WPS Office 2023: New Features, Usability, and Comparison (A Comprehensive Guide)

January 3, 2024 5.5K views

 Any application that wants to be relevant as to carry out regular updates has WPS Office has gotten its update, WPS Office 2023. Users might be wondering if WPS Office needs any update or if it can become any better than its contemporaries like Microsoft Office. It’s okay to be curious. This article will dive into the WPS Office 2023 and shed light on its key features and advantages.

Overview of WPS Office 2023

WPS Office 2023 is the updated 2023 version of WPS Office. When an update is mentioned, of course, some things have changed or improved and that is what we’ll be checking out.

About WPS Office: WPS Office is an all-in-one office productivity app that provides you with a greater level of efficiency compared to other office productivity apps for free. WPS Office offers free download and it has all the needed apps for office work in a single application.

WPS Office 2023 Apps: These apps include Docs, Sheet, PDF and PPT. WPS Office has some special additions like WPS Cloud and WPS AI which are also part of the application package. Every of these apps are free and efficient to use. WPS Office 2023 being a major upgrade on WPS Office promises to serve you with high level of satisfaction with its improved features.

Cross-Platform Efficiency: WPS Office has gained popularity among users because of its ability to combine with other apps including office productivity apps and work with a wide range of file extensions. WPS Office combines easily with Microsoft Office and can easily utilize Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Rich template bank: WPS Office has a rich template bank for many functions like CV/Resume, business proposals, reports etc. More templates have been added into WPS Office 2023.

WPS Office 2023 has brought ample improvement to user experience. Updates have been added to individual apps that make up the Office package together with a brand-new user interface. Let’s go through the new features in the next section.

New Features of WPS Office 2023

WPS Office 2023 has added new features and just like all the other times, these updates are meant to make work easy for users.

WPS PDF: You are more secure with WPS Office 2023 because of the addition of writing and verification of signatures. You can now insert stamps, video and audio into your PDF file.

WPS Sheets: You can now directly insert images and file into your tables through pasting, this addition is revolutionary.

WPS Slides: The addition of new transition effects like Peel Off, Page Curl, and Doors.

These features will make you even more productive and there are special additional features and I’m sure you’ll want to know about them so let’s get into it.

Improved Page Creation Experience

  1. There are now varieties of high varieties of high-quality and premium templates for free.

  2. Template collection page has been added so that you can find templates for specific functions easily.

  3. Faster template downloading process.

  4. Advance filtering option now available for template downloading process and this brings about greater search efficiency.

  5. Browsing history can easily be accessed in the My Templates section.

Brand-new User Interface (UI)

  1. Updated home page to suit user experience after user research.

  2. Revamped User Interface to suit different user styles.

  3. Segregating different applications under WPS Office for easy access.

  4. Very accessible template section.

WPS Office 2023 User Interface

Enhanced User Experience

  1. Layout of pop-up window for saving optimized and updated.

  2. File manager remembers the last location you accessed and helps you find it quickly.

  3. Programme stability improvement and fixing of bugs.

  4. In Sheets, Hide/Unhide feature has been optimized so that you can notice hidden rows and columns easily.

User Reviews and Community Resources

The feedback from users has been satisfying and reassuring that WPS Office is the best out there. When customer reviews come in, and it’s good then you can be rest assured you are not about to make a mistake by downloading and using WPS Office. A customer can’t afford to be dishonest with reviews because the customer would bear the brunt alone, so you can trust the reviews. I’ll be sharing the reviews below.

Customer reviews;

The ever best platform.

To be honest, this platform is so reliable, accessible, and easy to use. It always keeps you working on your project; it does not annoy one by asking for a key or something else.

In addition, it provides good and latest features, which fulfill every requirement of the client.

------Noor from Trustpilot

A Good and Complete Program

It's simple, functional and has everything we need for an Office program. I never had any bugs or incompatibilities with the files I created.

Since it's free to use, and has all (or most) of the features of the most popular programs, I give it five stars.

------Dian Patrizi from Trustpilot

Best PDF Reader!

WPS Office is the best PDF reader to read books and add comments to highlighted sections.

------Ibraheem Tahir Khokhar from Trustpilot

WPS everyday gets better and I like that, it is trustable, lightweight, and easily integrated... most of the experience is totally free, perfect for students... but anyways the paid version totally worth it, not an exaggerated price like MSoffice

------Aerial Heart from Trustpilot

After reading these reviews, I’m sure you have seen for yourself why WPS Office 2023 is an office productivity app you should have. Users sometimes need help, you might want to report a problem or you are finding doing a particular function a bit difficult, this is why WPS Community was set up.

The community allows you to ask questions and share your knowledge with other users. Finding the community links is very easy.

Step 1: Visit WPS Office Official Website.

WPS Office Official Website

Step 2: Visit the footer section. At the footer section, the button to join the community and the button to give feedback are both there. In the feedback section, you give a review or report a problem. You will hardly encounter problems though, WPS Office developers have acted upon every previous feedback to produce this one of a kind app.

Community, WPS Office website

Feedback button, WPS Office Website

Contact Form, WPS Office Website

How does WPS Office 2023 compare with other leading Office suites?

WPS Office is better than many other Office suites because of its versatility and compatibility. WPS Office 2023 is free to download and use and this is a very rare offer in the Office suites market. WPS Office has WPS Writer, WPS Sheet, WPS PDF, WPS PPT, WPS Cloud and WPS AI. All of these apps are embedded into WPS Office 2023 with their tools which are also free to use. There is no other Office suite like this in the market. These are some of the reasons why WPS Office has a competitive edge over other leading Office suites.

How to Download WPS Office? (All Platform)

WPS Office is very easily to download, let’s do it in a few steps

Step 1: Visit WPS Office Official Website

WPS Office 2023 download link

Step 2: The “download” link is just above.

Step 3: Click on the download button and the download will begin.

Note: WPS Office is available for any Operating System

WPS Office 2023 for various operating systems.

WPS Office- Free All-in-One Office Suite
  • Use Word, Excel, and PPT for FREE, No Ads.

  • Edit PDF files with the powerful PDF toolkit.

  • Microsoft-like interface. Easy to learn. 100% Compatibility.

  • Boost your productivity with WPS's abundant free Word, Excel, PPT, and CV templates.

5,820,008 User
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1. Are there any major system requirements for installation?

For Windows

OS: Windows 11/10/8/7

Processor: Dual processor or greater is recommended.

Memory: Minimum of 2GB RAM or above is recommended.

Storage: 4GB of available disk space or more is recommended.

For iOS

Supports only the last two iOS versions. This means that WPS Office, according to iOS standard, will only work with the two latest versions of the iOS software.

For Android

WPS Office supports Android 4.1 and above.

System requirements for other operating systems like Mac and Linux can be found here.

2. Can files from older WPS Office versions be seamlessly integrated into WPS Office 2023?

The answer is YES. When you upload your files to WPS Cloud, they are saved there and you can access them anywhere and on any device. Updating your WPS Office won’t make you lose the files on your WPS Cloud. You can obtain your files from WPS Cloud inside the WPS Office 2023 and use them. Sign-in to WPS Cloud here.

3. Where will I find the link to download WPS Office 2023?

The link can be found in WPS Office Official website and the website also houses the link to download WPS Office 2023 for various operating systems which includes, Windows, iOS, Linux, Mac and android as well.


WPS Office 2023 is a revolutionary Office application package that improves work efficiency of its users. The excellence of WPS Office 2023 is due to the improvement made from customer reviews and feedback from older WPS versions. The action taken on the feedback by our developers led to the best Office suite released this year.

Downloading WPS Office 2023 is a very easy process and it has been detailed above. Comparison and customer reviews have shown why WPS Office is the best around. WPS Office is available for various Operating systems so that no one misses out on the wonderful benefits of using this app.

Community forums are made available for users to interact and feedback sessions are also available for users to contact our team to report any problem or give suggestions.

WPS Office 2023 is a software you can bet on, you don’t want to miss out on this work of art. Looking forward to your review, bye….

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