10 Best Sources of Training Plan Template Excel

August 26, 2022

A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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Learning and development strategies enable organizations to ensure that every employee is equipped with the right skills and knowledge to perform their duties effectively. But how to plan? WPS offers different training plan template excel formulas that can ease your work. For organizations to upskill their workforce, adopt new technologies, and enter new markets, employee training programs are highly effective and valuable.

To ensure every employee receives the training they need, it is essential to create a training plan tailored to their unique needs while still adhering to company-wide standards. Explore training plan template excel!

1.Fresh Business Theme Report Template

Communication formats such as reports aren't exactly exciting. However, they are important. When it comes to budgeting, marketing strategies, product development, and growth strategies, you can't just rely on gut instinct with this template.


2.Training Plan Form Template

WPS offers a template to help you create a successful employee training plan sheet whether you are creating one (or more) or refreshing your current training content.

3.Chart of Training Effectiveness Template

Organizational training can be useful to your organization, as you have probably heard from a variety of sources. It doesn't matter if it's marketing, sales, operations, or any other department. Try this chart effectiveness template.

4.Simple Fitness Plan Template

With simple editing tools and professional templates, WPS workout plan templates make creating workout routines easy. With the templates, you can add your favoritecolors, text, instructions, and schedules. 

5.Paper Summary Report Template

An executive summary is a document or presentation that summarizes the main points. Providing an overview can help someone who does not have the time to read the whole document or help them comprehend it better.

6.Useful Travel Schedule Template

Almost everyone enjoys traveling, but few enjoy creating travel schedule templates. Creating a travel template will save you a great deal of time while traveling.

7.Concise Business General Report

You can use a PowerPoint presentation to put together your business concept. Get your business off to a great start in 2022! Creating a business plan in WPS will help you outline all the key steps.

8.Fresh Daily Schedule Template

There are many productivity apps available on the market, however, the daily schedule template can be an excellent alternative. Planning your day in advance can be as effective as using digital tools.

9.Work Out Plan Template

Fitness isn't easy. You need to put in consistent effort to see sustainable results. WPS's free workout planner maker will guide you through the process of preparing your fitness program.


10.Weekly Schedule Form Template

It's hard to master weekly scheduling. When you're working on multiple projects at once, managing all your tasks and main priorities can be challenging. Try this weekly schedule template!

Sum Up

With the information and templates we have provided, you will be able to easily create an employee training plan that is tailored to fit your organization's needs. Go and download the WPS Office that will give you hundreds of different templates including the training plan template excel.