OCR in PDF Xchange

July 31, 2023 3.5K views

Why Choose PDF Xchange OCR?

When working on a computer nowadays, it is hard to miss the need to transfer content on an image and get it onto a pdf or any other editable document. But the complexity of this further increases when the tool we’re using is not up to the standards we need.

But the Optical recognition tool (OCR) in the Pdf Xchange software is remarkable and stands out among the sea of others as one of the best OCRs in the market.

OCR in PDF Xchange

You will find pdf OCR feature in the most significant three versions of the pdf exchange; the Pdf Xchange Editor, Viewer, and pdf tools.

OCR in Pdf Exchange Editor

Step 01 – Click on the “Convert” button in the toolbar

Step 02 – a sub-menu will open up. In that, click on the ”OCR Pages.” Then another dialogue box will pop up

Step 03 – Select the pages as you need and click on ok.

Then the tool will automatically start recognizing the characters in the image you have scanned.

OCR in Pdf Xchange Viewer

Step 01 – Starting from the menu toolbar, click on the documents icon.

Step 02 – After you do that, a submenu will open up with an option called “OCR Pages”

Step 03 – The OCR tool’s option box will pop up when you click on that.

Step 04 – From there on, you simply have to select the files you want to OCR and click ok to initiate the process.

OCR in Pdf Xchange Toolbar

Step 01 – Open the Pdf tools in the “Run” column in the toolbar

Step 02 – in that list of tools, you may locate the “OCR Options.” It will start up when you double-click on it.

Step 03 – Select the files or the folder you want to scan with OCR and click ok to start the process.

WPS Office vs. PDF Xchange

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Just like Pdf Xchange, WPS Office is another top-level, popular pdf edition tool with an advanced OCR PDF Tool. You can use these tools in WPS Office online or offline as you prefer. Moreover, unlike PDF Xchange, WPS supports a variety of different PC and mobile operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS, iOS, and Android, so that you may download this application for any of your devices.

The Subscription fee is affordable, and the 7-day free trial/download has helped so many people gain trust in the app.

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