Update Features of WPS Office on 11/23/2022

User experience improvements

- Programme stability improvements and bug fixes.

New Spell Check features

- Now you can left-click on underlined words while you write in the Document component to get suggestions in real time.
- F7 is the new keyboard shortcut of Spell Check to open the sidebar that helps you view multiple writing suggestions at once.

Support creating PDF from CAD

- When you create a new PDF file, you can now choose CAD files (DWG, DWT, DXF, etc.) by selecting CAD to PDF.
- Now you can easily convert PDF files into CAD files (DWG, DWT, DXF, etc.).

Optimized open and save as dialog box

- Now you can find the full document path when you open and save a file.
- Now you can find your last used path location when you save a file.

Apply Strikethrough text formatting in spreadsheets

- Now you can easily apply Strikethrough formatting on the Home tab.