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10 best excel solver templates in excel of 2022

August 30, 2022

A Excel solver example templates add-in tool called Solver is useful for what-if assessment. The equations in the goal and constraint columns are computed by the solver using a set of cells known as objective functions, or simply variation cells. In order to meet the constraints on limitation cells and generate the desired outcome for the aim cell, Solver modifies the quantities in the solution variables cells. Excel solver-free templates can be downloaded and used easily.

In simple terms, you can utilize formulas and templates to modify other cells to get the maximum or lowest value of a single cell. For instance, you can alter your planned advertising’s current budget size and observe how it affects your profit forecast by using free templates in WPS and you can download them as well.

Purchse request form of items:

This free template contains In built formulas which  help user to create a purchase request form for different items.

Construction schedule Gantt chart:

This template is the best example of making a Gantt chart by using excel template for free which includes all the necessary details of all phases of construction.

Solution tracking table:

This simple solution tracking table excel template provides the customization option where users can easily change and replace the dates by using free downloaded WPS feature.

Blue excels for cost accounting:

When it comes to cost accounting, blue excels for cost accounting template is the best one so far. This template includes the details of items, date, types and unit costs along with cost. This cost also includes transportation cost in the template.

General form of demand description:

This template is used by office workers when it comes to writing demands to their boss. This template is widely used in organizations from a long time and is a best example so far and also it can be downloaded for free along with its formulas in WPS.

Attendance sheet for participants: 

This attendance sheet excel template can be downloaded for free and it contains easy formulas which is why organizations prefer this for daily use.

Creative sales statistics sheet:

This creative sales statistics sheet is used for the purpose of sales distribution of company on daily, monthly and yearly basis. This template is easy and free to downloaded in WPS. It contains easy formulas which can be helpful for the users to complete their tasks in less period of time.

Weekly schedule form:

When it comes to making weekly schedules, this template can be used widely in order to avoid all the hustle by users.

Simple delivery order:

This template is best as it includes the details of company along with its contact number when it is used widely. This template is is very simple yet professional as well.

sales staff next week schedule:

Sales staff next week schedule template is widely used in organizations as employers have to make weekly schedules and it is very difficult to make such schedules on weekly basis manually. The examples of Excel solver example is already discussed above.

So, WPS provides free templates which contains different formulas and can be downloaded for free.

For more references, you can download WPS office and free templates can be downloaded and used easily.

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