10 best calendars of excel templates

August 31, 2022

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A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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Calendars are mainly used to know thedates and days of the week. But what if that calendar contains a to-do list column? This type of template helps mentally prepare you for the next day's stress. You can list your tasks in a template so you don't forget to complete them on time. There are many calendar themes such as cartoons, basic, colorful, and simple, but these templates stand out due to their uniqueness.

Here you can check out the 10 best Excel calendars, all of them are listed below:

2022 Cartoon Tiger Calendar:

This template is for kids with the character of a tiger. In this manner, you can train your child to update your work accordingly and prepare a to-do list for the day so that you can complete each and every task on time.

2022 Yellow and Blue Simple Calendar:

This type of template can be used for the most basic purposes, like in offices or somewhere else. The blue and yellow colour combination is common, but the to-do list makes the calendar more creative and workable.

2022 Color Cartoon Calendar:

This is the cutest calendar template among the other templates as it includes a cute cartoon character on it with a colorful calendar touch. You can provide this to your toddler or to anyone, as it includes the to-do list column.

2022 Monthly Calendar with To Do List:

This green colour template is different from other calendar templates as the colour is unique and provides a soothing vibe. Also, besides the calendar, we can schedule our work so that we can prepare ourselves for another day of hard work.

2022 Useful Calendar with Charts and Schedule:

This calendar is a bit different as it includes the charts and schedules in it along with the calendar. So that you can use it in the factories for checking sales, evaluating employees and what not. The colour can be changed at anytime.

2022 Simple Blue Monthly Calendar: (Premium)

his is the simple and unique coloured template known as the simple blue monthly calendar. It's premium in nature and anyone can use it according to their own comfort zone. You can, for example, customise your calendar, easily replace the dates, and work on your to-do list so that you are proactive in your work.

Professional Monthly Calendar:

This template is bit different from other calendar as it’s not a calendar but a monthly note book for those who have their daily tasks and responsibilities or they can remind their work according to the updated monthly calendar.

2022 Warm Color Calendar with to Do List:

This calendar template looks warm, with customizable shapes, colors, and fonts; everything is customizable, and you can change everything at any time.

2022 Yellow Blue Business Calendar:

This yellow-blue business calendar template is a basic template used by decent organizations in their own companies. It is a color that suits adults

2022 Red and White Holiday Calendar:

This template looks like a Christmas theme. It is made of red and white, like Santa Claus. These calendars are fresh and cheerful.

Since these WPS templates are useful in maintaining the management of the tasks, and schedule, you can also look at the different calendar themes, that you can simply learn from this post. WPS is an easy tool to use for scheduling project management and saving your valuable time.