How to Read, Open and Use Bin Files: Tips and Tricks

July 31, 2023 7.0K views

If you have a software program saved in a bin file format, you can use a virtual drive program to read, open and use the file. Binary data may be read and executed by computers and is stored in bin files. They are frequently used to hold firmware, disc images, and executable programmes. When you need to install software from an image file, restore data from a backup, or get firmware from a device, for example, knowing how to open and use bin files might be helpful. In this post, we'll show you how to use bin files on a variety of tools, systems, browsers, and devices while also giving you hints and pointers on how to get the most out of this feature. We will also offer WPS Office to you, a free and capable office programme that works with bin files and other file types.

How to Read Bin Files on Different Devices

On various platforms and operating systems, bin files can be opened. The contents of the bin file can be extracted using file archivers like WinRAR, 7-Zip, and WinZip on desktop PCs. You may access and extract bin files on mobile devices using file manager apps like ES File Explorer, Solid Explorer, and X-plore File Manager. You can convert and extract bin files without installing any software by using online programmes like,, and

How to Read Bin Files with Different Browsers

Even if a browser can't handle bin files natively, you can still download and extract bin files using the appropriate extensions and plugins. To handle bin files more successfully, you can install extensions like BinHexDecConverter, Bin File Viewer, and WinZip for Chrome. For instance, Chrome offers a file download manager that enables you to save and view bin files. You may open and use bin files with identical functionality and extensions in Edge, Safari, Android Web, Firefox, and Opera.

How to Read Bin Files with Typical PDF Tools

Bin files can be handled by PDF software like WPS Office, Adobe Acrobat, and Foxit Reader. Specifically, WPS Office is a flexible office programme that can open, edit, and save bin files in addition to other file formats. The WPS Office PDF Editor offers other capabilities like cloud storage, templates, and support for mobile apps, in addition to the ability to extract, convert, and merge bin files.

How to Read Bin Files Online/Offline

Depending on your preference and circumstance, opening bin files can be done online or offline. Although they may not be as dependable and secure as offline ones, online tools are practical and easily available. On the other side, offline tools need to be installed and could take up storage space, but they provide additional possibilities for control and customization. For sensitive or large bin files, it is advised to use offline tools; for quick and tiny bin files, it is advised to utilise online tools.

Using Tips to Read Bin Files

  • Before making any changes to your original bin file, always make a backup.

  • Try updating to the most recent version of the programme if you are experiencing problems accessing a bin file in WPS Office.

  • Choose the correct file type in the "Open File" dialogue box before opening a bin file in WPS Office. To see and open bin files in this scenario, choose "All Files (.)".

  • Utilize the WPS Office free trial to examine the program's capabilities for handling bin files.

FAQs on How to Read Bin Files

Q: Why do I need to read a bin file? What is it?

A: A binary file format called a "bin file" contains data or information that has been encoded. If you are working with specific kinds of software, such game emulators or disc image files, you might need to read a bin file.

Q: Does WPS Office have the ability to read and open bin files?

A: WPS Office does, in fact, support reading and opening bin files. To see and open bin files in WPS Office, you must choose "All Files (.)" in the "Open File" dialogue box. Moreover, to make sure WPS Office is compatible with your particular bin file, you might need to update to the most recent version.

Download WPS Office for Free

In conclusion, working with bin files could initially seem frightening, but with the correct equipment and information, it can be a simple procedure. You should be able to open, run, restore, retrieve, and even delete bin files with ease after using the advice and instructions in this article. Also, we strongly advise giving WPS Office a try if you're searching for a dependable and user-friendly office suite to assist you with your bin file needs. WPS Office is a fantastic option for anybody trying to optimize their file management and office activities because to its interoperability across a variety of devices and platforms, user-friendly design, and strong capabilities. Download the free trial right away and give it a shot!

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