Quick Steps for How to Combine Images into PDF Easily

July 31, 2023 2.0K views

Unfortunately multiple images cannot be combined into one Image file, but in one PDF file. PDFs are more trendy nowadays for storing, saving and sharing your important data. With the advancement of technology now you can even compress PDFs too. There are many online tools that can be used to combine all of your images into one PDF but not in an organized way. So what's the best tool that is available both online and offline to combine images into PDF for free?

WPS Office is a light, reliable and wardwinning Office app providing the amazing PDF editing and reading facilities for free. However, there are some premium features that are paid but it is worth paying when you use them. WPS Office is available for free across the App stores and can be used on any operating system either iPhone/Android or Laptop/Mac. Article will discuss both regular and economic ways of combining images into PDF in 2022.

  • How to combine images into PDF using WPS Office
  • How to combine images into PDF using Adobe Acrobat

How to combine images into PDF using WPS Office

With WPS Office it is way easier to combine all your image documents into one PDF. Follow the steps to do so.

Steps to combine images into PDF using WPS Office

1-Select all images from the gallery and right click to load more options. Choose “Picture to PDF” from the drop down(This option is only visible when WPS Office is installed).


2-A pop-up will open. Now set some variables to your PDF file and select “Convert”.


How to combine images into PDF using Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is the most popular PDF reader and editor. You can combine your images into PDF using this software. Follow the steps to combine images to PDF.

Steps to combine images into PDF using Adobe Acrobat

1-From the Tool tab and select "Combine files".

2-Click "Add Files" to include images.

3-Drag n drop to reorder files.

4-When finished, click on the "Combine Files" option.


WPS Office is a perfect Office suite available everywhere for free. It is popular because of its versatile PDF editing. With the help of WPS PDF Editor you can combine images into PDF for free in 2022. You can also use the Adobe Acrobat but with limited features. WPS Office gives you more features for editing and converting PDF to required format. Download the WPS Office now.

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