Mastering PowerPoint Boost Your Presentations with Quick Slide Sorter View Techniques

November 3, 2023 821 views

 In the dynamic world of presentations, efficiency is key. Imagine seamlessly rearranging slides, gaining a bird's eye view, and effortlessly managing even the most extensive presentations. This is where Slide Sorter steps in, revolutionizing the way we navigate PowerPoint. Whether it's reordering slides for optimal flow or previewing thumbnails for precision, Slide Sorter is your trusted ally. Join us on a journey through this indispensable feature, as we unlock its potential to transform your presentation experience. Say goodbye to the hassle and hello to a smoother, more intuitive PowerPoint journey.

Part 1 :What is Slide Sorter View?

Slide Sorter View

Slide Sorter View is a PowerPoint feature that provides an overview of all slides in a presentation in a thumbnail format. It is a useful tool for organizing, reordering, and managing slides.

Slide Sorter View allows you to:

  • See all of your slides in one place, making it easy to identify and select the slides you want to work on.

  • Reorder slides by dragging and dropping them to new locations.

  • Add new slides or delete existing slides.

  • Create and manage sections within your presentation.

  • Preview slide transitions and animations.

To switch to Slide Sorter View, click the Slide Sorter button on the Status bar at the bottom of the PowerPoint window. You can also switch to Slide Sorter View by clicking the View tab on the ribbon and selecting Slide Sorter from the Presentation Views group.

Part 2: Accessing Slide Sorter View

Accessing Slide Sorter View in PowerPoint is a straightforward process that can greatly enhance your presentation workflow. Follow these steps along with the accompanying GIF animation to master this technique:

Steps to access Slide Sorter View in PowerPoint:

Step 1: Open your PowerPoint presentation.

Open PowerPoint

Step 2: Click the View tab on the ribbon.

Step 3: In the Presentation Views group, click the Slide Sorter button.

the Presentation Views group

Alternative methods and shortcuts for quick access:

  • Click the Slide Sorter button on the Status bar at the bottom of the PowerPoint window.

  • Press the F5 key on your keyboard.

  • Right-click on the slide thumbnail pane in Normal View and select Slide Sorter.

Tip: To return to Normal View, click the Normal button on the Status bar at the bottom of the PowerPoint window.

Part 3: How to use slide sorter view in PowerPoint? 

Slide Sorter view in PowerPoint is a powerful feature that allows you to efficiently navigate through your presentation, rearrange slides, and manage their order. Additionally, you can duplicate and delete slides as needed, streamlining the presentation creation process.

Navigating and rearranging Slides

use slide sorter view in PowerPoint

To navigate within Slide Sorter View:

  • Use the scroll bar on the right side of the window to scroll up and down.

  • Click the Previous and Next buttons in the Slide Sorter toolbar to move to the previous or next slide.

  • To zoom in or out on the slide thumbnails, use the zoom slider at the bottom of the Slide Sorter toolbar.

zoom in or out on the slide thumbnails

To reorder slides in Slide Sorter View:

Drag-and-drop method:

Click and drag the slide thumbnail to the new location where you want to place it.

Shortcut keys:

  • Ctrl + X to cut the selected slide.

  • Ctrl + V to paste the cut slide at the new location.

  • Ctrl + C to copy the selected slide.

  • Ctrl + V to paste the copied slide at the new location.\

Duplicating and Deleting Slides

To duplicate a slide in Slide Sorter View:

Right-click the slide thumbnail that you want to duplicate and select Duplicate.

Duplicating and Deleting Slides

To delete a slide in Slide Sorter View:

Right-click the slide thumbnail that you want to delete and select Delete.

Benefits of duplicating and deleting slides in Slide Sorter View:

  • Duplicating slides can be helpful for creating different versions of the same slide, such as a version with more detailed information for the audience and another version with less information for the presenter.

  • Deleting slides can be helpful for streamlining your presentation and removing any unnecessary information.

Part 4: How to Edit Excel, Word, PowerPoint for Free?

WPS Office logo

WPS Office is a free office suite that allows you to open, create, edit, and save Microsoft Office files, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. WPS Office is fully compatible with Windows and Mac, and it is a great alternative to Microsoft Office for users who are looking for a free and easy-to-use office suite.

To download and install WPS Office:

Step 1: Go to the WPS Office website:

Step 2: Click the Free Download button.

Download WPS

Step 3: Select your operating system and click the Download button.

Step 4: Once the download is complete, open the installer file and follow the on-screen instructions to install WPS Office.

WPS installing

To edit Word, Excel, or PowerPoint in WPS Office:

Step 1: Open WPS Office.

Step 2: Click the New button to create a new document, spreadsheet, or presentation.

WPS office

Step 3: To open an existing document, spreadsheet, or presentation, click the Open button and select the file that you want to open.

Step 4: Once your document, spreadsheet, or presentation is open, you can start editing it.

Step 5: To save your changes, click the Save button.

Save file

Here are some tips for using WPS Office:

  • WPS Office is very similar to Microsoft Office, so you should be able to use it easily if you are already familiar with Microsoft Office.

  • WPS Office offers a variety of features that are not available in Microsoft Office, such as the ability to convert PDF files to Word, Excel, or PowerPoint files.

  • WPS Office is available in multiple languages, so you can use it no matter where you are in the world.

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Is it possible to apply animations in Slide Sorter View?

While Slide Sorter View in PowerPoint is primarily focused on slide organization and transitions, applying animations directly within this view is not supported. For animations, it's best to use the Animation Pane in the Normal View. This allows for precise control over the timing, order, and effects of animations on individual elements within slides.

Can I use Slide Sorter View in PowerPoint Online?

Yes, many versions of PowerPoint Online do support Slide Sorter View. To access it, simply select the "View" tab and choose "Slide Sorter" from the dropdown menu. This feature allows you to efficiently organize and rearrange slides in your presentation, even when using the online version of PowerPoint.


In this comprehensive guide, we've delved into the power of Slide Sorter View in PowerPoint, a feature crucial for efficient presentation organization. From understanding its role in reordering slides to seamlessly navigating through them, this tool enhances your presentation prowess. Emphasizing the importance of efficiency, we've highlighted the benefits of using WPS Office, a versatile and free office suite compatible with Windows and Mac. With WPS Office, you can effortlessly edit, save, and create Microsoft Office files. Elevate your presentations and streamline your editing process with this user-friendly suite.

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