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Collaborate anytime and anywhere

Within one document, you and your mates can read and edit at the same time. You can track exact edit time, history version and even editors.

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WPS document management

Amazing document management

Identify files sources from different devices intelligently, and share source files in different ways. Advanced search function, including search file format, content keywords. Set frequently used files and create private files.

Nothing is more important than safety control

Cloud files can be stored in encryption, file safety is guaranteed in WPS Docs. In addition to the collaborators designated by the initiator, you can also set viewing/editing permissions.

File security control
compatible Office Suite

Perfectly compatible with Office Suite

You can directly edit your office files without formatting the conversion process. Freely switch between WPS Office for PCs and WPS Office for phones. What's more, you can convert your Word file, Excel file, and PowerPoint file to PDF directly!

Oversized files are no longer a problem

WPS Docs support maximum 1 GB office file. Don't hesitate to open your oversized excel and oversized PowerPoint.

manage Large files easily
pdf online processor

PDF can also collaborate

You can deal with your PDF online! Switch to eye-protection mode, night mode. You can also use multiple annotations, signs with WPS Docs.