How to Create a mail merge in Apple Pages: A Step-by-Step Guide

November 10, 2023 1.2K views

In an era where efficient communication is paramount, the ability to create personalized and tailored documents has become an essential skill.  This detailed tutorial is intended to explain the steps involved in using Apple Pages, a flexible program renowned for its user-friendly interface and potent features. Unleash Apple Pages' potential to simplify communication and document creation, which will eventually save time and increase productivity. Get ready to start a journey that will enable you to produce captivating, unique documents that make an impact.

What is the Apple pages mail merge?

1. Explanation of what Apple Pages mail merge is

Apple Pages mail merge is a powerful feature that allows you to merge data from a spreadsheet or contact list with a template document in Apple Pages. Without having to manually enter the specific information for each copy, this technique enables you to produce several personalized copies of a document, such as letters, envelopes, labels, or even certificates.

Mail merge essentially automates the process of producing personalized papers by filling in blank spaces in the template with precise data from your data source. Names, addresses, dates, and any other variable information you wish to include in your documents may be included in here.

Apple Pages mail merge offers a streamlined and efficient way to personalize your documents, making them more relevant and appealing to the recipients. Whether you're creating documents for personal or business use, understanding this function can dramatically improve your workflow and assist you in presenting a clean and professional image.

2. Importance of using mail merge for creating personalized and efficient documents

There are numerous major benefits of using mail merge for personalizing and producing effective papers, all of which greatly improve the caliber and effectiveness of your communication:

  • Time Efficiency: Manually entering each detail into each document takes time and is prone to mistakes. This procedure is automated using mail merge, which enables you to produce a large number of individualized papers quickly and reliably.

  • Consistency: By using mail merge, you can guarantee consistency in both text and formatting across all of your documents. For branding, business correspondence, and legal papers in particular, this is crucial.

  • Accuracy: Using mail merge considerably reduces the possibility of typographical errors because the information is taken directly from a spreadsheet or database. Your documents become more credible and polished as a result.

  • Adaptability: Your documents can be instantly modified using mail merge. You can update your source data without having to rewrite each document if the recipient list or content changes.

  • Flexibility: Mail merge is not limited to text; it can also contain pictures, photographs, and other things. This makes it possible to create a variety of documents while yet giving them a personal touch.

How to Create a Mail Merge in Apple Pages

On Mac

Step 1: On the Mac, launch Pages and select a template to use, such as the Letter format. After that, select the Document icon from the menu.

Step 2: Select “Mail Merge”

Step 3: Either choose Contacts or Spreadsheet

When you go to Contacts. you will have the option to choose a group. If you select Spreadsheet, you will then be prompted to locate that file.

Step 4: Click Preview

You can get a quick preview of the result by just clicking the Preview button. Verify that the description has all necessary information and that nothing has been omitted. If there was anything you forgot to edit, you could go back and do it.

Step 5: Click Merge

On iPad

Step 1: Place your insertion point or select existing text where you want to add a merge field.

Note: To see the full list of fields from Contacts, click More Fields.

Step 2: Tap the More button at the top of the screen, tap Mail Merge, then tap the Add button.

Step 3: To add field options from a spreadsheet, see Add a spreadsheet as a source file.

How to Customize and Preview Mail Merged Documents

Explanation of how to customize the merge fields using formatting options:

  • Prepare your letter:

Step 1: Go to Mailings > Start Mail Merge > Letters.

Step 2: In Word, type the body of the letter that you want to send to your mailing list.

  • Set up your mailing list

Your mailing list is a data source that contains the information that Word uses to customize your letter. See Data sources you can use for a mail merge.

  • Add personalized content to your letter

Add content to your letter that’s different for each person who receives it.

Step 1: Go to Mailings > Address Block.

Step 2: Choose a format for the recipient's name In the Insert Address Block dialog box.

Step 3: Choose Ok

Step 4: Choose Greeting Line

Step 5: Select the format you want to use in the Insert Greeting Line dialog box.

Step 6: Select OK to insert the greeting line field.

Step 7: Go to File > Save.

  • Preview and print the letters

Step 1: Go to Mailings > Preview Results to preview your letters.

Step 2: Choose Next or Previous to scroll though your data set to be sure the names and addresses look right.

Step 3: Select Preview Results again switch from the merged results back to the mail merge fields in your letter

Merge mail with WPS Office - Free and Compatible to Microsoft Office

WPS Office is a flexible and user-friendly office suite that offers a selection of programs for creating documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. WPS Office is an alternative to traditional office suites thanks to its user-friendly design, extensive capabilities, and smooth compatibility with common file formats.

Here is a step-by-step guide to performing mail merge in WPS Writer:

Step 1: Create a file you want for mail merge, such as et table, txt format text file, access database file and so on.

Step 2: Go to Reference tab > Mail Merge

Step 3: In the Mailing tab, click the Open Data Source button.

Step 4: Select the data source you want to open.

Step 5: In the Mailing tab, click Insert Merge Field to open Insert Field dialog, as shown below:

Step 6: Select the data in the Fields box you want to insert.

Step 7: Click the Insert button to complete the mail merge.

Step 8: Under the Mailing tab, click Mail Merge Recipients. In the dialog box, select the recipients you want to send the document to, and then you can send the merged email.

  • Note:

  • Mail merge feature in WPS Office derives from the default mail client. When using the mail merge to send mail, you should set the default mail handler first.

  • To use data sourcing in mail merge, you need to create the data sourcing first. The data source supports the import of ODBC data, and supports partial selection or entire selection of the content as well as clear choice and refresh. Import of a database also supports directly importing to Excel and ET tables. The data used in mail merge can be processed by text into merge, imported into a recognizable text list, and can be edited and modified.

  • For the specific feature of Mail Merge, there are many items that can be set. for example, the data source import, domain mappings, and data matching including automatic matching, user-defined matching and other options.

Pros of mail merge in WPS Writer:

  • A broad and varied selection of free functionalities provided by WPS Writer significantly improves the mail merging experience. By combining a template with information from a source such as a spreadsheet or database, this effective tool streamlines the process of creating customized documents. WPS Writer stands out for its wide variety of free functions designed to enhance and simplify the mail merge process.

  • Professionalism in the realm of document creation is essential, and WPS Writer's mail merge feature provides a powerful instrument for achieving it. The utilization of organized templates stands as a primary factor in elevating the professionalism of mail merge within WPS Writer. These templates serve as the foundation for personalized documents, allowing for consistent branding, styling, and content across all communications.

  • For those who prefer a seamless online experience, WPS Writer enables users to edit documents directly within the web interface. This capability allows you to make changes in real-time, personalize information, and fine-tune formatting without the need for any additional software. Once your document is perfected, you can easily download it, ensuring a smooth transition from editing to the finished result. Alternatively, WPS Writer accommodates your preference if you opt to operate within specialized software. The document can be downloaded first, and then opened in the desktop version of WPS Writer for making changes. In addition to offering versatile editing options, WPS Writer places a premium on the visual quality of your documents. One particular highlight of the mail merging experience is high-definition downloads. With the assistance of this feature, you can ensure that the documents you produce, merge, and customize continue to appear sharp and polished even after being downloaded.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the merge on Mac?

How to combine pdf files on a Mac?

Step 1: Select the first folder. This is the one that you want to move to the second folder’s location.

Step 2: Hold down your Option key, drag the folder onto the other one, and release – be sure to keep holding down the Option key until you see the pop-up message below.

Step 3: In the pop-up window, click Merge.

The Merge option will only appear in the pop-up window if:

  • You continue to hold down the Option key until after you release the folder

  • One of the folders contains items that aren’t in the other folder. If both folders contain the same items or versions, you will only see Stop and Replace options.

  • If even one folder is empty, you may not get the option to Merge.

How to combine pdf files on a Mac?

Here's how to combine PDF files on a Mac using Preview:

Step 1: Open your PDF. If Preview isn't the default option, right-click your PDF and select Open with and then choose Preview.

Step 2: In the top toolbar, select View and then Thumbnails. Page thumbnails will then appear in the sidebar of your document.

Step 3: Select a thumbnail page — your other PDF will appear just after that page.

Step 4: In the top toolbar, select Edit and then Insert followed by Page from File.

Step 5: Choose your other PDF in the pop-up window and select Open.

Step 6: In your compiled PDF, choose File in the top toolbar.

Step 7: Click Export as PDF.


This comprehensive guide outlines the process of creating a mail merge using Apple Pages, complemented by the powerful functionalities of WPS Office. The detailed instructions offer a clear roadmap for seamlessly combining data with templates, resulting in customized and professional publications. Users can expedite the mail merge process, ensuring accuracy, consistency, and efficiency in developing personalized communication materials by leveraging the features of both Apple Pages and WPS Office. This guide equips you with the skills to master mail merge while harnessing the unique capabilities of WPS Office for enhanced document creation, whether you're sending invitations, newsletters, or labels.

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