How to Combine PDF Files FREE with Tips (2024 Guide)

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PDF files are easy to create, read and use by everyone with watermarks, passwords or digital signatures features, especially popular for digital workspace. Combining PDF files can easy your work and be beneficial when printing documents, saving time in pressing the same buttons. In this case, knowing how to combine pdf files is very useful and needed. When will use the combine pdf  feature. This is why you need to know how to combine pdf files properly, and especially, without losing the quality of an individual PDF document when combining. 

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Part 1: How to Combine PDF Files for Free?

The increased usage of PDF files has made it a go-to document format for many people worldwide. However, with the widespread use of this format, some people have developed apps that require you to pay before editing or combining PDF files.

You need to learn how to combine pdf files for free so you can combine files on the go at no cost.

Given the versatility of PDF files, you can combine multiple PDFs online without having to compromise on the quality of fonts or graphics within a PDF file. Here is how to combine PDF files free no charge:

  • Open the web browser of any device you use.

  • Search for “WPS PDF Tools” online.

  • Navigate to the “Merge PDFs” section.

  • Click on the “Upload” button to pick your files.

  • Follow the Account creation process to combine your files.

It’s that easy to combine any type of PDF file you are dealing with in a short time. Make sure you don’t use any combined PDF files for commercial purposes unless you have a license for doing so.

Part 2: How to Combine PDFs on Mac & Windows?

The main reason why PDF files are used worldwide is that they are easily accessible on all devices. You can view, edit, and merge PDFs on any device you use. To ensure that you can merge PDFs on your desired device, you can follow the guidelines mentioned here.

1. How to Combine PDFs on Mac

Learning how to combine PDF files on Mac is not a difficult process. Most Mac users think they can only combine two PDF files if they use Adobe Acrobat. However, contrary to the popular misconception, you can use WPS Office, which is a great free tool that can help you combine PDFs within minutes.

You can choose to use the free WPS PDF Tools and navigate to “Merge PDFs” to combine two or several PDF files in no time. However, if you want to combine several PDF files without connecting to the internet, here is how you can do it on Mac:

  • Step 1 : Visit the WPS Office website.

  • Step 2 : Navigate to the Mac section.

  • Step 3 : Click on the “Download” button.

  • Step 4 : Locate the download dmg file and install WPS Office on your Mac.

  • Step 5 : Use the “PDF” tab on WPS Office to combine your desired PDF files in no time.

The whole downloading and installation process doesn’t require a lot of time and effort. To ensure that the WPS Office suite runs smoothly on your Mac, you should consider freeing up space from your storage and stopping the programs running in the background.

2. How to Combine PDFs on Windows 10

Learning how to combine PDF files is super easy if you are using Windows 10. You can combine PDF files that you created yourself or received from someone conveniently on your Windows PC. The simplest way you can combine PDF files on Windows 10 is by using online tools.

By opening up your browser, you can get access to the online WPS PDF tools that can help you combine a couple or several PDF files within seconds. Here is how you can combine PDF files on Windows 10 online:

  • Step 1 : Open your browser application.

  • Step 2 : Navigate to WPS PDF Tools website.

  • Step 3 : Scroll down to the “Merge PDFs” option.

  • Step 4 : Click on “Upload” to choose the files you want to combine.

  • Step 5 : Select the files from your File Manager by locating and selecting them.

  • Step 6 : Follow the “Account Creation” process to combine the PDFs in no time.

Learning how to combine PDF files online can only be useful if you have a stable internet connection. However, if you live in an area where you cannot access the internet easily, it’s better to rely on the offline tools to learn how to combine PDFs even if you are not online. You don’t necessarily need to combine PDFs using Adobe Acrobat. There are free alternatives like WPS Office that can help you combine two or multiple PDFs easily.

The offline process of combining PDF files is super easy. You need to visit the WPS Office website to choose the right .exe file for your Windows 10 Laptop/PC. After you are done downloading the file, you can locate and install the WPS Office suite on your computer.

Once you’re done with the installation process, you can try using the “PDF” tab on WPS Office to combine any number of PDF files easily.

Part 3: How to Combine PDF Files Without Acrobat?

There’s no denying the fact that the PDF format was created by Adobe. As a company, Adobe still holds a patent for PDF files. Any PDF file that is created by anyone in the world still uses the technology that Adobe developed for its proprietary document format.

But many people still mistake PDF for “Acrobat.” The popular software called Adobe Acrobat is a paid tool that requires you to create an account for creating, combining, and editing PDF files. Contrary to the popular misconception, the truth is that you can combine PDF files for free online without Acrobat.

If you are looking to learn how to combine PDF files online without having to pay the money, here is how to do it the right way:

  • Open your desired web browser.

  • Navigate to the “Merge PDFs” section on the website.

  • Click on “Upload” to merge any files you want to combine.

  • Create your free account to merge any PDF files in no time.

You can use this method if you don’t need to combine PDF files every now and then. However, if you are a power user and have to deal with several PDF files on the go, you should consider using the WPS Office Suite to combine PDFs easily.

Part 4: Tips for Combining Large Numbers of PDF Files

  • Most of the time, you will not only need to join a couple of PDF files together but will have to deal with several PDF files. 

  • You will have to learn how to combine multiple pdf files to ensure that you don’t have to open or send individual PDF files.

  • It’s super simple to merge different PDF files online without having to install the software. 

  • A standalone software can definitely be better for combining PDFs, but if you want to combine files on the go, it’s better to use the online version.

Here is how to combine PDF files for free with online WPS PDF tools :

Step 1: Open the WPS PDF website, and find the Online PDF tools.

Step 2: Navigate to the “Merging PDF” section. Merge PDF is the same meaning as Combine PDF.

Step 3: Click on the “Select PDF File” button.

Step 4: Locate and upload the PDF files from your PC that you want to combine.

Step 5: Follow the instructions given on the “Account Login” screen.

Step 6: Download your desired PDF file that you have combined online.

Part 5: Tips for Combining Two PDF Files

You might not have to combine a ton of PDF files together in some cases. If you are dealing with only a couple of PDF files, you should learn how to combine two pdfs, so you can merge two PDF files in one and send that one file easily.

The good thing about combining two files in one is that it saves your time and effort. Instead of sending different files, you will only need to send one file to the recipient, which will allow the recipient to see all the data they need in one place.

Combining two files in one also allows you to bookmark the pages you need to access. It also allows you to customize and change the order of the pages.

This process will allow you to combine 2 PDF files easily:

  • Open the WPS Office suite on your computer.

  • Navigate to the “PDF” tab on the WPS Office suite.

  • Find the “Merge PDFs” option in the PDF tab.

  • Right-click on “Merge PDFs” as combine and choose the 2 files.

  • Adjust the sequence in which you want to combine the files.

  • Choose the File Name and Output Directory of the merged document.

  • Click on the “Merge” button to finalize the process.

  • You can locate the combined PDF file in your File Manager easily.

FAQs of Combining PDF Files

Q1. What is the best free PDF merger?

Some of the best free PDF merger apps are:

--WPS Office

--PDF Split & Merge

--PDF24 Tools

--Sejda PDF Desktop

--PDFsam Basic

--Infix PDF Editor

Most of these free tools are only good for combining PDFs. However, if you want to boost your creativity, we would recommend WPS Office, as it makes it easier to learn how to combine PDF files and manage other document formats at the same time.

Q2. How do I combine the scanned images into one PDF?

Using WPS PDF Tools is the simplest way to combine any file into PDFs with steps like, open WPS > JPG to PDF (convert images to pdf files) > Merge PDF ( combine into one PDF). And if you want to learn how to combine PDF files like professionals, you should consider installing WPS Office on your desktop to try more useful pdf features.

Q3. Does Microsoft have a PDF combiner?

As of now, Microsoft has not developed any proprietary software that allows users to combine PDF files. The best way you can learn how to combine PDF files on your Windows PC is by using the free WPS PDF tools.

WPS Office is More Than a PDF Combiner

All in all, the only way you can make combining PDF files easier is by using the WPS Office suite. The best thing about WPS Office is that you can use it whether you use Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, or Linux platform.

WPS Office Suite is an all-in-one office suite that includes Writer, Spreadsheet, and Presentation apps, allowing you to get work done easily. You can download and use this program free of charge. This suite also comes with a PDF toolkit that you can use for combining PDF files.

You can easily download the WPS Office Suite online without having to sign-up or pay a single penny. Once installed, you can use the resources on WPS PDF blog to learn how to combine PDF files and do tons of other great stuff to boost your productivity.

WPS Office is more than a PDF combiner. You can also get the free trial of WPS PDF to combine files on the go to decide if WPS Office is a good choice for you or not.

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