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10 quick onboarding checklist templates in excel

August 23, 2022

You can save yourself a lot of time by using onboarding checklist templates in excel rather than creating your own from scratch. And with so many different template options available, you're sure to find one that perfectly meets your needs.

Onboarding Checklist Templates in Excel can help any business streamline its onboarding process by providing a standardized checklist of items that need to be completed for each new hire.

Inventory Item List

Inventory Item List is an onboarding checklist template in excel that helps you keep track of inventory items. This checklist includes a list of items that need to be checked off when they are received, as well as a column for tracking when they need to be returned.

Simple Grocery Checklist

The template includes a list of common grocery items, as well as space to enter the quantity, price, and total cost for each item. The template also includes a total for all items on the list.

Daily Student Personality Inventory Checklist Template

Daily Student Personality Inventory Checklist Template is an Excel template that allows you to keep track of the personalities of your students daily. It has been designed to help you better understand your students and their needs.

Conference Minutes Templates

Conference minutes templates provide a pre-defined format for recording and sharing minutes from meetings. These templates can be used in Excel to save time and ensure consistent formats for minutes.

Company Delivery List

The template includes a list of all the essential information that needs to be collected from new hires, as well as space for you to add custom questions specific to your company.

List of Company Shipments

This template will help the team to keep track of all of the company's shipments, as well as provide a checklist of items that need to be completed to ensure that each shipment is delivered on time.

WIFI Information Graph Template

With this template, you can easily and quickly input all of the pertinent information about your WIFI network, including the SSID, password, encryption type, and more.

Detailed Inventory of Office Supplies

This template includes columns for Item, Quantity, Location, and Description, allowing you to keep track of all the essential details.

Simple Salary Distribution Form

The Simple Salary Distribution Form is a great way to ensure that your employees are paid accurately and on time. The form is simple to use and only requires basic information about your employees, such as their names, positions, and salaries.

Product Delivery List

Product delivery lists help ensure that all necessary products are accounted for and delivered to the customer. This can be helpful in many ways, including avoiding overages or shortages of products, preventing billing mistakes, and streamlining the delivery process.

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