How to Record PowerPoint as a Video (Easy Steps)

September 9, 2023 1.7K views

PowerPoint has long been a trusted companion for many, helping communicate ideas in a visually appealing manner. Yet, there are times when a simple slideshow just won't cut it. Perhaps you want to share your presentation on a platform that only supports videos, or you are keen to add narrations and time your slides to the exact second.

How do you turn PowerPoint into a video? A prevalent dilemma, yet many remain unaware of how to correctly record a PowerPoint as a video. Fear not, as this guide will illuminate the process, ensuring your presentation transitions seamlessly to video format.

Whether you are using older versions like PowerPoint 2007 or PowerPoint Mac 2016, or you desire to record PPT as a video with audio, we have got you covered. Read on to capture the essence of your PowerPoint slides in dynamic video format.

Part 1: What is a PowerPoint Presentation?

PowerPoint, a creation of Microsoft, stands as an innovative software package designed to craft electronic presentations. At its core, PowerPoint offers users a platform to create slide-based visual stories, predominantly used to enhance and support public speaking or training sessions.

Part 2: How to Record a PowerPoint as Video

PowerPoint, with its versatility, allows users to not only present slides but also record them as videos. This capability is especially useful when one needs to share the presentation online or play it without the need for PowerPoint software. Here is a simple tutorial on how to achieve this:


Step 1: Opening PowerPoint and Preparing your Presentation

First, launch Microsoft PowerPoint on your computer. Open the presentation you would like to record. Ensure all elements, such as animations and transitions, are in place.

Step 2: Navigating to the Recording Option

Once your presentation is ready, go to the 'File' tab located at the top-left corner. From the drop-down menu, select 'Export', followed by 'Create a Video'. This option will lead you to various settings for your video output.

Step 3: Setting Video Preferences

You will see different options for video quality. Depending on your needs, you can choose from 'Ultra HD', 'Full HD', 'Standard', or 'Low Quality'. Additionally, decide how you want to record the timings and narrations. If you wish to narrate over your slides, ensure your microphone is connected.

Step 4: Recording the Presentation

After setting your preferences, click on the 'Record' button. As you progress through the slides, PowerPoint will capture both the visual elements and any accompanying audio, such as your narration or embedded sounds.

Step 5: Saving the Recorded Video

Once your recording is complete, return to the 'File' menu. Select 'Save As' and choose a suitable location on your computer. In the 'Save as type' dropdown, select 'MPEG-4 Video' or 'Windows Media Video' and click 'Save'.

With the help of the above steps, you have successfully transformed your PowerPoint presentation into a video format. This feature is incredibly beneficial for those who aim to share their content on platforms like YouTube, internal company websites, or for online training modules.

For more detailed insights and advanced features, consider referring to Microsoft Support's article on "Turn your presentation into a video" and the tutorial on "How to Video Record Yourself Presenting a PowerPoint"

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One might wonder how to record PowerPoint as video, especially after getting accustomed to mainstream office tools. WPS Presentation simplifies this with its built-in screen recorder function, a feature that many presenters and educators find invaluable.

So, how do you use this innovative feature?

How to Record the Screen in WPS Presentation:

1. Launch WPS Presentation and open your desired slides.

2. Navigate to the 'Tools' tab and select the 'Screen Recorder' button. Upon the first usage, the Screen Recorder interface might take a moment to load.

3. Three recording options will be presented:

  • Record Screen: This allows users to either record their entire screen, a selected region, or a fixed region.

  • Record Window: A feature that ensures only a particular application window is recorded. Interestingly, users can operate other applications without disturbing the recording as long as the primary window remains active.

  • Record Webcam: Ideal for those who wish to capture footage from an external video camera.

Depending on the purpose of your recording, you can opt for the function that suits your needs the best.

Now, if you are wondering about getting your hands on this fantastic tool, here is how:

How to Download WPS Office:

  1. Visit the official WPS Office website:

  2. On the homepage, you will find download options tailored to different operating systems and devices. Click on the appropriate choice for your device.

  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the download and installation process.

For a deeper look into why WPS Office stands as a formidable free alternative to other office suites, consider exploring their blog post: Free Alternatives to Microsoft Office: Why Choose WPS Office?

For those looking to turn PowerPoint into video or seeking a versatile office suite without breaking the bank, WPS Office proves to be an excellent choice.


1. Can I record PowerPoint presentations on Mac and PC?

Yes, you can record PowerPoint as a video on both Mac and PC. The process may vary slightly between the two platforms, but the functionality exists in both. Whether you are using Microsoft PowerPoint or alternative tools like WPS Office, options to record or turn PowerPoint into video are accessible.

2. How to Compress Video and Audio Media in PowerPoint?

To manage the overall file size of your PowerPoint, especially when it contains media like video and audio, it is vital to compress these elements. There are multiple techniques to achieve this, from optimizing media format to using dedicated compression tools. A popular approach is to explore PowerPoint's built-in features that allow you to compress media, reducing the overall file size.


This article provided a comprehensive guide on how to record PowerPoint as a video. It emphasized the importance of PowerPoint presentations in various fields and introduced readers to different methods of recording their presentations. Furthermore, the article highlighted WPS Office as an exceptional free alternative to traditional office suites.

Notably, WPS Presentation, a component of WPS Office, offers a built-in screen recorder function, making it easier for users to capture their presentations. The article also addressed commonly asked questions related to PowerPoint presentations and their media components. For those looking to maximize their presentations, tools like WPS Office stand out as powerful and cost-effective solutions.

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