Top 10 PDF Form Fillers with 6 Free Ways to Fill Out

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TOP 10 PDF Form Fillers for Windows & MAC

We have gathered a list of free PDF Form Filler software that works on all types of iOS systems, including MAC and Windows. There are a few PDF fillers that are to be used online and a few can be used offline as well. The PDF Form Fillers are free to download and can be used to perform all the functions including; creating and storing a PDF file. Below are the top 10 PDF form fillers updated lately, some of these are to be downloaded and some can be used online.

PDF Form Filler is a solution for digital documents with forms that enable the user of the document to edit, create, manage, save, share, and have the files securely stored in the files. The PDF form filler software is available for editing PDF files and there are options both online as well as offline. PDF form filler enables editing and cloud sharing which can later be used for picking out the PDF files from the cloud and sharing them as per need. The customer will have access to the entire database of the PDF files linked to that cloud for free PDF form fillers.

Download WPS Office for FreeFree Download

#1 WPS PDF Filler (Highly Recommended)

The WPS PDF filler is free to online download software designed for Windows. This free PDF filler is easy to use and integrates with existing PDF files. WPS Office is a free all-in-one office suite that helps you in managing, update, edit Microsoft office files with powerful pdf toolkit. It provides you with the ease in file management across devices, and compatibility with all Windows versions and features.


--Quick as a flash

--Convert PDF documents to word, PPT, Excel, etc.

--High-precision OCR technology

--You can collaborate with your team and create together from different places in real-time

--Using one account of WPS PDF filler you can fill the same pdf form on multiple devices, Windows, Mac .etc.

--Fill and Sign PDFs are easy and fast

--It is easy to view all your popular file types.

--You can read the PDF file like a book and it has eye-protecting rays. It also has split-view and annotations for ease of use and readability.

Free Download: You can download the WPS PDF filler for free on the official website

#2 PDFelement (Easy to Use)

It is in alignment with Windows and is super easy to use. You can scan files on this app and use the PDF filler free version to edit and fill any information.


--Editing PDFs is quick and easy

--You can annotate the PDF to collaborate and share ideas in real-time

--Create and fill forms easily

--You can protect your files with multiple passwords


--Security of documents can be a hassle

Free Download: You can download PDFelement for free here (

#3 PDFill (Free)

You can create new documents using the free PDF filler without any issues. It is manageable and easy to use for all levels of users, including beginners.


--Very much similar to the MS. Word

--Multiple helpful tools (especially the free pdf filler)

--Features that make editing easy


--The interface looks crowded

Free Download: You can get PDFill and enjoy filling and editing PDF documents here (

#4 PDFChef by Movavi (Good for Windows)

PDFChef by Movavi is a safe app to fill pdf files, which can handle PDF files and makes filling easy and secure. You can create, edit, share, sign, convert, etc. your documents.


--Numerous options for editing as well as for conversion

--Manage your documents

--Secure folder and files

--E-sign and seal for documents

--Clear interface


--You have to purchase the app after the trial version or just use the app as a reader after the trial version expires.

Free Download: You can get PDFChef free, here(

#5 PDF-Xchange (Professional)

PDF-Xchange enables you to create and edit documents with a lot of tools and options. You can even create your own toolbar with this free PDF Filler.


--Inbuilt Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology

--Multiple editing and filling tools

--It has language options

--It is customizable


--The interface is a bit complex to understand

Free Download: You can get the free pdf filler, here(

#6 PDF Editor by Icecream (Rich Features)

It is one of the easiest PDF editors. It is based on 4 steps:

Step 1: Fill in forms

Step 2: Edit

Step 3: Annotate

Step 4: Manage

These steps are the basics of all the PDF filler forms for free.


--High speed of converting files and saving them to the drive

--Even easy for beginners

--User-friendly interface

--Great options and functionality for PDF documents editing

--Settings are flexible


--Cannot create PDF forms from scratch on this app

Free Download: You try  free online PDF filler by the Icecream here (

#7 Foxit (Easy for Beginners)

Foxit PDF Editor is one of the most trusted PDF Filler that are free to download and used online. It will also make it easy for you to understand how to fill out a PDF form.


--Share and collaborate in real-time or live

--One app to share, create, sign, and fill the PDF documents

--It is great to edit documents professionally

--Organize the files and documents in a simple way for ease of use and management

--Manageable accessibility

--Secured files


--For all premium advantages, you will have to buy the app and it won’t work as a PDF filler free.

Free Download: You can have the free PDF filler for  MAC with easily download online.

#8 Adobe Acrobat (Original PDF Tool)

Adobe is the most common name when it comes to file editing and even picture editing. The free online Adobe filler form editing is the next step of Adobe Acrobat.

Adobe Acrobat enables editing and sharing files in multiple languages instead of just English.


--You can collaborate and track the files from different places and locations

--Reviewing a document is easy with Adobe Acrobat

--You can get the mobile app for ease of access and usage of tools

--You can sign the documents electronically

--Students get a special discount on the purchase of the app


--The app must be purchased to avail of full advantages

Free Download: To get free Adobe Acrobat, download it here (

#9 Nitro (Quick Speed)

Nitro PDF filler helps you edit the PDF document and add text, images, clips, etc. to the documents.


--Easy access to all tools

--Easy conversion of documents

--E-signs for all your documents

--You can merge the documents


--The updates are not regular and it would be problematic if there are bugs in the app and action is not taken timely.

Free Download: You can get Nitro App by downloading it online and learn how to fill out a PDF form on Mac, here (

#10 PDF Buddy (Easy Online)

PDF Buddy is exactly what the name suggests. The app enables the user to edit and fill PDF documents with ease and without trouble. It is an online editor and pdf filler so you don’t have to worry about the app taking up space in your cloud storage.


--It uses SSL, and Secure Sockets Layer, so it secures your documents.

--Easy editing of all your PDF documents

--Saves time in editing the documents.

--You can have your documents in one place instead of having printed forms

--No more scanning the documents

--You don’t have to download software to be able to use it


--Can be used online only

--Limited editing features

Fill out a PDF Form with 6 Different Ways

As the free PDF fillers are used on multiple devices like a Macbook, a windows laptop or computer, an iPhone, a smartphone, etc. the ways to learn about how to fill the pdf forms for free are also different.

Here are the 3 popular ways that you can use to fill the PDF forms on your web browser:

--Fill out PDF forms on your Web Browser

--Fill out PDF forms with Adobe

--Fill PDF forms with a Third Party free pdf filler

1. Fill out PDF forms on your Web Browser

Step 1: fill the form on your web browser:

You have to open the form on the web browser. If the form is a link shared with you, copy and paste the link to your web browser tab and open it. Or if it is a file on your computer, you can open it on the web browser as shown in the picture above.

Step 2: Fill out the form with the free PDF form filler

This is like the usual form filling process. Add the required information in their respective sections or along with the respective questions.

Step 3: Save the form so that you can come back to it later or have a copy to be shared.

2. Fill out PDF Forms with Adobe

Step 1: You have to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader

The Adobe filler is a free editor. You can download it on your computer.

Step 2: Open the form on the Adobe Acrobat Reader

Open the form on Adobe. If the file is on your computer, you have to open it as shown in the picture above. If it is a link then you copy the link and paste it into Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Step3: Fill out the Form and Sign (if needed)

If the form is fillable, you will be able to add information on the allotted places. If it is a flat form, go to the right-side panel like shown in the picture above, and chose fill and sign.

3. Fill PDF forms with a Third Party free pdf filler

Step 1: Open the App store or Play store on your computer or your device

Step 2: Search for the PDF editing app that you are looking for

You will see a list of PDF editor apps when you type “PDF Editor” in the search bar.

Step 3: Now open the form with the downloaded PDF editor

Once the editor app is downloaded, open the PDF form on the app.  

Step 4: Fill the PDF filler forms

How to Fill PDF Forms on iPhone Free?

How to fill out PDFs on your iPhone or your iPad is easy, you can fill out the PDF forms by following these simple steps.

Step 1: Download a PDF filler free from the App Store

Step 2: Open the Form on the downloaded free PDF form filler

Step 3: Fill out the PDF filler form

How to Fill out a PDF Form on Mac?

A Mac like an iPhone has a specific type of system. The process of filling a free PDF filler free form on Mac will be as follows.

Step 1: Download or install the PDF form or the free online PDF filler forms from the App Store

Step 2: Choose the PDF form that needs to be filled

Step 3: Upload the PDF file to the downloaded free PDF filler app.

Step 4: Fill in the field that you want to fill in now that you know how to fill out the PDF form on Mac.

Step 5: Fill the form

How to Fill a PDF Form without Adobe Filler?

Adobe has been a high name in the world of systems and readable material. It is evident the free PDF filler is also greatly provided by Adobe Acrobat. It is also the most common PDF file reader. But there are some ways in which a PDF form can be filled without downloading Adobe or using Adobe Acrobat.

There are basically 4 ways in which a PDF form can be filled without the help of Adobe.

  1. PDF form Services are available online.

    We have already discussed the top 10 (5 for Mac and 5 for Windows, file editors, you can choose any except Adobe Acrobat)

2. Edit PDF filler forms using preview apps for Mac. 

To edit the files on Mac, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Choose the “text” on the top toolbar

Step 2: On the file choose the text section that you want to edit

Step 3: Make the changes or edit the text and then click on the blank space

3. Use MS Word to edit your PDF form or file. 

You can do it by following these steps.

Step 1: Go to the file on a word document

Step 2: Click “open” and select the file that you want to edit.

Step 3: Word will convert the file to an editable format

Step 4: Make necessary changes

Step 5: Now save the file by clicking “save as”. Drop down on save as and select “PDF” the final document will be saved as a PDF

4. Standalone Editing software. You have to purchase this type of software and then you can use it like you would use Adobe filler.

5 Tips to Fill Form with Free PDF Filler  

  • Make sure the PDF Filler  that you use is a credible one.

  • Choose the right file while editing and fill the form.

  • Enter the correct information or data while filling the form.

  • If using a scanned document, make sure the document is scanned and saved properly on your device.

  • Save all the files and forms that you edited and filled.

FAQs Relate to PDF Form Fillers

Q1: How to create fillable pdf files for free?

Follow the following steps to start create fillable pdf files:

-- Go to Adobe and select: “tools”

--Then select “prepare form”.

--Select the file you want to edit and open it.

--Edit the file as per requirements and then save the file on the free online PDF filler.  

Q2: Is there a free version of PDF form filler?

Yes. There are many free online PDF form fillers such as WPS Office, Kofax Power PDF, Nitro PDF, Foxit PDF Editor, Adobe Acrobat, PDFescape and more. You can upload the PDF form on those web sites and then edit the form and then save it on your device, as you know how to fill out a PDF form.

Q3: Is there a free version of Adobe fill and sign?

The Adobe “fill and sign” is a valuable tool for streamlining paperwork. It can be used to complete and sign various documents, including contracts and business papers, in a swift and efficient manner. With this app, you can quickly fill out any form, sign it, and email it without any hassle.

Learn More About the Free PDF Form Filler 

You are now educated about filling your PDF forms without any hassle. With a list of free PDF fillers at your disposal, you can rely on WPS Office Software for all your form filling needs. You may have form filling solutions with free PDF filler , but for the long term you can download the freePDF filler software.

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