Update Features of WPS Office on 03/07/2022


- We have updated the logo of WPS Office desktop shortcuts and optimized the UI of some basic controls. - Now we support converting the SVG images to shapes. - Now you can customize the theme colors of your document. - We have enhanced the touch experience on tablet devices. - Now you can customize the shortcuts in Spreadsheet and Presentation.


- We have optimized the section navigation pane to help you sort the pages easily.


- Now, we add non-blank options for table filters and have optimized the filter icons. - We have added 8 new functions including XLOOKUP and more.


- Now you can directly drag and drop audio and video into the document. - Now you can apply more settings to the properties of picture transparency. - We have optimized the layout of the Animation tab.


- Now you can directly drag and drop images into PDF to view them. - We have updated the logic for Find and Replace. Now, it's easier to replace the content in PDF documents. - Now you can justify texts to make your PDF document more polished.

User experience improvements

- Programme stability improvements and bug fixes.