How to Create Amazing Slides with an AI PPT Maker Tool

August 4, 2023 2.1K views

The rise of AI tools has made it easier for individuals and business owners to create amazing presentations faster. However, with a plethora of tools available in the market, people are finding it difficult to decide which ai ppt maker to choose.

If you have the same problem, you are in the right place. Keep reading this blog to find out about four of the best ai tools for creating presentations to help you decide which one is the best for you.

What Are AI PPT Makers?

Developing stunning presentations can be time-consuming. There’s no denying that leading productivity tools have a lot of features to offer for creating slides, but the problem with those tools is that they are difficult to use.

The rise of AI ppt maker tools has now made it easier to develop presentations in no time. Most of these tools rely on large language models that can understand human language and speed up the process of ppt creation.

Most of the ai ppt maker tools use AI and ML algorithms to perpetually learn from the input of users. With the help of these tools, a person can easily select from the right fonts to the right backgrounds, and animations for presentations.

These are the benefits of using AI ppt maker tools:

  • You can use an AI ppt maker to develop designs for templates, themes, and layouts for your presentations. These design ideas can help you optimize the tone of your presentation with your brand voice.

  • These tools are also capable of generating great headlines, images, and formats for presentations. You can use these tools to create persuasive presentations that look amazing.

  • You can use an AI ppt maker tool to customize any existing slideshow. Besides that, these tools can also help you ensure that all the presentations you create fit your branding guidelines.

Top 4 AI PPT Makers

Read on to find the reviews of four of the best ai ppt maker tools to choose the one that suits you most:

1. Beautiful.AI

beautiful ai dashboard

If you are looking for a simple-to-use ai tool that can help you with slideshow creation, then you should absolutely try The good thing about this tool is that it packs a lot of features for those who don’t want to go through a tedious process.

Functions and Features

  • This tool can create an amazing slideshow for you in 60 seconds.

  • You can select from a wide library of presentation templates.

  • The built-in graph generator saves a lot of time and effort.

  • It allows a team of designers to collaborate on presentations.


The only thing that can stop a person from using this tool is that it doesn’t have a free plan. You will need to choose a $12/mo or $40/mo plan depending on your specific slideshow needs.


  • This tool provides great cloud connectivity.

  • You can integrate with other tools.

  • It allows you to generate graphics from text commands.


  • It doesn’t provide a free version.

  • This tool doesn’t have a lot of stock images.

  • It contains features that might be useless for some users.

2. Microsoft Copilot for PowerPoint

microsoft copilot poweroint

The all-power Microsoft PowerPoint is now going to have the power of GPT-4 for creating slideshows within minutes. As of now, the Microsoft Copilot for PowerPoint is not available for public use.

Functions and Features

  • The Microsoft Copilot for PowerPoint can speed up the idea generation process.

  • This tool can help a user create relevant images for their presentation.

  • Using this tool can also help you with creating content for slideshows.

  • This tool relies on an all-powerful model called “DALL-E” for image creation.


At this moment, this service is not available to people who have not subscribed to the Microsoft 365 service plan.


  • The Microsoft 365 Copilot PowerPoint is super easy to use for beginners.

  • This tool can allow individuals and teams to create presentations faster.

  • Using this tool can help both employees and managers to save time when creating presentations.


  • The Microsoft 365 Copilot Presentation is not available for free.

  • These tools can sometimes give biased content for presentations.

  • As of now, Microsoft 365 Copilot PowerPoint is not an all-in-one tool.

3. WPS AI for Presentation

wps presentation tool

Kingsoft, one of the leading companies that offer WPS Office, is now going to launch WPS AI in the coming days. This new tool relies on generative AI that runs on a large language model. This model is expected to be powerful as it is hinted to have similar functionalities to Microsoft Copilot.

As of now, this tool is going to be implemented in the new application called “Light Document.” It is expected that this tool will be gradually implemented in the new version of Kingsoft Office products.

Functions and Features

The WPS AI tool will be equipped with these features:

  • It will allow you to create a persuasive script for your presentation.

  • Using this tool will allow people to convert simple documents into slideshows.

  • This tool will help a person with generating design ideas for presentations.

  • It will make it easier to create graphs from given data within seconds.

  • Using this ai ppt maker tool will help teams collaborate on slideshows.

  • It will provide a wide library of free templates for users from all walks of life.

  • It will make it easier to create slides in several different languages.

  • Using this tool will make it easier to convert PPT files in different formats.

  • It will also streamline the process of customizing the presentations.


As of now, there is not going to be a subscription plan for this tool. It will come embedded with the latest suite of WPS Office and allow all users to benefit from AI capabilities.


  • This is a free tool for all users.

  • It comes with a lot of design ideas.

  • Using this tool makes collaboration easier.

  • It can speed up the whole process of content generation.


  • This ai ppt maker is not available to use for common users.

4. Slides AI

slidesai tool

This tool is the best option for you if you rely on Google Slides to create slideshows for all your needs. The good thing about this tool is that it integrates perfectly with Google Slides and helps you streamline your slideshow creation process.

Functions and Features

  • This tool allows you to create slideshows from text prompts.

  • You can use this tool to customize the look and feel of your slides.

  • It can help you save tons of time spent on creating slideshows.


This tool comes with a free version to help a user create amazing slideshows easily. However, there are $10/mo and $20/mo plans available for users that can help them with their specific presentation needs.


  • This tool integrates perfectly with Google Slides.

  • You can start using this ai ppt maker tool without creating an account.

  • It is comparatively easy to use for those who have minimum experience in creating slides.


  • This tool is not compatible with products other than Google Slides.

  • Slidesai doesn’t come with personalized customer support.

  • The free plan of Slidesai is not perfect for slideshow creation.

An Example of Using Beautiful.AI for Beginners

Here is how to use for slideshow creation:

1. Open your desired browser and go to the website.

2. Pick any of the given templates on or start from scratch.

beautifulai dashboard

3. Start by adding your content to the slideshow screen.

4. You can proceed to customize your slideshow the way you want on

How AI Tools Help Generate Presentation Script

The process of creating amazing slideshows can be streamlined with the help of ai ppt maker tools. Here is a brief overview of the two tools that are considered the best ai tools for slideshow creation:


The popularity of ChatGPT is not a fluke, as this tool packs amazing power for handling anything from creating slideshows to managing tons of data. It runs on a powerful language model and can help you create all sorts of presentations in no time.

Here is how to use ChatGPT for slideshow creation:

  • Open your desired web browser and visit the ChatGPT website to use your account.

  • Proceed to use the PPT creation option to start with the PPT creation process.

  • Try giving personalized instructions to get a presentation that suits you most.

  • Review the PPT output you get and personalize it the way you want.


The WPS AI, as mentioned above, is a new product that will be released by Kingsoft soon. This product will have powerful features that will allow users to streamline the process of PPT generation.

Features And Functions

Here are some features this ai ppt maker will include:

  • This tool will be able to understand commands in natural language to create PPTs.

  • It will equip users to create content for slideshow creation in a short time.

  • This tool will make it easier to translate PPT files into different languages.

  • It will allow users to get real-time personalized suggestions for creating PPTs.

  • Users will be able to rely on this ai ppt maker for analyzing lots of data.

  • This tool will be able to convert voice commands into PPTs.

FAQs about AI PPT Maker

Q: Can AI Really Create Better Presentations Than Humans?

As of now, an ai ppt maker tool cannot work without human supervision. These tools can speed up the ppt creation process but still require a person to oversee the process.

Q: Are There Any Downsides To Using AI-Powered PPT Makers?

Most of the ai ppt maker tools in the market have limited features in the free version. Besides that, these tools still cannot create better presentations than a professional.

Q: How Much Does It Cost To Use AI-Powered PPT Makers?

The ai ppt maker tools in the market are affordable as of now. These tools vary in price according to the features they offer, and a user has to choose a tool according to their budget.


The ai ppt maker tools available in the market are proving to be a great alternative for the slideshow creation process. However, these tools are still far from perfect, and new tools are needed to fill in the gaps.

WPS AI is a new ai ppt maker tool that is expected to provide better features than the tools available in the market. It is expected that this tool will be bundled into WPS Office to help people create slideshows easily.

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