Microsoft Copilot Waitlist Guide: Features, Pros, and Cons

August 24, 2023 852 views

With the recent wave of technological advancement, AI tools have become prominent. Many technology firms have begun to introduce their own AI tools for their users and customers including Microsoft. But not many users know much about Microsoft Co-Pilot and when it may be released. We will talk about the Microsoft Co-Pilot waitlist and everything else in this guide.

When will Microsoft Co-Pilot be Available?

Microsoft announced on its website the launch of Co-Pilot, a powerful AI feature for its Office applications and power software. The announcement was made in March but the Microsoft Co-Pilot waitlist was not released.

Many people around the world speculated about when Co-Pilot may be released. Due to its innovative features, many people were willing to Microsoft Co-Pilot install. But, in May 2023, Microsoft further announced that Microsoft Co-Pilot release was yet to be made. Only 600 selected businesses had Microsoft Co-Pilot access. It means Microsoft Co-Pilot availability is yet to be confirmed.

Take a Closer Look at Microsoft Co-Pilot

What is Microsoft Co-Pilot?

Co-Pilot is a new AI tool under development by Microsoft. It is designed to help Windows users perform their tasks better. From helping users write documents to creating pictures for more appealing presentations, Co-Pilot helps users a lot. These features had many people thinking about the Microsoft Co-Pilot release date.

Unfortunately, the option for Microsoft Co-Pilot download is still not available. Many have even searched for how to install Microsoft Co-Pilot but it has bore no fruit. It is because Microsoft Co-Pilot availability is yet to be confirmed. Many people have been left disappointed because GitHub Co-Pilot is still not available to the general public.


The following are the key features of Microsoft Co-Pilot:

  • Document Creation: Microsoft Co-Pilot helps users write drafts within seconds. Users can request Co-Pilot to write an article on any topic and that is what it does. It is one of the reasons why many people are still searching for the Microsoft Co-Pilot waitlist.

  • Data Insights: Microsoft Co-Pilot helps users assess and analyze a large amount of data in spreadsheets. It even helps them apply a variety of analyses and formulas without any problem to acquire helpful insights.

  • Visualization: Microsoft Co-Pilot can be used by a person to make complex illustrations based on data. Users can even consider Microsoft Co-Pilot to generate images based on their instructions. It helps make presentations better and even drives better outcomes.

  • Collaboration: People can use Microsoft Co-Pilot to even collaborate better with their team members. They can share the derived results and generate suggestions and insights in real-time.

These are only some of the many features of Microsoft Co-Pilot that make it attractive among both students and professionals. In fact, it guarantees to enhance productivity to a significant extent.

Pros and Cons of Microsoft Co-Pilot


  • Microsoft Co-Pilot can enhance work productivity as it is a part of the entire MS Office suite and is integrated into different Microsoft applications.

  • It is very simple to use and anyone can use it without any issue. Unlike other AI tools, using it only takes a couple of seconds.

  • It supports a large number of commands and can help users with any type of instructions or requirements they may have. Microsoft continues to enhance and add commands to it.

  • It offers a seamless experience because it is a part of the overall Office suite and power applications. Users are not required to download it as an additional or extra feature.


  • Microsoft Co-Pilot waitlist is yet to be released, which means it will not be available for a few more months.

  • Microsoft Co-Pilot is only available as a paid feature as it costs $30 per user for a month.

  • It requires additional Microsoft licenses before users can think about using it.

Even though Co-Pilot is quite an innovative feature, it is apparent that using it will not be any easier for people. Some people have even determined that its cons outweigh its pros. After all, it requires not only a monthly subscription but also additional licenses that some may not have.

Best Alternative to Microsoft Co-Pilot – WPS AI

What is WPS AI?

WPS AI is one of the most sophisticated AI tools people can use. In fact, a large number of people prefer it due to all the features it offers. Besides being an AI tool, it is designed to be the perfect companion for students and business professionals alike. It helps write documents, assess PDFs, and make visualizations using data in the spreadsheet. These are only a few applications of the ultimate AI tool, WPS AI.

WPS AI is its perfect alternative as it offers the same and more features. It is an AI tool designed solely to improve the productivity of people. It is a part of the WPS Office suite and helps users perform their tasks more efficiently while saving their resources.

What makes it even more appealing to users is how easy it is to use the feature. Users can access the feature in a few clicks and have it perform their tasks without any problem. In fact, users can command it to help with their tasks and they will get only the precise outcomes they need.

Unlike Microsoft Co-Pilot, WPS AI is not only free but also does not require additional licenses. It is also a part of the overall WPS Office suite, which makes it a lot easier to use. Moreover, it is far easier to use and activate and that is why many people have made it a part of their daily routine. Using WPS AI only takes a few clicks and nothing else.


The following are the key features of WPS AI:

  • WPS AI is designed to be a part of the overall WPS Office, which makes it easier to use WPS AI in any type of task. It also makes accessing WPS AI far easier than Microsoft Co-Pilot.

  • WPS AI is completely free of cost, which means users are not required to purchase it. Instead, users can just download WPS Office and use WPS AI as they need.

  • WPS AI provides users with many commands and functions they can use. From having it create articles to making it visualize data, users can do anything they need.

  • Using WPS AI does not require additional licenses or payments. It is already available and can be used by anyone upon downloading WPS Office.

How to Get WPS AI

To get WPS AI, you need to download WPS Office. The following are some simple steps you can go through and consider to get WPS Office.

Step 1: First of all, you need to search on the web, download WPS Office.

Step 2: After that, you need to click on Free Download WPS Office for PC.

Step 3: In the end, select your version and click on Free Download. It will immediately initiate the downloading of WPS Office on your device.



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How to Use WPS AI?

The Microsoft Co-Pilot waitlist is yet to be released but you can just use WPS AI as you require. The following are some simple steps you can go through to use it:

Step 1: First of all, you need to create a document in WPS Office.

Step 2: After that, you will see a widget named WPS AI on the top of the document window. Click on the widget to activate it.

Step 3: Lastly, you need to type @AI in the widget to activate the feature. Then, you can just input the instructions or commands you require. It is j

ust as simple as that.


1.  Can I use Microsoft Co-Pilot on a Mac?

As it is mentioned by Microsoft, Co-Pilot is not currently available on Mac OS. There is also no information available on when it may be available on Mac OS. Thus, people interested in using Co-Pilot on a Mac will have to wait indefinitely for now. They can, however, continue to check up on Microsoft’s site to get updated notices.

2. When is Microsoft Co-Pilot Expected?

While no announcement has been made by Microsoft, its release is expected this year or in early 2024. Thus, you will have to wait for a few months to get your hands on it.

3. Is Microsoft Co-Pilot Paid?

Yes, Microsoft Co-Pilot is paid. You will have to get a $30 monthly subscription to make sure you can use it for your tasks. It is possible that further changes to prices and subscriptions may be made in the future.


By now, you will have all the information you required about Microsoft Co-Pilot. It is definitely an innovative tool that helps not only general people but also professionals. It makes text generation, data analysis, and visualization far easier than it is. In fact, it is one of the key reasons why many people continue to search the Microsoft Co-Pilot waitlist.

However, the Microsoft Co-Pilot waitlist is yet to be made available. While Microsoft has announced that Co-Pilot may be available in the coming few months, the exact time and Microsoft Co-Pilot waitlist are yet to be known. Furthermore, even if it becomes available, general users may have a hard time using it due to all the limitations. After all, it is not only paid but also requires additional licenses.

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