How to Merge Word Mail to PDF in WPS Office (Step-by-Step)

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Embarking on the journey of merging Word mail to PDF in WPS Office requires a user-centric approach. By delving into users' needs, preferences, and expectations, this step-by-step guide is meticulously crafted to not only capture attention but also keep you engaged throughout the seamless process.

Part 1 : What Is Mail Merge?

In the realm of document creation, mail merge stands as a beacon of efficiency, enabling the seamless generation of personalized documents for a multitude of recipients. Imagine the time-consuming task of manually crafting individual letters or invitations for a large audience – a process fraught with errors and monotony. Mail merge emerges as a knight in shining armor, automating this tedious task and rendering it a breeze.

How Does Mail Merge Work?

The magic of mail merge lies in its ability to combine a master document, containing the main text, with a data source, typically an Excel spreadsheet, holding recipient information. This dynamic duo empowers the creation of personalized documents, where each recipient's data fields are seamlessly integrated into the master document.

Benefits of Mail Merge in WPS Office

Harnessing the power of mail merge within WPS Office unlocks a plethora of advantages:

  • Enhanced Productivity: Bid farewell to repetitive manual tasks and embrace the automation prowess of mail merge.

  • Eliminate Errors: Human error becomes a distant memory as mail merge meticulously populates documents with accurate recipient data.

  • Personalization Made Easy: Craft personalized messages that resonate with each recipient, fostering stronger connections.

  • Streamlined Communication: Expedite mass communication by effortlessly generating personalized messages for a wide range of recipients.

  • Cost-Effective Solution: Eliminate the need for costly printing and mailing services, saving both time and money.

Part 2 : How to Merge Word Mail to PDF in WPS Office?

Please follow these steps to know how to Merge Word Mail to PDF in WPS Office:

Step 1: Prepare your data source

Step 2: Open WPS Writer on your computer and create a new blank document you want to mail merge

Step 3: In the References tab, choose “Mail Merge” button

Step 4: In Mail Merge group, click on “Open Data source” and choose the data source you prepared in step 1

Step 5: After opening the data source, you can type your content and insert the fields by choosing the “Insert Merge Fields” button.

Step 6: When you have done your content, you can click on the “View Merge Data” to check it.

Step 7: If you feel it is correct, then go to the “Merge to Printer” button.

Step 8: The “Merge to Printer” dialog box will show up, choose “All” then click OK button

Step 9: The “Print” dialog box will show up, choose “Microsoft Print to PDF” then click OK button

Congratulations! Now you know how to Merge Word Mail to PDF in WPS Office

Use Experience

I found the method of merging Word mail to PDF in WPS Office to be very easy to follow. The steps are clear and concise, and the images are helpful. I was able to successfully merge my Word mail to PDF without any problems.

I think this method would be useful for anyone who needs to create multiple PDFs from a single Word mail template. For example, you could use this method to create personalized invoices for your customers, or to create personalized letters to your constituents.

Here are some additional tips for merging Word mail to PDF in WPS Office:

  • You can use the Mail Merge Preview button to preview the merged PDFs before you save them.

  • You can use the Mail Merge Options dialog box to customize the merge process. For example, you can specify whether or not to merge the merged PDFs into a single PDF file.

  • You can use the Mail Merge Rules dialog box to create rules for merging the data. For example, you could create a rule to only merge the data for customers who live in a certain state.

Part 3 : Why Choose WPS Office for Mailing Merge?

Office is a compelling choice for mail merge due to its several advantages:

  • Compatibility: WPS Office seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office formats, allowing you to effortlessly open, edit, and save Word documents. This compatibility ensures that your mail merge documents remain compatible with recipients who may be using different versions of Microsoft Word.

  • Cost-effectiveness: Unlike Microsoft Office, WPS Office is entirely free to use, eliminating any licensing costs associated with mail merge operations. This cost savings can be particularly beneficial for businesses or organizations that frequently perform large-scale mail merge tasks.

  • Cross-platform compatibility: WPS Office seamlessly operates across Linux, Windows, and Mac operating systems, providing flexibility and convenience for users. This compatibility ensures that you can perform mail merge tasks regardless of your preferred device or platform.

  • Ease of use: WPS Office's mail merge feature is designed with user-friendliness in mind, making it easy to learn and implement. The intuitive interface and clear instructions guide users through the mail merge process, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.

  • Powerful features: Despite its user-friendly nature, WPS Office's mail merge feature offers a range of powerful capabilities. Users can easily insert fields from their data source, personalize documents, and preview merged results before finalizing the merge process.

  • Support for various data sources: WPS Office supports a variety of data sources, including Excel spreadsheets, CSV files, and text files. This flexibility allows users to utilize data from different sources for their mail merge campaigns.

  • Integration with default mail client: WPS Office's mail merge feature seamlessly integrates with the default mail client on your system, simplifying the process of sending merged documents via email. This integration streamlines the mail merge workflow and reduces the need for manual intervention.

In summary, WPS Office stands as a robust and user-friendly alternative to Microsoft Office for mail merge tasks. Its compatibility, cost-effectiveness, ease of use, powerful features, and support for various data sources make it a compelling choice for individuals and organizations seeking a comprehensive mail merge solution.

You feel WPS Office is the best choice for you and want to download? Don’t worry, below is step by step how to download WPS Office:

Step 1: Visit the WPS Office website:

Step 2: Click “ Free Download” button

Step 3: Select the place you want to save WPS Office -> Save

Step 4: Double click on the WPS Office file in your Download file, click “Run” and follow the on-screen instructions to install

Step 5: After complete, you can enjoy all the power of WPS Office


How do I send a mail merge from Word to PDF?

To send a mail merge from Word to PDF, follow these steps:

  • Open your Word document.

  • Navigate to the "Mailings" tab.

  • Select "Start Mail Merge" and choose "Email Messages."

  • Complete the email setup and click "Finish & Merge" > "Send Email."

How to merge PDF files in WPS Office?

Merging PDF files in WPS Office is straightforward:

  • Visit

  • Upload the PDF files you want to merge.

  • Arrange the files in the desired order.

  • Click "Merge" to combine them seamlessly.

  • Download the merged PDF.

Can I customize the mail merge process in Word?

Yes, Word allows customization during mail merge. You can personalize content, add fields, and tailor emails to meet specific recipient needs.

Are there size restrictions when merging PDFs in WPS Office?

WPS Office accommodates varying file sizes, but for optimal performance, consider the platform's recommended limits.

Does WPS Office offer encryption for merged PDFs?

Yes, WPS Office provides encryption options to secure your merged PDFs. Explore document protection features for enhanced privacy.


Unlock document efficiency with our step-by-step guide on merging Word Mail to PDF in WPS Office. Seamlessly navigate the process, leveraging WPS Office's user-friendly interface for a hassle-free experience. From understanding Mail Merge to the final PDF creation, this tutorial ensures optimal utilization of WPS Office features. Elevate your document management game and streamline workflows with the power of WPS Office, making file conversion a seamless and efficient task.

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