How to Share PowerPoint On Teams without Showing Notes

August 21, 2023 3.9K views

Microsoft Teams help individuals to conduct meetings online and collaborate conveniently. You can also present a PowerPoint presentation with your team using Microsoft Teams. However, many people need to learn how to share PowerPoint on Teams.

Do you want to share PowerPoint presentations on Teams without showing Notes? This article will help you to learn how to share PowerPoint on Teams without showing notes. Stay with us.

Part 1. How To Share PowerPoint on Teams Without Showing Notes?

You can easily share your PowerPoint on Teams in simple steps. You can share the PowerPoint in Slide View, Presenter View, or PowerPoint Live. Let's discuss each method in detail.

Method 1. Share the PowerPoint Slide View

This is the most straightforward method to share PowerPoint on Teams. Follow these steps to share your presentation on Teams.

Step 1: Open your presentation in PowerPoint that you want to share.

Step 2: Connect with your team using Teams or start a new meeting.

Step 3: Go to the Share option in Microsoft Teams.

Step 4: Select the Window option.

Step 5: Choose the PowerPoint presentation window to share and click the Share button.

Step 6: Go to the PowerPoint again and select the Slide Show option or press the F5 key to present the presentation in full screen.

Using this option, you can present your presentation in full screen on Teams. Your team members will not see the notes. However, the notes will be hidden from you also. Also, you won't be able to see Team controls.

Method 2: Using The Presenter View

If you have two screens, you can use the Presenter view option to share your presentation on Teams. Follow these steps to use this method.

Step 1: Open your presentation in PowerPoint.

Step 2: Select the Slide Show option in PowerPoint or press the F5 key.

Step 3: Select Use Presenter View in the monitor section.

Step 4: Press F5 or select Slide Show again from PowerPoint.

Step 5: Access your Teams meeting from Teams or Calendar or start a New Meeting.

Step 6: Select Screen Share from the Teams sharing tray and then select the monitor you are using.

Step 7: Click the Share button to share your presentation on Teams.

This method allows you to see the notes with each slide while sharing the presentation. However, you can not see different options and tools of Teams and can not interact with your team members.

Method 3. Using PowerPoint Live

PowerPoint Live allows you to present your presentation directly from within the Teams. It gives the Presenter and the audience a unique and engaging experience. You can share your presentation using PowerPoint Live using these steps.

Step 1: If you are in a Teams meeting, select Share and select the PowerPoint presentation in the PowerPoint Live option. If you cannot see your required presentation, browse for your desired presentation in OneDrive or My PC.

Step 2: If your presentation is already opened in PowerPoint, Go to the File menu and select Share, and then click the Present Online option.

Step 3: If you are using PowerPoint for the web, select Present and then select Present in Teams.

Using PowerPoint Live helps you to access all the options and tools of Teams. You can easily engage with your audience using different opinions available. You can turn Chat on or off and see raised hands by the audience in real-time. You can also customize other Layout options for your presentation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to share PowerPoint presentations on Teams without displaying speaker notes?

You will need two screens to use the Presenter view to show the presentation without showing notes.

2. How do I change the Presenter mode in PowerPoint?

Go to the Slide Show option from the main menu in PowerPoint and check the Presenter View checkbox to use the presenter mode in PowerPoint.

How To Share PowerPoint On Teams Without Showing Notes - Wrap Up

You can easily share your PowerPoint presentation on Teams. You can use the Slide Show option or use the Presenter View to share your PowerPoint presentation. You can also use the PowerPoint Live option to share your PPT on Teams. This article provided you with a detailed tutorial on how to share PowerPoint on Teams without showing notes.

WPS Office is also a powerful solution that lets you share your PowerPoint presentation on WPS Teams in simple and easy steps. You can download WPS Office for free from its official website.

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