The 2023 Colorful Cartoon Calendar is designed to appeal to the child in all of us. With its playful and vibrant design, this calendar is sure to uplift your mood as you manage your schedule. Beyond personal use, it's also an excellent choice for parents to note down reminders and important dates for their children. Whether you're a whimsical spirit or a caring parent, this calendar is a delightful way to stay organized while embracing a touch of creativity.

Create an Excel Calendar Using Drop Down List

The drop-down list Excel Calendar in WPS Office empowers users to create a calendar from the ground up, enhancing it with selected functions and a splash of color. By adopting this approach to create an Excel calendar in WPS Office, you not only achieve visually captivating results but also infuse your essence into every detail.

Step 1: Launch WPS Office and create a new sheet.

Step 2: To enter the days of the week, type “Monday” in the first cell and drag the “Autofill” handle to the right.

Step 3: Select your days' row and include 6 more rows to structure your calendar. Head to the Home tab, navigate to the Borders option and opt for "All Borders" in the ribbon menu.

Step 4: Merge and center the first 3 columns above your calendar table to accommodate the display of the year. Within the Home tab, find and select "Merge & Center".

Step 5: Add a drop-down list for the months.

  • To establish a drop-down menu for months, you'll need to generate a column featuring all twelve months. Begin by typing "January" into a cell and then extend the months using the “Autofill” handle.

  • Merge the remaining 4 columns above the calendar using the "Merge & Center" option.

  • Now visit the "Data" tab and select "Data Validation" from the ribbon menu.

  • Choose “List” as the validation criteria and select the column with the months as the source.

  • You should see a drop-down arrow in the merged cell. Click on it to select a month.

Step 6: Implementing the DATE Function to establish a Date Cell

  • Begin by selecting an empty cell where you intend to use the DATE Function. In the function, the first argument will be the "Year" cell, which should be an absolute reference to ensure accuracy; “=DATE($F$3,”

  • For the second argument in the DATE Function, incorporate the MATCH Function to determine the month from the drop-down menu. Select the cell containing the month drop-down menu as the lookup value. The second argument of the MATCH Function will be the entire column representing the months. Set the third argument to “0” to indicate an exact match; “=DATE($F$3, MATCH(I3, A5:A16, 0),”.

  • Finally, specify "1" as the third argument of the DATE Function to represent the first day of the selected month; “=DATE($F$3, MATCH(I3, A5:A16, 0), 1)”.

Step 7: Establishing the Weekday using the WEEKDAY Function

  • Select an empty cell where you intend to establish the WEEKDAY.

  • Input the WEEK Function. For the first argument, include the Date cell using an absolute reference; “=WEEKDAY($F$13,”

  • As the second argument, enter the value "3" to indicate that we want the weekday to be calculated from Monday (1) to Sunday (7); “=WEEKDAY($F$13, 3)”

Step 8: Function for Inserting Dates into the Calendar

  • Begin by subtracting the “Date” cell from the “Weekday” cell in the cell just below "MON". Make sure to use absolute reference for both cells.

  • Observe the date format. To achieve this, right-click the cell >Format Cells > Custom. In the "Type" field, input "dd" to format the cells to display the day of the month.

  • Next, proceed to add “1” to the date in cell F5, the cell below "Mon"

  • Use the “Autofill” handle to copy the formula to all cells except the Monday column.

  • In the second Monday column (column L), repeat the process by adding “1” to the date in cell L5, which is the cell below "Sun"

  • Once again, use the “Autofill” handle to copy the formula across the rest of the Monday column.

Step 9: Add Conditional Formatting

  • To enhance the visual clarity of your Excel calendar in WPS Office, you can apply conditional formatting to distinguish and remove dates from the previous and next months.

  • Begin by selecting the cell range containing the calendar dates. Navigate to the Home tab and click on "Conditional Formatting" in the ribbon menu. From the dropdown, select "New Rule"

  • In the "New Formatting Rule" dialog box, choose the last option: "Use a formula to determine which cells to format".

  • To format the cells with dates from the previous month, use the following formula in the "Format values where this formula is true" field: “=F5

    ”. Ensure that the date cell reference is in absolute form.

  • Click on the "Format" button to proceed.

  • In the "Format Cells" dialog box, switch to the "Font" tab and select a lighter shade for the font color. This will make the previous month's dates less visible.

  • Click "OK" to confirm the formatting settings for the previous month’s dates.

  • To handle the dates from the next month, return to conditional formatting by selecting the same cell range. This time, enter the formula “=F3>EOMONTH($F$13, 0)” in the "Format” values where this formula is true" field.

  • As before, access the "Format" button, adjust the font color to a lighter shade, and click "OK" to finalize the formatting for the next month's dates.

Step 10: Highlight today’s date

  • We will be using Conditional formatting for this step as well. Select cells in the calendar and head over to “New rule” in Conditional formatting. In the formula field, enter: “=F3=TODAY()”

  • Format today’s date with a different font and cell color to highlight it from the rest.

We have successfully created our timetable using WPS Office. This will help us organize our tasks, work schedule, and timetables more efficiently. We can now plan our activities according to the month, week, and day. We can also customize our timetable by changing the colors, fonts, and formats. We can even print or share our timetable with others. Isn’t that amazing?

Tips for Inserting a Calendar

  • Changing Sunday column font color: We can change the font color or size of the Sunday Column to highlight the holiday

  • The additional cells created such as the Month column for our drop-down list can be hidden. Select the cells that need to be hidden, and then right-click > Format Cells > Custom> Enter “;;;”.

  • Optimize Page Layout for Printing: If you intend to print your finalized Excel calendar, navigate to the "Layout" menu located at the top of your spreadsheet. From there, choose the "Landscape" page orientation to ensure the entire calendar is included when printed.

  • Ensure Internet Connectivity for Template Access: When selecting a calendar template to incorporate into your Excel spreadsheet, make sure you are connected to the internet. This connectivity is crucial to access and utilize the available internal templates effectively.



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How to download WPS Office?

Step 1: In your browser, navigate to WPS Office and click the "Download" button in the center of the screen.

Step 2: After downloading the file, double-click it to open it and begin the installation process.

Step 3: After the installation of WPS Office is complete, you will be able to use WPS Office on your computer.


Q1. Does WPS Office support Excel?

Yes, WPS Office supports Microsoft Excel, including the .XLSX format. It enables seamless data creation, editing, analysis, and advanced functions in a user-friendly interface. This compatibility guarantees that Excel users have a pleasant experience by working with Excel files effortlessly within the WPS Office suite.

Q2. Can I use WPS Office to customize the look and layout of my Excel calendar?

Yes, WPS Office enables customization of Excel calendar design, layout, and colors to suit individual preferences, enhancing its visual impact and appeal. This feature allows designers to convey unique information, making Excel calendars handy and visually appealing.

Q3. Can I add drop-down date lists to my Excel calendar using WPS Office?

Yes, you can easily create structured drop-down lists of dates within Excel with WPS Office, offering an easy method to pick days for your calendar. When working on your calendar tasks, this tool provides accuracy and productivity.

Q4. Can I use WPS Office to integrate holidays, special events, and important dates in my Excel calendar?

WPS Office allows you to incorporate holidays, special events, and significant dates into your Excel calendar, making it a comprehensive resource for staying informed and prepared. This feature helps track various events and ensures a well-organized, informative calendar that covers ordinary days and special events.

Create Custom Calendars With WPS Office

Excel calendars offer a fantastic way to enhance both your personal and work productivity. You have complete control over customization, allowing you to input any task or appointment. Our guide walks you through the process of how to create an Excel calendar in WPS Office, simplifying the entire process for you. Download WPS Office and experience the ease and convenience of today!

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