How to Curve Text in Powerpoint:Clear and Simple

July 13, 2023 969 views

Making powerpoint attractive is an important thing, which will make the audience more focused on your presentation. Moreover, curving the text can also emphasize the context. However, for those seeking guidance on how to master this technique in PowerPoint, the path can be shrouded in uncertainty. To bridge this knowledge gap, we present a concise yet comprehensive guide, illuminating the art of curving text and enabling you to mesmerize your audience with your presentation prowess.

What is curved text?

Curved text refers to text that follows a curved or arched path instead of being aligned in a straight line. It is a typographic technique where the letters or words are arranged along a curved or circular shape, creating a visually appealing effect.

Curved text can be used in various design applications, including presentations, graphics, logos, and signage, to add emphasis, creativity, and a decorative element to the text. It allows the text to flow gracefully along a curve, enhancing the visual composition and creating an interesting focal point.

It's possible to curve text in various ways:

  • Upward Curved Text: Text follows an arch or rainbow shape, ascending and descending from the baseline.

  • Downward Curved Text: Text descends, reaches a nadir, and ascends back to the baseline, creating a bowl-like shape.

  • Circular Text: Text forms a ring or loop, typically curving upward for better readability.

Using WordArt or Text Box to Curve Text in PowerPoint

To curve text in PowerPoint, you can follow these steps:

Step 1. Start a new presentation or open an existing one in PowerPoint.

Step 2. Insert a text box or WordArt text object onto the slide where you want to add curved text.

Click on the "Insert" tab and choose either "Text Box" or "WordArt".

  • If you choose "Text Box", click and drag on the slide to create a text box, then type your text.

  • If you choose "WordArt", select a style and replace the placeholder text with your own.

Step 3. Choose “ Text Effect “

After selecting your text box or WordArt text object, a " Shape Format" menu will appear in the toolbar. Within the "Format" menu, you'll find various options, including:

  • Insert Shapes

  • Shape Styles

  • WordArt Styles

  • Arrange

  • Size

Step 4. After selecting "Text Effects" from the "Format" menu, a drop-down menu will appear with several options, including:

  • Shadow

  • Reflection

  • Glow

  • Bevel

  • 3-D Rotation

  • Transform

By choosing "Transform", you can access the available options for curving or warping the selected text box or WordArt object.

Step 5. Within the "Transform" menu, you'll find two types of options: paths and warp effects.

  • Paths determine the general curve or shape that the text will follow.

  • Warp effects can create additional stretching or compression to the curved text.

Step 6. Once you have applied a transformation effect to your text in PowerPoint, you can further adjust the effect to refine the curve style

By dragging the white dots and adjusting the yellow dot, you can customize the size, shape, and severity of the curved text in PowerPoint.

Tip: If you're not happy with the effect, you can undo it. Click Undo or press Ctrl + Z on keyboard



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Enhancing Curved Text with Formatting Options

Enhancing curved text in PowerPoint can be achieved by utilizing various formatting options. Here are some techniques to enhance curved text:

  • 3-D Format: Apply bevels, extrusions, and depth adjustments to create a three-dimensional appearance.

  • Shadow Effects: Add shadows to give dimension and make the text appear raised or floating.

  • Reflection Effects: Create a mirrored or glossy surface below the text for added depth and visual interest.

Tricks for Using Curved Text Effectively

Here are some key considerations for using curved text effectively while keeping readability in mind:

  • Readability: Choose legible fonts, sizes, and colors for curved text to ensure readability.

  • Selective Use: Use curved text sparingly and purposefully to highlight key information or create visual interest.

  • Balance with Design Elements: Maintain a balance between curved text and other design elements on the slide to avoid overcrowding or overwhelming the composition.

  • Consistency: Maintain consistent styles for curved text throughout the presentation to create a cohesive visual theme.


1. How do you make an irregular shaped text box in PowerPoint?

Step 1. In MS Word, create a translucent picture or a custom shape.

Step 2. Add some text and make the picture wrapping as tight as possible.

Step 3. Place your picture

Step 4. Save the Word document. Import it as an object into Powerpoint.

2. How to make a curved arrow with text in PowerPoint?

Step 1. Launch Microsoft PowerPoint on your computer.

Step 2. Choose a slide for which you wish to create curved arrow shapes, then go to the "Insert" tab and pick "Shapes."

Step 3. Select "Block arrows" from the shapes drop-down menu and then the curved arrow you wish to use.

Step 4. Drag or drag it onto the PowerPoint slides.

3. How do you make a text spiral in PowerPoint?

WordArt with a Transform text effect may be used to curve or bend text around an object. To achieve this, go to Insert > WordArt and select the desired style. Then, choose your WordArt text and navigate to Shape Format or Drawing Tools Format > Text Effects > Transform to achieve the desired effect.


In this article, we discussed the process of curving text in PowerPoint to add visual appeal and emphasis to presentations. By utilizing text boxes or WordArt objects and accessing the "Transform" menu, you can easily apply curve or warp effects to your text. To streamline your PowerPoint experience, we highlighted the power of using WPS Office.

So, whether you're a professional presenter or a student working on a project, WPS Office empowers you to bring your presentations to life with the mesmerizing effects of curved text in PowerPoint. Elevate your visual storytelling and engage your audience with WPS Office's powerful presentation tools.

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