Update Features of WPS Office on 08/06/2021


-Files can get a thumbnail preview generated automatically.

New features to PDF

- We added a customer stamp tool. Now you can easily put your personal stamp on PDF documents. - Now you can use the annotation tool to help you mark a specific object in a picture or document. - We added print with templates feature. Now you can generate a PDF file for printing based on a template. - Now you can use the combine document revisions tool to combine all edits and ideas from various copies into one document. Improvements: - Optimized editing for better performance - Improve overall performance

New features to Presentation

- Now we support a dual monitor system that increases your productivity and shortens the time used for searching for information Improvements: - Optimized presenter view for better experience - Improve overall performance

User experience improvements

- Programme stability improvemetns and bug fixes - Improved visual experience and better support the dark theme