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PowerPoint was once a groundbreaking tool, empowering individuals to craft impactful presentations that effectively conveyed their ideas. However, in today's dynamic landscape, PowerPoint appears to have reached a plateau, characterized by its limited template options and a stagnant user interface, not to mention the cost associated with it. In this article, we shall delve into compelling online alternatives to PowerPoint makers, offering innovative features and enhanced user experiences.

Top 5 Free Online PowerPoint Maker

Top 5 Free Online PowerPoint Maker

Let’s take a deep dive into the top 5 free PowerPoint makers available online to get you through your PowerPoint needs:

  1. Slidesgo

Slidesgo is a professional-grade AI-powered online tool that simplifies presentation design with its vast collection of free Google Slide themes and PowerPoint templates. With customizable options tailored to diverse industries, it empowers users to effortlessly craft professional presentations. Offering both a free plan for up to 10 template downloads and a premium plan at $4.99 per month, Slidesgo ensures flexibility and ease of use, allowing users to create and download presentations in PDF format.

Slidesgo Homepage


  • Template library for easy customization.

  • Quick AI presentation maker feature.

  • Abundance of design elements: images, icons, and more.

  • Access Freepik and Flaticon resources.

  • Free PDF format presentation downloads.

  • Share presentations via shareable links.


  • Slidesgo offers AI-generated presentations that can save users valuable time by automating content creation.

  • The platform provides a wide range of customizable templates, allowing users to tailor their presentations to their specific needs and preferences.

  • Slidesgo's integration with Freepik grants users access to a vast library of high-quality graphics and visuals to enhance their presentations.


  • Some users may find Slidesgo's subscription and pricing model somewhat complex or unclear, which can be a drawback for those seeking a straightforward pricing structure.

How does it work?

Step 1: Open your web browser and go to Slidesgo.

Step 2: Browse through categories like education, business, and marketing to find templates that fit your presentation.

Slidesgo templates

Step 3: Click on a category that matches your topic and then browse the template options available to pick the one that appeals to you.

Step 4: On the template page, click on the arrow right next to “Download this template”. From the drop-down menu, select which file format you need: PowerPoint or Google Slides.

Slidesgo download template

Note: You can download two templates without signing in.

Step 5: Open the template in your presentation software and customize the pre-designed slides with your content.

PowerPoint edit template

Step 6: Once you’re personalizing it, save your Slidesgo template by clicking on File menu > Save.

PowerPoint Save template

Suitable for:

Slidesgo software is ideal for teachers, lecturers, or office workers who require presentation tools and access to a wide variety of templates to enhance their slideshows.

  1. Pitch

Pitch is a leading collaborative presentation software, designed for modern teams. It fosters real-time collaboration, efficient workflows, and intuitive design, simplifying the creation and delivery of impressive presentations. Pitch offers a rich collection of expert-crafted templates for inspiration.

Pitch Homepage


  • Automatically save your work, reducing the risk of loss.

  • Utilize dynamic and informative chart options.

  • Access a vast collection of customizable templates.

  • Design custom templates to suit needs.

  • Seamlessly share and collaborate on files.

  • Communicate and collaborate within the platform seamlessly.

  • Access and work on presentations from anywhere.

  • Store and sync your work in the cloud.


  • Pitch offers professional and up-to-date templates, making it ideal for various purposes, from company reports to pitch decks.

  • Pitch provides a downloadable app that enhances functionality, even though it's web-based, ensuring a smooth user experience.


  • Some functionalities are less intuitively implemented, particularly when dealing with dragging and dropping a group of items.

  • While Pitch offers templates, there's room for improvement in catering to a wider range of industries.

How does it work?

Step 1: Visit the Pitch website using your preferred web browser.

Step 2: Locate and click "Create a Presentation" to begin.

Pitch create a presentation

Step 3: First-time users will need to sign up using their email account.

Pitch sign-up

Step 4: In the Pitch dashboard, locate and click on "New Presentation" at the top right corner.

Pitch New Presentation

Step 5: Browse through the variety of templates available, hover over the one you want, and select "Use Template".

Pitch Use template

Step 6: Decide whether you want to keep all the slides from the template or only the ones you prefer.

Pitch use all slide styles

Step 7: Customize your presentation using the built-in tools provided by Pitch. Once you're satisfied, simply click on "Share" to share your presentation with others.

Pitch share presentation

Suitable for:

Pitch software is suitable for students or freelancers as it offers limited but free presentation tools.

  1. Beautiful.AI is a revolutionary platform that has redefined the landscape of presentation design. It empowers users to create visually stunning and engaging presentations effortlessly, eliminating the need for advanced design skills. With, the process of crafting captivating slides becomes remarkably simple.

Beautiful.AI Homepage

One of the standout features of is its real-time application of design principles. It ensures that every choice made by the user not only saves time but also upholds the highest standards of design excellence.


  • Simplified slide design and creation process.

  • Presenter tools for a seamless presentation experience.

  • Automatic saving to prevent data loss.

  • Mobile accessibility for on-the-go usage.

  • Cloud storage for data security and accessibility.

  • Template creator for personalized designs.

  • Efficient file-sharing features.


  • Offers a wide range of smart templates that simplify the presentation creation process.

  • Users find it easy to design visually appealing slideshows with this tool.


  • There are restrictions on where, how much, and what type of content you can add to each slide.

  • Once exported, presentations cannot be edited, which may be limiting.

How does it work?

Step 1: Visit the website using your browser and click on "Get Started". get started

Step 2: Users will need to sign up and enter their credit card details to obtain the free 14-day trial to understand the features and if it's suitable for them. enter details

Step 3: Once in the dashboard, simply click on "Create New Presentation" at the top to get started. create a new presentation

Step 4: Select a template if you prefer to customize a prebuilt design or click on "Blank Presentation" to start from scratch. templates

Step 5: Use different tools to add colors, move objects easily, apply animations, and use custom fonts to edit and customize your presentation. tools

Step 6: When you're done, simply export or share your presentation with others by clicking on the main menu and then selecting "Export". share or export

Suitable for: is suitable for users who need to create creative and interactive presentations, such as entrepreneurs or speakers.

  1. VISME

Visme is an all-in-one platform that empowers individuals within prominent organizations, irrespective of their design background, to revolutionize their content creation processes. This includes the creation and distribution of engaging presentations, documents, visual reports, data visualizations, and other visually captivating formats, all accomplished in significantly less time.

VISME Homepage

In Visme, users benefit from collaborative features that facilitate efficient project management and well-organized data structuring through folder categorization. Role-based permissions can be easily assigned to specific teams or individuals, streamlining workflow processes.


  • Comprehensive data analysis and visualization tools.

  • Real-time data updates for accurate insights.

  • User-friendly interface with efficient slide design.

  • A vast library of templates and easy file sharing.

  • Messaging, mobility, and cloud integration options.


  • Perfect for creating social media infographics and business presentations quickly.

  • Seamless sharing of infographics and presentations with customers and the public.

  • Good customer service and useful tools for businesses to create graphics.


  • Errors with formatting and layout customization.

  • Generic pre-built templates may not meet intense design needs.

  • The steeper learning curve for mastering its functionalities.

How does it work?

Step 1: Visit the Visme website using your browser and click on "Create your presentation".

Visme Create presentation

Step 2: Users will need to sign up to proceed further and use Visme's presentation tools for free.

Visme sign-up

Step 3: Once in the dashboard, browse through the different templates available and hover over the one you prefer, then click on "Edit".

Visme templates

Step 4: Customize your presentation as you like: add graphs, and change fonts, colors, and images using Visme's tools.

Visme tools

Step 5: Now that you have your presentation ready, simply click on "Download" to save a copy or share it with your colleagues by clicking on the buttons at the top right corner.

Visme download and share

Suitable for:

Visme is suitable for students, freelancers, and anyone looking for a free online presentation maker.

  1. Piktochart

Piktochart is a cloud-based visual content creation platform ideal for crafting presentations, infographics, social media graphics, reports, and more. It serves professionals across diverse sectors, encompassing HR, marketing, finance, healthcare, non-profits, education, and beyond. Piktochart boasts robust brand customization capabilities, complemented by an extensive library of graphics, templates, and design resources.



  • User Permissions and Access Controls

  • Animation and Interactive Content Features

  • Collaboration and Commenting Tools

  • Extensive Content Library and Data Visualization Options

  • Customization, Templates, and Design Tools Available


  • Easy-to-use tool for creating infographics with drag-and-drop elements.

  • Wide range of styles and colors for creating graphs and visual timelines.

  • Templates are categorized, making it easier to choose the right one for your project.


  • Limited features for social media posts and branding.

  • The general look of PiktoChart may not be appealing to some users.

  • Some users find it challenging to resize and experience lag with too many graphics, especially on certain browsers.

How does it work?

Step 1: Visit the Piktochart website using your browser and click on "Sign-up using Google account" or "Sign-up with an Email" to access Piktochart.

Piktochart sign-up

Step 2: Click on "Create New" at the top right and then select "Presentation".

Piktochart create a presentation

Step 3: A variety of templates will be displayed. Choose one that fits your purpose and click on "Edit Template".

Piktochart templates

Step 4: Customize your presentation using Piktochart's built-in tools.

Piktochart tools

Step 5: Once the presentation is ready, click on "Download" or simply share it with others by clicking on the buttons at the top right corner.

Piktochart download and share

Suitable for:

Piktochart is suitable for students and freelancers looking to create simple presentations.

Resonating Reminder:

Each presentation maker caters to specific user needs, so here is a summary that might help you get a grip as to what presentation maker would best fit your needs.

  • Piktochart:

Target Audience: Piktochart caters primarily to a diverse audience, including students, educators, startups, non-profit organizations, and small to medium-sized businesses. It is an ideal choice for those seeking to craft engaging infographics, data visualizations, detailed reports, and compelling presentations.

  • Beautiful.AI:

Target Audience: Beautiful.AI is designed with a focus on individuals, business professionals, marketing teams, and sales teams. It empowers anyone in need of creating visually stunning and impactful presentations, slides, and reports, making it a valuable asset in the corporate world.

  • Slidesgo:

Target Audience: Slidesgo serves a broad user base, encompassing individuals, students, educators, and business professionals. Its appeal lies in providing access to a rich collection of professional, contemporary, and free presentation templates, ensuring that presentations leave a lasting impression.

  • VISNE:

Target Audience: VISNE is tailored for data scientists, analysts, researchers, and professionals who deal with data analysis and visualization. It equips them with the necessary tools to effectively explore, understand, and communicate complex data sets.

  • Pitch:

Target Audience: Pitch primarily caters to business teams, startups, project management teams, and professionals looking for collaborative presentation solutions. It empowers teams to work seamlessly on presentations, fostering efficient communication and productivity in a corporate setting.

How to improve your productivity — WPS AI for Presentation

In our exploration of advanced presentation makers leveraging AI, we've uncovered a game-changing aspect—how AI elevates these tools. AI simplifies the presentation creation process by offering fresh templates, optimizing content layout, and harnessing a range of effective tools. One standout in this arena is WPS Office and its presentation tool.


WPS Office boasts a groundbreaking AI feature that seamlessly integrates with productivity tools within the office suite. This integration streamlines the presentation creation process, allowing you to craft impressive presentations in a matter of minutes, leaving your audience awestruck.

How to download WPS AI?

Step 1: Begin by visiting the WPS AI website on your computer.

WPS AI Homepage

Step 2: Click the "Free Download" icon at the center of the page.

WPS AI Download

Step 2: Choose your operating system (Windows or macOS) from the dropdown menu to start the download.

WPS AI Operating Systems

Step 3: Locate the "WPS_Office.exe" setup file in your downloads list.

WPS Office installation file

Step 4:  Agree to the terms and conditions, then click "Install Now" to start the installation.

WPS Office Install now

Step 5: After installation, WPS AI will open automatically, and you're ready to use WPS AI.

WPS Office interface

How WPS AI will help you:

WPS AI is an upcoming product from Kingsoft that is set to revolutionize the way you create presentations. With powerful features aimed at streamlining the PPT generation process, it's poised to make your presentation creation experience more efficient and creative. Here's a preview of what you can expect from WPS AI:

  • Theme and Page Number: Set your presentation's theme and page numbers to define style and structure.

  • Auto Outline: WPS AI generates an outline, helping you organize your ideas.

  • One-Click PPT: A simple click creates a full PowerPoint presentation based on your theme, page numbers, and outline.

  • Single Page: Generate individual slides for focused editing.

  • Expand and Rewrite: Edit and personalize generated content easily.

  • Inspiration: Get content suggestions when you need fresh ideas.

  • Efficient Writing: Streamline content creation for well-structured, engaging presentations.

Once WPS AI is officially released, you'll be able to explore its full range of capabilities and experience firsthand how it can enhance your presentation creation process. Don't forget to download WPS AI to stay updated regarding this exciting upcoming feature.

Steps to edit Presentation with WPS AI:

Step 1: Once WPS AI has been installed, launch it on your computer.

WPS Office Homepage

Step 2: Once you open it, you will find yourself on the Homepage of WPS Office, select “Slides” from the Side Bar, and then click on “Open” to open a PowerPoint presentation.

WPS Office Presentations

Step 3: Access a variety of editing tools in WPS Presentation for seamless presentation enhancement!

WPS Presentation tools

WPS Office- Free All-in-One Office Suite
  • Use Word, Excel, and PPT for FREE, No Ads.

  • Edit PDF files with the powerful PDF toolkit.

  • Microsoft-like interface. Easy to learn. 100% Compatibility.

  • Boost your productivity with WPS's abundant free Word, Excel, PPT, and CV templates.

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Q1. Where can I create a PowerPoint for free?

You can create PowerPoint presentations for free using various alternatives to Microsoft PowerPoint. Popular options include Canva, Prezi, SlideBean, Google Slides, Zoho Show, Haiku Deck, LibreOffice, SlideDog, WPS Office, Keynote, Microsoft Sway, Visme Basic, Renderforest, and Calligra Stage. These substitutes provide innumerable features, templates, and design tools, allowing you to create visually appealing and engaging presentations.

Q2. What are the free websites to make cool presentations?

There are various free online tools available for creating modern presentations. Here are a few examples:

  1. Mentimeter: A dynamic presentation application that facilitates real-time participation and engagement with your audience.

  2. Ludus: A tool that enables you to construct and design presentations in a modern and innovative way.

  3. Haiku Deck: An online presentation tool that prioritizes simplicity, clarity, and conciseness.

  4. Pitch: A collaborative presentation software designed for teams.

  5. Canva: A graphic design platform enabling users to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, and other visual content.

  6. Visme: A comprehensive visual communication tool for creating interactive presentations, infographics, and more.

  7. Google Slides: It's a part of Google Docs Editors and is a free online platform for creating presentations.

Revolutionize Your Presentations with AI-Presentation Makers

In this article, we took a look into a variety of exceptional presentation makers that revolutionize the conventional approach to presentations through cutting-edge AI technology. Among them, WPS Office stands out with its seamless AI integration within the suite. It empowers effective collaboration and the creation of impactful presentations, elevating your success in any field while optimizing your time. Create a breathtaking presentation with AI—download WPS Office today.

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