How to Print Excel Spreadsheet on One Page

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After investing hours in collecting, organizing, and drawing valuable conclusions from your data on your favorite spreadsheet tool, the moment of frustration finally hits when printing your spreadsheet for a report doesn't neatly fit onto one page. We're here to guide you on How to Print Excel Spreadsheet on One Page. With our help, presenting your data in a tidy and cohesive format becomes a seamless task, allowing you to proceed with reporting confidently.

How to Print Excel Spreadsheet on One Page


How can I preview how my Excel Spreadsheet will be Printed?

Before printing, it is essential to check how the spreadsheet will appear. This involves examining aspects such as guidelines and confirming that the print area corresponds to the settings you have configured. Fortunately, Microsoft Excel offers a convenient feature for previewing your spreadsheet before printing.

Step 1: Open Microsoft Excel and load the spreadsheet file you intend to print.

Step 2: Click on the "File" menu, located at the top left corner of the Microsoft Excel interface.

Microsoft Excel File menu


Step 3: Navigate to "Print". Clicking on this option will display a print preview of your spreadsheet.

Microsoft Excel Print Preview


Step 4: To exit the "Print Preview" mode, simply press the "ESC" key on your keyboard, returning you to the Microsoft Excel interface.

This functionality is highly useful as it enables users to prevent unnecessary wastage of resources by ensuring that the sheets are formatted correctly before initiating the printing process.

How to Print Excel Spreadsheet on One Page?

Modify the Width of Columns (or the Height of Rows)

One commonly employed method to address the question "How to print an Excel sheet on one page" involves adjusting the rows and columns of your spreadsheet. This method is straightforward: you modify the height of rows and the width of columns to ensure they fit on a single page. However, for a more effective and efficient approach, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Instead of merely altering the rows and columns and checking their fit in the Print Preview, switch to the "View" tab and select "Page Layout" view. This provides a visual representation to assess the effectiveness of this method.

Microsoft Excel Page Layout view


Step 2: Once in the Page Layout view, select the rows of your spreadsheet. To do this, go to the row tab where row numbers are displayed, and the cursor will change to a rightward arrow. Click and drag to encompass all the rows.

Microsoft Excel select rows


Step 3: Instead of adjusting the row height through dragging, follow a more precise process. Visit the "Home" tab and click on the "Format" option in the ribbon.

Microsoft Excel Home tab


Step 4: In the Format option, select "Row Height" to precisely change the height of rows with accurate measurements.

Microsoft Excel Format options


Step 5: Enter a height value and check if all the rows fit onto one page. If not, repeat the process until they do.

Microsoft Excel row height


Step 6: Now, select the columns and revisit the Format option in the Home tab.

Step 7: This time, choose the "Column Width" option to modify the column widths.

Microsoft Excel Column Width


Step 8: Employ a trial-and-error method by entering different values for column width until all the columns fit on one page.

Microsoft Excel adjusting rows and columns to fit one page


The Page Layout method streamlines the process, allowing you to navigate your results in a simple and efficient manner, ultimately expediting your path to the desired outcome.

Modify Page Orientation

Another method, often a direct solution to the query of how to print a sheet on just one page in Excel, involves adjusting the orientation. Frequently, the default orientation is set to Portrait, but by switching it to "Landscape", the entire dataset can be accommodated on a single sheet. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Open your spreadsheet and navigate to the File menu to access the Print Preview option.

Microsoft Excel locate file menu


Step 2: Click on Print and review the number of pages your printed document will occupy.

Microsoft Excel review number of pages


Step 3: Under Settings, locate the Orientation option and select "Landscape Orientation".

Microsoft Excel Landscape orientation


This method involves a bit of trial and error. If your spreadsheet has a low number of rows but more columns, changing the Orientation to Landscape is recommended. Conversely, if there are more rows and fewer columns, sticking with "Portrait Orientation" is advisable. Choose the orientation that best suits your spreadsheet data, and if either option fits, click the Print button to obtain a hardcopy.

Adjust Scaling to Fit All Rows/Columns on One Page

This method is a built-in feature in Excel that allows you to directly manage scaling during the printing process with just a few clicks. Let's explore this method:

Step 1: This method is available in the printing options, so navigate to the File menu to access the Print option.

Step 2: Click on "Print" and then go to the "Scaling" field. Here, you will find four available options, among which we will use the "Fit Sheet on One Page" option.

Microsoft Excel Scaling option in Print Preview


Excel automatically adjusts the size of your rows and columns to ensure that the entire data on your spreadsheet fits onto one sheet. Users can proceed by clicking on the Print button to print their spreadsheet.

Hide or Remove Rows/Columns

Another method to ensure that your data fits onto one sheet is to hide or remove unnecessary rows and columns. Some rows may be entirely irrelevant to the data, while others may be unnecessary for the printed output, and thus can be hidden:

Step 1: Suppose we want to exclude the 2nd and 3rd columns. Use your cursor to select them.

Microsoft Excel select rows or columns


Step 2: Right-click to open the context menu. Depending on their relevance, you can either click "Hide" to temporarily conceal the selected rows in your spreadsheet.

Microsoft Excel hide rows


Step 3: Alternatively, in the context menu, use the "Delete" option to permanently remove the selected rows.

Microsoft Excel delete rows


Step 4: Similarly, for columns, the same procedure can be followed to hide or delete columns.

Microsoft Excel Hide or remove columns


By eliminating or hiding rows and columns that are not needed in your printed spreadsheet, you increase the likelihood of fitting the content onto one page during the printing process.

Modify the Page Margins

The final method we'll explore to ensure the spreadsheet fits on one page involves adjusting the margins.

Step 1: Return to the Print Preview window using the keyboard shortcut "CTRL + P".

Step 2: In the print options, you have three default margins to choose from: Wide, Narrow, and Normal. Select one of these options to adjust your page margins before printing.

Microsoft Excel Margin in Print Preview


Step 3: If the default margins do not yield the desired results, click on the Custom Margins option. Adjust the margins accordingly to ensure the spreadsheet fits on one page when printed.

Microsoft Excel Custom Margin


Step 4: An alternative approach is to adjust the margins of your spreadsheet within the Excel interface. Visit the Page Layout tab and click on the Margin option. Make adjustments to the margins as needed.

Microsoft Excel Page Layout tab


Note: To get a clear view of your margins, go to the View tab and click on the Page Layout view for a better understanding of your margins before finalizing the printing process.

Microsoft Excel View tab


The convenience of Printing Excel Spreadsheet with WPS

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A notable use case is the streamlined process of printing. WPS Office has simplified the often cumbersome task of printing, enabling users to seamlessly create data on the spreadsheet tool without a hint of concern. Whether it's generating reports, presentations, or any other document, users can confidently print their work as needed and make required changes with unparalleled ease. In essence, WPS Office empowers users to navigate the realm of document management with efficiency and convenience.

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Q1. Can I print only part of the data in the Excel Spreadsheet?

WPS Office facilitates the selective printing of a specific area in an Excel spreadsheet. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the "Page Layout" menu.

Step 2: Click on "Print Area".

Step 3: Choose the specific area you wish to print.

Microsoft Excel Print Area


By utilizing the "Print area" feature, you can precisely select the data range to be printed, ensuring that unselected areas remain excluded from the printout.

Q2. How to print 2 sided pages from 2 Excel Worksheets?

To print double-sided pages from two Excel worksheets, follow these steps:

Step 1: Click on the File menu.

Step 2: Navigate to the "Print" option and click on it.

Step 3: Click Properties.

Step 4: Choose a duplex option on the Layout tab and click OK.

Step 5: Confirm by clicking OK in the Print dialog box.

Step 6: Repeat these steps for every sheet in the workbook.

You can easily print both sides of your papers from different Excel sheets. Utilize these steps to make sure your printing is smooth and well-organized.

Print Your Data With WPS Office

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